Episode 5

Next day Sanskar is waiting in his hotel room for Nitin…. He is pacing here and there in tension…. At that time he heard bell sound and sanskar opened and saw Nitin standing…. Sanskar hugged him and led him inside….. Then both settled themselves in the coach….

“Sanskar do u have any doubt in our project???”

“No Nitin it’s not about our professional work!!!! It’s about something personal….”

“Personal??? Yup tell sanskar”

“Actually i loved a girl Kavitha!!!! She is a bengali and we are Marwari…. So no one in my family supported us so we eloped and thought to marry but before that some goons came and attacked us…. I got to know that they were sent by my bade papa and he killed my kavitha…. I made myself dead infront of whole world and worked hard and made karma industries….. After 5 years i came to know my brother laksh is in love with a girl who is bengali and my bade papa too is like he will accept the girl…. So i can’t accept it…. I went back to my family as a mad guy to take revenge for my love’s death!!!! I and ragini that girl’s sister got together to separate that bengali girl and laksh…. Ragini joined me as she loved laksh…. We degraded that girl’s character infront of everyone…. Then one day a dayan tried to kill her but i saved her and that girl came to know i am not mad!!!! She advised me that i might have misunderstood…. So i changed my mind…. But ragini didn’t…. On the day of laksh’s marriage ragini pushed her sister in the river and she betrayed me by showing my true face to the world…. Then someone admitted in the hospital and i took her to home but laksh married ragini and hated the girl whom he loved…. In that process that girl’s mother and father separated…. So to unite them i and that girl faked our marriage and went inside our home…. We even got successful by bringing her truth…. In that process i fell in love with her…. Then after many days she too loved me but my fate my first love kavitha came back…. Then she tried to separate us…. But with great difficulty we again married…. We were happy but again fate played in my life through my sister…. She loved a boy rajat but he is not good…. My wife found it…. When she tried to expose rajat he kidnapped my wife…. I went back of him and shooted…. To fulfill his revenge he fell down in the river with my wife…. All concluded that my wife is dead with rajat…. But i,my bade papa and my sasuma still believes she is alive…. This happened before 8 month…. And i didn’t say her name na…. Her name is SWARA…..” sanskar said and was seeing Nitin’s expressions…. His expressions changed to serious…. He is shocked….. He saw sanskar and asked,”Sanskar that means swara my sister is ur wife”

“Yes Nitin….. I was very happy to see my princess!!!! But when she neglected me like an unknown person i was hurt….. Then only i came to know she lost her memory fully and is living in ur house as ur sister…. U may think i am using her memory loss as a reason…. So i want to show u this….” saying it he showed their sangeet video,marriage video,raglak’s marriage video,uttara’s engagement video….. Nitin is shocked seeing all this….

“Sanskar but swara doesn’t remember anything!!!!.” Nitin said……

“No problem Nitin!!!! If she doesn’t remember anything it’s also good!!! Bcoz she had many negative things than positive things in her life….. So i wanted to create a fresh memory in her life…..” sanskar said with a smile…. At that time they both heard a knock sound…. Sanskar went and opened the door and saw Rachita standing…. Both are shocked….

“Rachu what r u doing here???” nitin asked….

“Actually i was in the hotel area…. I saw u going….. So came to see u….”

“Came to see me or check me???” nitin asked raising his brows….

“Oh hello!!!! If i came to check u then i would have came back of u…. But see after 10 minutes only i came….” she said and sanskar laughed…..

“Ha ha baby just joking…..” nitin said and side hugged her….

“Okie did i disturb u both????”

“Nope!!!!” saying this nitin said everything….. Rachita is shocked….

“Guys then we have to go to praveen’s house soon….. Actually sanjay papa called kolkatta police and asked about swara’s case…. They said no one claimed her and they have closed the case…. So now they are planning for praveen and swara’s marriage…..” hearing this both are shocked….

“What r u saying rachu???”

“Yes actually i think swara loves praveen but don’t know about praveen….. So yesterday all the elders discussed about this…. At that time papa said about swara’s memory loss…. So they encountered with Kolkatta police and now planning to make praveen and swara marry…..” rachita said….

“Sanskar Then we shouldn’t waste our time come lets go…..” saying this all three went to praveen’s house…..

In praveen’s house

Elders were sitting in the sofa and praveen is standing in the center and seeing all with question mark…..

“What happened???? Y all called me???” praveen asked but all are silent….

“Sweety atleast u tell na!!!”

“Praveen we all decided to make u and swara marry after nitin and rachu’s marriage…..” pavithra said and praveen is shocked….

“Sweety what r u saying???? I and swara???? Pls don’t joke….”

“We aren’t joking praveen!!!! Be serious…..” praveen’s father said….

“Dad even i am saying the same!!!! Be serious!!!!”

“Praveen what r u saying???”

“I don’t know how u guys came into this thought!!!! But i haven’t thought of this even in my dream!!!! I have always thought swara as my friend….. I can’t accept her as my wife….. I haven’t seen her as my wife….. Pls try to understand…..”

“Praveen is there any rule that u shouldn’t marry ur friend????” praveen’s mom asked…

“There is no rule mom…. But see i can’t think swara as my wife….. I have some dreams about my wife…. Swara is just my friend…. Even u can say she is the most important person in my life but i can’t share my bedroom with her…. Pls try to understand…..” praveen said and all are shocked as they ddin’t expect this….. At that time praveen saw nitin,rachita and sanskar standing….. He went to nitin and said,”Nitin atleast u try to make them understand!!!! I can’t see swara as my wife….”

“Pls don’t compel him…. If he is not ready y don’t u all leave him instead of pressuring him….”

“Nitin what r u saying??? Don’t u care about swara’s life???” pavithra asked….

“Ma if this marriage happens only swara’s life will be spoiled…. What if she gains her memory after marriage???? What if she is already married???”

“See nitin we all thought this and we also inquired in police station…. None claimed swara till now!!!! So i think she isn’t married….”

“No aunty u r wrong!!! She is married and i am her husband…. I know u guys won’t believe me…. That’s y i brought this with me…..” saying it she showed all the videos and told the past to them also…. All are shocked….. Praveen is happy…..

“Mom,sweety,dad,uncle see our swara is married…. What if u guys compelled me and make us marry????” praveen asked and all were little guilty….

“Pavithra for this only even i hesitated yesterday!!!! See….” sanjay said….. Pavithra felt sad….

“But now swara loves praveen!!!!”

“Aunty her memory loss is not a permanent one!!!!if she gains her memory i am sure she will feel guilty for marrying praveen….. She will feel she has betrayed me!!!! And i have full faith swara will love me again….. As she loves me from the first i don’t think it will take time for her to love me now!!!! So pls aunty understand it….” sanskar said and all accepted his point…..

“Okie now what we can do???” pavithra asked….

“Simple!!!!! Swara has to mingle with sanskar!!!! She should forget me for that i shouldn’t be here….. I am going to london for few days…. I will tell her i am going there for office work…..”

“It’s good idea!!! I accept with praveen…..” nitin said and all the elders accepted it…. Sanskar is happy…. After some time he went back to his room happily….. After he went there he called dp and sharmistha on conference and said everything that swara is alive and she lost her memory….. But soon he will bring her to Kolkata…. Hearning it both are very happy…. After talking sometime he kept that call and slept thinking about his princess…..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope u guys like this…. Now swasan’s love story is going to start….. ?


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