Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 14

Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s Office:
Dr. Sanchi is gathering her stuff and packing some of it as well…
Dr. Sanchi: Next Tuesday my office will be done. I have …. 7 appointments so I guess I will be moving in on Wednesday??? Nope I have appointments all day. I should ask Sushant!! Nevermind I can’t ask him, shit
Dr. Kabir: Can you please stop talking to yourself?? Unless are you are mentally ill.
Dr. Sanchi: Ha ha very funny, I really need an assistant. I’ll just hire a student from a college for the summer and she will get money, win-win lemme post that on my social media and ✅
Dr. Kabir: Why do you need an assistant?? Just ask the head intern to do anything!!
Dr. Sanchi: He/She is here to learn not handle my appointments and schedule… and why are you still listening to me.
Just then Dr. Sanchi’s phone starts flashing like crazy.
Dr. Sanchi: See I know tons of people who will want to be my secretary for money…
Dr. Kabir: Be here at 7AM sharp for surgery
Dr. Sanchi: I’ll try if I don’t come then I contacted Dr. Sonali so she can help you…
Dr. Kabir: What do you mean you will try!?!? YOU HAVE to be here at 7 AM this is a big surgery and I need a professional.
Dr. Sanchi: Listen… nevermind…
And she storms out of the office and goes out to the garden…
Dr. Sanchi: UGH sometimes this man just makes me so mad!!!! Can he not understand that I am not his intern… I am another fellow doctor trying to make it through life…
Just then it starts heavily raining, everyone is running towards a place to shelter but not our Sanchi,
Dr. Sanchi: Thanks Papa you always know how to cheer me up!!!
Random person: Arre o Madam aapko zokam ho jayega
Dr. Sanchi completely ignored him and continued to play in the rain. Just then Dr. Kunal comes, (from intro and techy doctor who helped Sanchi)
Dr. Kunal: What are you doing here Dr. Sanchi, you will get sick!!! Come
He takes her arm and pulls her. Dr. Sanchi pulls him close to her and randomly starts dancing with him. (Not romantically)
Dr. Kunal: Isha will kill us, let’s go…
Dr. Sanchi: You mean she will die of jealousy. Come on Kunal let loose.
Kunal calls the gang and tells them to control Sanchi. Pragya was the closest so she came first and just started laughing. And all of a sudden it starts raining even harder.
Pragya: ABHEO SANCHI, tum such mein pagal ho kya. COME BACK!!
Sanchi pulls Pragya into the rain, come on Pragya, remember college days.
Just then Sushant and Isha come. Sushant immediately joins her and Isha pulls Kunal to join them.

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Woh Hasti Hai

Gang(except Sushant and Sanchi):
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Woh Hasti Hai
Barish Hoti Hai
Chhank Chhank Chhum Chhum

Gang Repeats…

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Woh Gaata Hai

Gang (except Sushant):
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Arre Koi Ladka Hai Jab Woh Gaata Hai
Sawan Aata Hai
Ghoomad Ghoomad Ghoom Ghoom

Gang Repeats…
Gang (except Sushant and Sanchi):

Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Ho… Ho Ho Ho
Hey… Hey Hey Hey

Badal Jhuke Jhuke Se Hain

Raaste Ruke Ruke Se Hain

Kya Teri Marzi Hai Megha
Ghar Humko Jaane Na Dega

Aage Hai Barsaat Peechhe Hain Toofan
Mausam Beimaan Kahaan Chale Hum Tum

Gang (except Kunal and Isha):
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Everyone Gets Together

Sushant Kunal And Veer:
Ho… Ho Ho Ho
Hey… Hey Hey Hey

Sanchi and Isha:
Ambar Jhuka Jhuka Sa Hai

Sab Kuchh Ruka Ruka Sa Hain

Sanchi and Isha:
Chhaya Samaa Kitna Pyaara

Saawan Ka Samjho Ishaara

Aise Mausam Mein Tum Bhi Kuchh Kaho
Tum Bhi Kuchh Karo
Khadi Ho Kyon Gumsum

Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Hathi Jaisi Dum
O Sawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum

It slowly stops raining

Sanchi: Whoooo!!!
Kunal: I felt like I was back in college with you guys
Sushant: Remember when Aman proposed Sanchi in the rain and … I’m sorry
Sanchi: It’s okay to remember the good old days
Veer: Sorry but who
Pragya: No one
Kunal: Are you guys all off duty??
All: Yes
Kunal: Then we should make a run for it…
They all looked back and saw Anand Malhotra smiling and staring at them while Kabir Kapoor was giving them the death glare. The gang started to step back.
Veer paged Garv: We were dancing in the rain you are off duty. Meet us at …
Kunal: My house !!!
Sanchi: BHAGO
And they all ran to the employee parking lot!!
Isha: Kunal’s house now, Kunal we will follow lead the way. Pragya chabi !!
Just then Dr. Kabir came in. Before he could say anything Sanchi went forward and stood in front of him…
Sanchi (in her impression of Kabir): What were you guys thinking??? You guys are forgetting that this isn’t Mr. Chadha’s hospital. THIS IS SAVITRI DEVI COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL!! The best in India and you guys as accomplished doctors are dancing and singing in the rain… I am giving you guys….
Sanchi (normal): No punishment because we didn’t do anything and we are accomplished doctors not your puppets.
During that time everyone had started their cars and followed Kunal. And Sanchi went towards her car and was about to start it when…
Dr. Kabir: Tum apne aap ko samjh thi kya ho??
Sanchi: A young and beautiful doctor who is living her life to the fullest unlike you…
Dr. Kabir: Dr. Malhotra and I will be discussing what to do with you !!!
Sanchi: Do you mind moving or else I will NOT hesitate to drive over your feet!! And I think you are forgetting that Dr. Malhotra has a new favorite!! Have fun… see you tomorrow morning or night!!!

Sanchi drove off to Kunal’s house. They all had extra clothes in their cars so they changed at Kunal’s house and now…

Isha: Pakora or Samosa
All: Samosa, obviously…
Pragya: Ah ha jab apne ghar mein to kitchen mein paav bhi nahi rakte, jab ashiq ke ghar mein ho tho samosas, taali
Isha started blushing and went into the kitchen…
Sanchi: Aww bichari Isha, haha!! Kunal you really should propose to her. You guys have liked each other since like the beginning of med school… you should’ve proposed a long time ago
Kunal: Sanchi, shh
Veer: This Kunal and Isha!! Since med school!! This techy and super shy Kunal has a crush on Isha… HUH
Sushant: You need to come to the gym with us one day and we can catch you up…
Garv: How about Monday??
Sushant: Works
Kunal: So Sanchi party tomorrow right??
Sanchi: Yup I invited almost everyone. And knowing us… bring extra clothes I will have brushes…
Kunal: Haha, hopefully it won’t be as bad as graduation day!!
Sanchi: Oh god that was hilarious. Quick question!! Games before or after shots
All: During
Sanchi: Gotcha, hopefully Hitler is smart enough to not come!!
Veer: WHAT you INVITED him!!
Sanchi: YES I invited him!!
Kunal: Why??
Sanchi: Because I invited everyone else
Pragya: Guys it’s not like he will actually come.
Veer: Bet you he will
Pragya: Bet??
Veer: 500
Pragya: Okay Bet
Sanchi: Guys he did come to the pooja
Kunal: That’s because of his mom
Sanchi: Veer just pay up now
Veer: Uh no we will see tomorrow
Sanchi goes to the kitchen.
Sanchi: Isha pack my food I need to go home and get everything set for tomorrow
Isha: Here, samosas and chutney.
Sanchi: How long will you wait??
Isha: I don’t know
Sanchi: At least you aren’t with the Prince of Jaipur
Isha: Sanchi…
Sanchi walks out and heads home!!

So while Sanchi is driving home why don’t we check on Dr. Kabir and Dr. Malhotra.

Dr. Kabir: Sir I really don’t know what to do about Dr. Sanchi.
Dr. Malhotra: I don’t see what the problem is, they were enjoying their time in the rain. Reliving their childhood, and they didn’t damage anything.
Dr. Kabir: But sir, what will the people be thinking??
Dr. Malhotra: They will be thinking that if the staff enjoys working in the hospital then the patients must also not feel well as terrible.
Dr. Kabir: Sir I still think something should be done about Dr. Sanchi. I didn’t come to you before but she is really immature and childish.
Dr. Malhotra: Kabir she will be moving into her office next week so stop worrying about it. As far is for punishment, they can do over duty with in-house patients.
Dr. Kabir: Fair enough. Thank you Sir!! Have a nice day!!
Dr. Malhotra: You too and no problem Kabir…

Dr. Kabir heads in out for his duties… let’s see what Sanchi is doing at home…

She looks around thinks
Sanchi: Perfect!! Exactly how I wanted it to be. Food, snacks, drinks, games, DJ system. Everything is set for tomorrow. Sunday I’m not working. Monday I won’t see anyone since I will be busy with patients. Tuesday as well and Wednesday I will be moving into my office.

Sanchi starts thinking about her days with the shared office…
Kabir-Sanchi nok jhok
Intern presentation
Kabir upsetting Sanchi
Her injuries
His mom caring for her when she was at home
And wasn’t shown but how Kabir gave her directions for every single room…

Sanchi: Honestly that Khadoos did help me a lot. If it wasn’t for him I would’ve ve been lost the entire time in this huge hospital. And I really had a fun time pissing him off even tho I got hurt. But then I went to see Bebeji and Dadaji after 3 WHOLE months. And I got a mother figure as well and another amazing patient. Sanchi you’ve been a pretty bad colleague…but you aren’t completely wrong because this is kinda how that started 14 years ago. I pushed Kabir away which is good, but I think I should apologize to him for my rude behavior towards him… I’ll get him a gift of some sort and a letter. I can give it to him on Thursday!! Great!!! What is something a workaholic will like??

Sanchi continues to think and heads for bed. Let’s check on our gang who is still at Kunal’s house…
Sushant: Okay well I had an amazing time today, see you guys tomorrow Bye Kunal Thanks for letting us come over
Kunal: No problem bro
Garv: Going home already??
Sushant puts his right hand in front of them…
Veer: Right!! But I think I should go too Maa will be waiting for me!! Garv you coming??
Garv: Why not?? I live three houses away from you…
Now it’s down to Pragya Kunal and Isha…
Pragya: I will go start the car. Isha you can come in like 5 mins when the car’s AC starts working…
Isha: Umm sure
Pragya: Ok
It’s just Isha and Kunal…
Kunal: So…
Isha: So…
Kunal: You made some nice samosas
Isha: Thanks, do you mind if I take some home??
Kunal: Ya sure, I’ll go bring some in a brown bag, umm is that okay
Isha: Ya that’s okay Thanks “Pragya you are dead”
Kunal in the kitchen: Nice samosas, good job Kunal, couldn’t you say something better!! Idiot
He heads to Isha
Kunal: Here you are
Isha: Thank you … see you tomorrow!!!
Kunal: See you !!!
And Isha left to Pragya’s car.
Isha: I know you did that on purpose
Pragya: Ok so… nothing happened naa
Isha: I almost died in there
Pragya: I don’t understand how you too haven’t said ILU yet
Isha: Shut up and drive!!
And these two also drove off. Let’s fast forward to the next morning 7 AM at 6AM Kabir and Sanchi were in the gym but no communication… time for surgery
Dr. Sanchi: Who schedules a surgery for 7 ?? They get to sleep all day…
Dr. Kabir: Did you read the file??
Dr. Sanchi: Yes
Dr. Kabir: You didn’t mess up yet…
Dr. Sanchi just rolled her eyes…
Dr. Sanchi: So glad I won’t be coming here.
Dr. Kabir: Let’s go
Dr. Sanchi: After you…

Obviously these two had a successful surgery!!! After the surgery…
Dr. Sanchi: Congrats Dr. Kapoor
She extended her hand
Dr. Kabir: This isn’t the first time you or I performed a surgery
Dr. Sanchi: Ya but it is an accomplishment small or big we saved someone’s life in there and that’s definitely a great thing…
Dr. Kabir: “Something is definitely wrong with this girl. Is she planning something”
Dr. Sanchi: Want to meet up at the Starbucks down the street??
Dr. Kabir: Umm, sure “something is definitely wrong”
Dr. Sanchi: 15 mins
Dr. Kabir: Okay
15 mins later…
Dr. Kabir came in the Starbucks and found Dr. Sanchi already sitting at a table.
Dr. Sanchi: Hey!! What would you like??
Dr. Kabir: Menu??
Dr. Sanchi got up and pointed to the menu and line…
Dr. Sanchi: Are you not a Starbucks person??
Dr. Kabir: I usually just order black coffee on the phone. What is your usual??
Dr. Sanchi: Depends, I like caramel frappe, lattes time to time, mochas.
Dr. Kabir: I’ll just take a latte
Dr. Sanchi: I’ll take a latte with that sandwich, I can never say that name. Thank you
Barista: Together??
Both: No
Barista: Okay …
They paid and sat back down…
Dr. Sanchi: There is one benefit of early surgery for us…
Dr. Kabir: And what is that??
Dr. Sanchi: We miss all this traffic
Dr. Kabir: Hmm
Dr. Sanchi: So…
Dr. Kabir: Can you not stay shut for maybe 5 mins??
Dr. Sanchi zipped her lips. After maybe 5 mins their lattes and Sanchi’s sandwich was served

Dr. Sanchi: Thank you
And she tipped Rs. 100
Dr. Sanchi: Have A Nice Day
Dr. Kabir: Why did you tip him??
Dr. Sanchi: Do you know how hard these kids work?? I had a colleague in the US and I felt so bad for her… poor girl. Might as well tip these poor guys
Dr. Kabir: I find it wasting money.
Dr. Sanchi: Your opinion
Dr. Kabir: If you don’t mind me asking how is your schedule for today and the rest of the week??
Dr. Sanchi: Well tonight is my party. Sunday I prefer not to work but ehh depends… Monday-Wednesday I’m busy. Thursday-Saturday minorly busy. Wait isn’t Ms. Kapoor having surgery next week??
Dr. Kabir: Reason why I am asking. I needed you to do my lectures and meetings on Tuesday since I won’t be there and I need someone to be with Maa.
Dr. Sanchi: Woah umm, I don’t want to do meetings lectures sure. How about in the morning you be with Ms. Kapoor and in the afternoon I can go and check on her and you be here
Dr. Kabir: That would work, I’ll talk to Maa about it.

They continued to talk with a little awkward moments. After a while they returned to SD.

Author’s Note:
Sorry I didn’t have the party in this chapter, I noticed that I was showing Dr. Sanchi as a super rude and mean person and since I don’t want to upset my readers so I attempted to transition her character to a calm and a lot like the one in the show but I will add their nok-jhok to spice it up.

What else?? … Oh ya, I obviously have longer updates but right now I feel like I am adding some unnecessary scenes or parts. I added the rain scene to bring some relief into the story so it’s not all medical blah blah blah. Again anything you guys think is unnecessary tell me in the comments section. More of this and less of that.

Again help wanted with coincidental romantic moments. Don’t complain when I have horrible coincidental romantic moments, I’m not experienced with coincidental romantic writing. If that made any sense!!! Message me including silent readers, if you wanna stay private I have a Sarahah that I don’t mind sharing…

I might be jumping one or two months ahead in future chapters because this Palak is running out of ideas !!!

So party is tomorrow… will Kabir go??

Hopefully this change in Sanchi is better and I will keep your wishes in mind next time I write, but let me add some immature moments please.


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    Palak dear…that was one good epi…loved it…also the rain part…really good …youbare a talented writer…keep up the good work…and write soon

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