Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Masi To betray deep and aarohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarohi and Deep hug and discuss how they planned to fool Tara and Virat by whole drama. Aarohi ask about his wellness. They both go and meet bindiya and maasi and aarohi say sorry to maasi. Bindiya say she is proud as she took revenge from that tara by this way. Deep say now virat and tara will never trouble us they think I am dead and aarohi is in jail aarohi ask they will not get punished? Maasi ask to forget past and move on.

Tara behave carzy and talk to Deep pictures by shading blood. Virat stop her and ask her to behaving crazy. Maasi call📱 Virat and tell him about deep and ask for 2 crore💸💵💴. Maasi say now I shall plan my life with money.

Aarohi and Deep get romantic😍. Aarohi feel hungry but Deep stop her from eating but say after all our rajkumari want so eat. Aarohi sit infront of mirror and both get romantic again and someone watch them, Deep worries for aarohi and baby, person who turn out to tara, and she remember how virat told about deep and aarohi plan.

Deep ask Aarohi to do packing and lets leave. He say sorry to her and tell I was helpless because of my mother but not anymore. I promise to protect you both. Tara watch them and walk in anger thinking about Deep betray.

Precap: Tara say to virat that she will kill🔪 that deep in 24 hours but virat say first kill aarohi. Maasi call aarohi and tara reach with knife🔪.

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  1. can anyone tell me what happened to Arohi’s parents? Only deep’s mother is mentioned. And does this masi have any significance, who is she, why she was brought into the house, why Deep used to care for her? And why did Deep change Arohi’s face? The real Anjali is alive or not? It still means Nia and Deep have stolen what is rightfully Anjali’s inheritance, right? Any answer?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Atleast I don’t have any answer.. As this show is pointless and aimless and storyless…. And since nia introduction show has become worst

      1. hi Sraddha, get well soon 🙂 and thanx for the update

    2. Arohi has already shifted them to a safe place. They showed in the previous episode.

      Mausi was brought into the house to make the world believe that Tara is Arohi. Also, she was given the task to keep an eye on Tara to make sure she does not get out of control and go on a killing spree again. Deep cared for Mausi because she was important to him.

      It has not been shown why Deep changed Arohi’s face.

      Real Anjali is still in coma and has been safeguarded by Arohi.

      1. Hi thevi, thanx for answering some of the questions 🙂 I am still not satisfied about Mausi part. What i meant was, initially Deep didnt want Tara to know that he cared for Mausi. He was afraid and acted as if his care should be kept secret. Aslo he told Mausi his plans. Mausi was the only one whom Deep told about Arohi. She seemed important to him. I remember the scene where Mausi got an electric shock and Deep was so upset… Those scenes pointed that there must be a deeper connection between him and Mausi. But what was that connection. Deep didn’t care for his wife ruining in mental asylum. Then why so much care for Mausi? And now Mausi has turned into another greedy negative person. Seems like i am watching (i should say reading) a plot similar to Dilip’s all over again

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sorry for not posting detailed update as i was not well

    1. Get well soon

    2. Hi shraddha. Wt happened. Take care.get well soon.

    3. Satya127

      Get well soon

  3. Firstly, they should explain why Deep had to change Arohi’s face and wanted to abduct her to Nepal. Why did he not want her to remain in Mumbai in the first place?

    Deep’s mum was the one who ran away with the gold. In the past, Roma and her family did something bad to Deep and his mum and they got separated. What had truly happened back then? They should bring that mystery out too.

    1. Hi also south indian.
      Your all comment is very correct. I also think about these all things.and deep killed sudha.but why?
      I can’t understand how arohi accept this deep.

  4. I like Virat very much and I enjoyed how protective and caring he was as a brother towards Tara. Pls give importance to Virat! Give him more scenes to act!

    The real Anjali should come out of coma. It is no use if she stays in it anymore. Virat should learn that Tara was the one who had endangered his Anjali and not Arohi instead

  5. By the way, Deep’s wheeling act was unneeded in yesterday’s episode. I have no idea why they put such an unneeded stunt in such a life-threatening bike chase. It seemed rather ridiculous to me!!!

    Also, where is Chawani? Why is he not shown? Why is Deep’s mum’s face kept as top secret?

  6. I can’t express how much hate makers right now.
    Repeat the same story. How arohi forgive deep mistakes.deep is not a hero.he only play with Tara and arohi feelings.
    After London track was shown a one letter. And proved that deep is innocent. He only save arohi Bhabi and nikku. But this time not show anything clearly. Why deep change arohi face.why introduce the anjali track.
    First time Arohi went jail because of deep.because he want to know wt happened in his past.
    Second time deep changed her face.because he want to know where is his mom.he is a selfish. Because of him arohi and her baby face more problems.if deep love arohi why he come to close with Tara.this is also deep plan.but he can’t understand how much he hurt Tara.atleast he stay away from her but not.
    Now deep find out his mom.but not show a single scene between deep and his mom.why?and arohi do anything for her parents. But they not accept her.they only hate her because of that anjali face.(where is arohi parents)but arohi and deep not discuss about those all things.
    Today episode proves our old arohi is not come back.
    And today Tara dialog:”24 hours mey arohi ka tokadey tokadey karongi nahi khudh ko goli marongi”
    Arohi character not die in this show.that mean Tara character end very soon.totally injustice for Alisha.
    If this will be happened am quit this show.
    After rewamp am watch this show only for Tara.but this makers end this Tara character.
    I can’t accept this.

    1. If Tara dies, they should give Arohi’s role back to Alisha. I always thought that maybe the double role was becoming too much for Alisha. She had to cry so much as Arohi, then change whole get up and shoot Tara scenes. Her eyes used to get puffy, her hair wouldn’t stay well… Now playing only Tara, she looks much better. But if Tara dies, she should do Arohi’s role. Only Alsiha deserves it. Nia has completely ruined the character. I watched the scene in voot where Nia walks off the bridge after shooting Deep and Virat and Tara leave. Nia was smiling while leaving and her expressions had zero impact. If Alisha had done the same scene, then the smile implying plan that she had fooled Tara/Virat again would definitely have been more powerful. Stupid directors.

      1. Hi percentage feelings about this new arohi.without Alisha I can’t see this show.Alisha not come back as arohi.she only play a Tara role.really the stupid directors.
        U know Tara vineet(virat) met an accident in bike segment scenes. Thank God he wear a helmet. Now he safe.
        He post that video on his Instagram account. Am comment to him get well soon.he like my comment. I can’t believe that he like my really happy.

      2. Satya127

        I accept dhara….If alisha would be nia place the scene would be a power pact effect….And we all.Know alisha only deserve to be AROHI….
        Basically i feel nia first should join a acting school today i had seen that movie dhadak where jaanvi is better than nia in acting….Only mamtha knows wht a great talent nia has….According to me they r mad they r repeating the story killing the show one side and on top they r interested in showing romance between brother and sister…..stupid brain less writers…..

  7. Previously when Arohi had been buried under the ground by Tara, Deep had enjoyed and danced with Tara instead of running off to save her by some means. What if she had died back then with her unborn baby? How can Deep be certified as a caring figure today?

    This drama has so many loose ends because of these lousy writers!

  8. When Arohi underwent plastic surgery, she was unconscious for 3 montths. Deep was enjoying life with Tara then! When she had been thrown in some container and transported in a truck to Nepal, she had travelled with men. What if they had raped her or done something wrong to her then?

    In this episode, Deep says he will not let any harm befall Arohi. What if anything had happened to Arohi then?

  9. How could Deep throw Chawani into the water back then? What if he had died? Just because he wants to prove to Tara he is a sadist, he had done that. How can Arohi not question Deep about that?

    When Arohi was jailed in Shimla, the Minister tried to rape her. Because of her intelligence, she had escaped. But what if she had been ruined back then? Deep had not taken any measures to protect her at all.

    Even now, he had injected her, tatooed her and chased her all around when she is pregnant. How can they romance and all like this?

  10. Virat had pretended once that he had slept with Arohi. He had cursed Arohi and insulted her to such an extent. What about all the times he had slept with Tara after making Arohi suffer?

    Tara is also very pitiful! Even after her mother died. Even after her brother was jailed. She had been by Deep’s side. Her world is Deep himself. How can he betray her like this?


    If the writers had a daughter, will they get her married off to a character like Deep?

  12. It’s waste of time to watch the show without alisha mam as arohi show is lifeless I think we should boycott the show then makers understand our feelings except nia fans noone wants to see her as arohi I don’t know why the makers are not listening to our request

  13. Satya127

    Again a repeat story i wish this time tara kill both deep and nia role……
    Yes shyamala we should boycott this show….Please listen friends this is important
    Stop watching the show at 7:30 on tv and if u want to know whts happening in the story read the update as now shraddhasharma is doing a very nice work with the update and if u feel like something interesting regarding arsha parts watch it on voot or on youtube but please stop watching this rotten immj they r just using our weakness of watching arsha and they r forcing us to accept their khichidi…..If u really wanna watch arsha watch our immj on ristey tv 8:30 so that u will relaxed and our wish to watch arsha will also be done…..Why can’t all the fans show the reality to the colors and those stubborn producers and brainless writers….Only boycotting the show can only bring a change on their decision….Guys imagine if for trp they can go to any extent then they can do anything to save their show gor that we have to push the show that death situation that’s it where they r left with only two options bring ALISHA as AROHI or off air the show….If every arsha can try this we can surely bring alisha back…..And please continue to request,tagging and keep commenting that #wewantalishaasarohi…..The whole colors and all the team cant ignore our requests for longer time…..But for that we should keep doing wht we should do…..Let’s all take stand and stop watching the show when trp comes down then the producers will move….Friends we r 90% nearly cant we do this we can
    For me i only do this i only watch our immj on ristey and read this update if it is like arsha acting is good i watch it on voot or i will ignore…..In my opinion this show don’t deserve our support and love for it…..

    1. Hi satya.agree with you.

      1. Satya127

        Hi rhivanya….How r u

      2. Fine dear. How r u?

  14. Satya127

    I Normally thought about few things like if they really want a change how can it be (in my opinion juat normally for fun i tried if u all Like anything tell me )
    1. Now tara get to know about deep and nia and plans a very big plot for them where she brings everyone together to a Place where tara will show her most powerful avatar but deep being deep will manage to save nia amd others and in this process there will be a hige scene where the bullet hits tara and lot of emotional drama goes where deep remembers their once cute moments and their friendship and tara also asks him why did he do like this she is in her last stage she tells our favorite dialogue “pyar mein……” but she once moves and press a button where the pre fixed bomb explodes and all will die….And it is shown how a sad ending is been given….After few years nia and arsha will be seen in new avatar this time alisha ( as main heroin ) will betray arjun because of nia (main antagonist ) due to some unwanted circumstances like deep then it will be quite different to watch how alisha betrays arjun and how will his revenge mode will be….
    2. Basically in this story they always wanted bad for arohi so i will accept their path we know deep is like dog’s tail so he being who he is he will again betray arohi but this time in a big way here it will be shown that by trying soo much also tara fails in her plan and dies and they will show a perfect family picture of deep and nia….After few days deep is outside the operation theatre and gets news that they had a baby girl amd he goes and meets them amd suddenly lights go off amd it is shown after few months where nia will be shown playing with the baby and deep helping her and all and at side in some hilly areas a voice comes calking arohi arohi then our alisha enters in a new cute avatar their she leads a life of a orphan and always dreams about giving a nice future to the people of orphanage and having a true life partner but un reality she always gets flashes of deep often and all this quietly it will be revealed that nia is anjali and alisha is the real AROHI and this is also done by deep due to his great unwanted majbori he will give arohi her identity back but due to some hidden motive he leaves arohi in roads and from then arohi stays at orphanage forgetting everything but as destiny always brings deep in arohi life to snatch her every happiness deep and arohi again crosses paths and there starts their cyte love story….and it will be interesting how nia (tara) will find all this and all ( i know some of the story repeats a slight but it is best in this way to watch aliaha as arohi )
    3. This is also comes like after above where nia gives birth to a girl and after few months alisha is shown in a police hospital where she comes back after many months where yhe people around all show her hate faces and suddenly a police comes and asks it how alisha is feeling being punished for the murders she had done then alisha claims her to be arohi then they all laugh and say once she ur face then arohi (alisha ) realizes that she got back her identity but does not gets wht happening around then their deep enters amd says hi tara how r u feeling and says he is having a very great life with nia and their baby then arohi(alisha) asks r u mad then she realizes that deep had betrayed her again and this time he had taken her daughter too infact he killed her daughter and made arrest arohi in place of tara….Then arohi’s whole world collapses and will take our favorite revenge avatar but this time one level upar and it will be interesting how arohi being in jail will end deep life doe killing her baby (but truly their baby ia alive and she is the one who is now stays as deep ‘s and nia(anjali) daughter )

    1. Satya127

      I am sorry in 2. Nia is anjali only there if u will go further u will also find tara(alisha) only with a twist….Sorry typing mistakes

  15. Hi everyone
    I came to this forum first time I just want to clear one thing that Nia is good actor don’t bash her like this if you don’t believe watch her show twisted and twisted
    Now coming to immj we are used to see Alisha as arohi that why we are not accepting Nia
    I know Nia don’t have chemistry with Arjun
    But we should not comment on her acting we can comment on her character as Arohi
    Thats whole my opinion
    Now you all guy free to bash me

  16. Satya127

    Friends did anyone notice the last part of tara i really felt life our arohi(alisha) only the way she told it remained me of the days where arohi used to challenge deep…Remember friends those 24 hours challenge where arohi plans a very great plan for fooling deep and virat those episodes r the best forever….Enough is enough bring alisha back as AROHI….If really nia is a good actress then tell her to play Tara….Playing Tara is not easy also we all love tara beside she being a negative role we only hated her when she killed arohi family and tortured arohi and nowadays I think tara is the right full owner to take revenge on deep….and we r not bashing nia about any personal issues regarding her color or anything we r telling the truth that she literally failed as AROHI reading script is never an acting….Sorry if u r hurt but I don’t have any issues with nia outside the show but for AROHI alisha is best and according to me arohi died on the same day of that incident and is alive only in flashbacks….we r judt requesting them to make arohi alive by bringing Alisha…..

    1. Whatever nia will play aarohi or Tara she has capacity to spoil every character because of her adult web series , she added bold and s*xual element to aarohi. Writer have made deep to characterless man. Everything is spoiled in this show. Nia stupid revenge is over and she will not quit aarohi role. A just want Tara to punish this characterless couple.

      1. Satya127

        Yes i also want tara to kill both of them such that this time only death can be the best punishment…..
        And i accept ur point arjun nia has that great inbuilt ability as u said…..

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