As saiyyam taps on the table .. Krishna gets scared..

Kiya :Oh.. juniours.. We are your seniour.. and..

Mayank : as juniours you have to respect us..

Viraj :So stand up… and wish..

All stands up..

Sayyam leans to krishna..

Saiyyam :What is your name..??

Krishna : Kri.. krishna .. krishna mathur..

Saiyyam :You are hot..

Krishna :Huh??

Kiya : Comeon girl.. if someone compliments you.. you should say thank you.. don’t you have a single manners..

Saiyyam : Shhh.. kiya.. she is new and she will learn..

He looks at krishna ..

Krishna :Thank you..

Saiyyam: So have you made.. frnds..

Krishna nodds in No..

Saiyyam signals a girl sitting in the back bench to come.. She comes..

Saiyyam :She will be your frnd.. you know a hot girl and a fat girl is a perfect combo..

They both looks at saiyyam..

Saiyaam :What is your name fatso??

Girl :Ananya..

Saiyyam :Okay.. Ananya .. and krishna be comfortabke with each other..

He turns to go.. Ananya and krishna signs in relief.. and looks at eachother …

Saiyyam again turns to them..

Saiyam :I forgot to tell you.. I love you krishna..

Krishna stands in shock.. He leaves with his gang..


Ananya :Are you in hostel..??

Krishna :Um..

Ananya :Truly yaar.. i am scared to make friendship with you because of that saiyyam.. he doesn’t have a good image in college..

Krishna : Yeah.. i also heard that.. but its not good to reject him.. may be he could be harmful..

Ananya :Yeah..(she sees someone) He is here..

Krishna : Oh.. no..

Saiyyam :Hey.. hottie.. (he shouts)

Krishna : Please don’t shout like this.. infront of everyone.. i will feel embaressed..

Mayank :You must be strong.. because you are saiyyam’s girl.. and no one will ever have the courage to tease you..

Saiyyam :I have got tickets for the movie.. come lets go..

She looks at Ananya..

Saiyam :Don’t look at this fatso.. all time..

Kiya :Ananya.. i will serve you with good food come with us..

Viraj , mayank and kiya.. pulls Ananya with her.. while saiyyam makes krishna sit in his bike…

Krishna :Please.. sir.. i am not intrested in movie..

Saiyyam : Please don’t make our first date. boring..

Krishna : First date??

Saiyyam ; Ah.. ha..

He races his bike in speed.. Krishna was afraid of speed so she holds him through his waist..

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    saiyyam’s reason to make Krishna ananya friends was funny.saiyyam saying ILU to Krishna was cute.but forcefully taking her for movie date is not good.Krishna holding him through waist on the bike was cute.expecting more kriyam pics next time

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