Spoilers 29th August 2017 Revised

Piya Albela:
Pooja doesn’t want to go away from Naren. She is helpless as she can’t even live with Naren. She gets much worried on not finding Naren with her. Naren surprises Pooja with flowers and brings a smile on her face. Naren gets Pooja’s mum’s jewelry and wins her heart again. Naren makes a holiday plan with Pooja. Pooja doesn’t wish to go on honeymoon, fearing for Naren’s life. She asks him to drop the plan as she is concerned for family. Naren asks her to leave all worries to Surbhi. Naren gets to know Pooja is planning something else. Supriya finds Pooja worried. Pooja hides her decision from Supriya. Guru ji calls Pooja for the havan, which she is doing for Naren’s sake. Supriya follows Pooja and spots her with Guru ji, doing the strange havan.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika and Piyush have a lovey dovey eyelock. Dipika sits by Piyush’s side and takes care of him. Piyush is also in love with Dipika. She climbs the wall and comes to meet Piyush once. They care for each other. Dipika believes her choice was always right. Bua breaks their sweet moment. Bua doesn’t want Dipika to stay with them. Piyush misses Dipika. He is facing problems because of her presence. He thinks he is dreaming of Dipika. Dipika tells him that she is really there. Piyush has to convince dad to get Dipika back home. Dipika and Bua get into an argument. Bua puts all the blame on Dipika. Piyush’s dad doesn’t believe Dipika.

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Dhhai Kilo Prem

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