Qayamat Ki Raat 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri again meet Kaalasur

Qayamat Ki Raat 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri is about to touch Ajay and Aditi thread just when Ajay so called father do some magic and make Raj Faint. All rush towards him. Doctor does his check up, but he is not able to find anything. Gauri notice red marks on raj. Karuna call her out and inform her that he is in deep sleep and make her faint. Doctor ask family to keep raj under observation. Uma ask about Gauri but karuna deny saying she don’t know but she went to temple for raj well being.
Gauri get concious when servent inform her that all went to hospital. Doctor inform that all test are positive but don’t know what is happening. Gauri reach hospital and tell everyone that its tantrik game. But uma slap her and shut her mouth. Ananiya also blame her saying about she made Aditi scare using black coat, we saw in cctv.

Tantrik say now she will come to me. Ajay say she lost after all we are more powerful. Nurse inform that raj is not responsding well. Ananiya ask gauri to go to kaalasur and ask for raj life. Gauri run at house and call for kaalasur. Karuna infrom that he may be everywhere as well no where. Gauri ask you did everything with uma and ananiya and she say yes. And do what kaalasur ask, otherwise raj will die and vanishes. Doctor try to save raj. Gauri again try to find kaalasur but yakshaini stop her and say you thought you saved raj but it was plan. If you want to save raj do as kaalsur ask.

Gauri runs in jungle but thrones hurting her feet. She get slip and pray to devi maa idol and pray for him. Doctor say sorry, I can’t do anything its very strange. Gauri reaches kaalasur. And kaalasur say that I put his soul into dangerous land, where he will be capative whole life. Gauri say if anything happen to raj I shall kill myself. Kaalasur inform her that if you this, I shall kill all and whole world with pain. Gauri sits crying. Kaalasur keep condition that Gauri should surrender herself by her will to kaalasur on coming amavasya and in return I shall free raj soul. Gauri promises to do so without any planning and ploting.
Doctor inform family that Raj is safe and i never saw such case (like all doctors say).

Gauri come and take all blames on herself about her father, karuna and wrong people. Prithavi is shocked and cries with not believing at all. He take his swear saying that I would have killed my daughter and break all relations.

At home raj goes to washroom and get flashbacks of all happenings and cry about thinking gauri lies and plans.

All villians celebrates and ajay intrupt saying that we should keep eye on gauri as she was in hurry.

Gauri meets juni and ask her help. She hold her hand and tell that kaalasur kept raaj into 7 doors with black magic. She tell its not easy to believe but gauri say not now, I believe you. Juni uses her powers and say you have to clear 7 doors but I can move you there and you have to open 3 doors, but clears that no-one return from there. Gauri say I will do anything to save my raaj and even kaalasur will not get his powers. Juni ask Gauri to bring raj blood and do task within given time that is from sunset to sunrise.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sorry for not posting detailed update as i was not well

    1. No problem.. Get well soon.. Take care..

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank u for ur wishes

  2. Is this show having any fan base at all no comment on it like other show
    though is frustrating ow only Gauri is d only one fighting I was thinking she possess some power she don’t know about but after this episode I don’t think so she is just human how on earth is she going to deal with 4 ghosts or she do possess some power but don’t know about it yet and that weak helpless woman from last week episode I think she is Gauri’s mother I thought she sacrifice her life well I won’t b surprise it a EKTA KAPOOR show after all the dead can always come back @ anytime Vikrant(nagin 3) came back from no where when Bela was to start her happy life don’t know y all Indian serial’s are like that d lead are never happy 4 a day but d villains will keep conspiracy for weeks

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