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Nandini faces the truth once again. Chakor shows the reality to Nandini. She tells Nandini that Mauli is still Kunal’s wife, Mauli is getting all the respect because of the legitimate relation. Nandini finds Kunal and Mauli dancing and gets hurt. She feels terrible. Chakor asks her to think how Mauli would have felt when she has seen Kunal with Nandini. She explains Nandini that she should leave Kunal, since Kunal and Mauli’s family is shattering because of her. She says you would be truly loving Kunal, but for the sake of his happiness, you have to leave him. She gives her a Mata Rani idol and asks her to seek guidance from Mata to decide the right thing.

Papa By Chance:
The kids want to know who is Chiku. They ask Mohini about Chiku. She doesn’t tell them anything. She asks them not to disturb her. Yuvaan stays upset because of Harman. He is in much tension. He vents anger on Dhoni. He refuses to play and asks them to leave him alone. Dhoni helps him exercise. Yuvaan has lost the job, and wonders how will he manage the kids. He tells them that he has no money to keep them happy. Gungun asks Mohini to tell them about Chiku, since they have done a lot of work on her saying. Mohini refuses to them.

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