Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 31

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear arunima fenil jasmine sia.
Thanks to each and every silent readers
I wish to hear from u all
As this journey is nearing its end

Recap- Arjun mahi n Noor confront yash’s best friend ashish and come to know that Pooja deliberately befriended yash and made him fall in love with her as she wanted to seek revenge from zoya
As she believed adi never gave her importance n zoya meant everything to him so she wanted to snatch zoya’s husband

Delhi police has arrested the man who was seen doing something in yash’s Bag in ccTV

Cop comes to adi
Cop -u know today u are going to very happy
U will get to meet ur father
As tom is hearing in sc before that u both can meet ur lawyer
U know ur father mother n bro come daily to meet u but are not allowed as this is a case of blast

Adi smiles

Adi (sparkle in wet eyes)-That means sir I can meet my zoya also n sir what about zoya’s family
Are they here

Cop-yes her dad comes with Mr Hooda daily

Adi-Sir Pls do something n help uncle meet zoya
Zoya will get lots of strength from her father
As she thinks he is angry with her

Cop- I will try

Harshvardan n Wasim are waiting in a room
Zoya n adi are brought
All are teareyed
Zoya gets excited seeing Wasim she runs to hug
Adi smiles
Adi hugs Harshvardan

Zoya (sobbing )-Am sorry am.very sorry abuuu
Wasim (lump in throat )-am sorry beta I left my princess alone n went but Dnt wry we are there we will remove u both from here

Wasim looks at adi

Wasim folds his hands-Thanks beta for being my zoya’s pillar of support over here

He hugs adi

Zoya looks on

Adiya have an intense eyelock

Adi spreads his arms

Zoya runs to him

She gets in his arms

Adi holds her tightly

Tears fall

Wasim n Harshvardan look on with smile

Adiya are hugging very very tightly

Tere dil ko mere dil ki zaarorat hain plays in Bg

Zoya realises that their fathers are watching
She releases herself
Adi too feels embarrassed
But Wasim n Harshvardan smile at them

Harshvardan is shown talking to Adiya
Wasim looks on

Adi is holding zoya’s hand

Harshvardan -Pls Pls Dnt act impulsive Pls
I promise I will take both of u out none of u will land in any trouble.

Adiya nod

Zoya-uncle how is Anjana Aunty

Harshvardan -she is fine she wants u both back n safe

Wasim- ur ammi n Anjana Bhabhi are keeping fast they are going to various temples they both are praying for u both n our kids Noor Arjun mahi all are searching for evidences to save u both

Adiya look at each other
There is lots of pain
Still each other’s presence is soothing

Court room is full

Rajveer comes

He smiles looking at Harshvardan
Who is sweating profusely
Arjun keeps his hand over Harsh’s hand

Judge comes

Adiya are made to stand in witness boxes

Hearing starts

Lawyer-My lord this case is very simple both Aditya and zoya have confessed that since they loved each other they planned n implanted bomb to kill their spouses so……

Harshvardan -I object my lord
Sometimes some confessions are made in pressure
Zoya took whole blame on herself to save Aditya
n Aditya couldn’t see zoya in this condition
Their friendship their concern their bond made them admit a crime they have not done

Lawyer-Mr Hooda court is not interested in listening love story of ur son if u have some evidence then only…..

Harshvardan interrupts -my lord Delhi police has arrested Mr Pandu gaikwad As per ccTV footage Pandu was seen doing something with yash’s Bag
I want permission to call him in witness box

Rajveer is getting tensed

Judge -u may

Pandu comes in witness box

Harshvardan -Mr Pandu what where you doing on Delhi railway station on that day

Pandu (nervously )-Am a coolie I used to be there daily

Harshvardan -Did u lift Mr yash arora’s bag

Pandu (sweating )-yes

Harshvardan -Did u open the bag and put in a parcel as seen in footage

Pandu doesnot answer

Harshvardan repeats question raising voice

Pandu shivers-y y y y ess but I was clueless whats inside I didn’t know anything .iiiii …………………
I was paid 5 lakhs for it

Harshvardan -who paid u ????

Pandu-one lady

Harshvardan -was she the one standing in witness box

Pandu- No

Harshvardan shows him pooja’s pic

Was it this lady

Pandu nods all are dumbstruck

Harshvardan -My lord I need permission to call yash’s best friend ashish in witness box

Judge-u may

Ashish comes in witness box

Harshvardan -Did pooja deliberately befriend yash

Ashish -yes I helped her with that

Harshvardan -Why did she do it

Ashish -She felt her husband Aditya gave zoya lots of importance she felt zoya snatched Aditya from her so she wanted to snatch zoya’s husband

Harshvardan -My lord everything is very clear pooja wanted to snatch yash from zoya
She deliberately befriended him
She had affair with him
She then got bomb implanted in his bag
So that yash would get killed
She implanted the bomb in box zoya kept so that zoya would get trapped in this case
She wanted to run away but couldn’t
So she too was killed

All are shell shocked

Adi cannot believe what he heard

Zoya is weeping

Precap-Hearing continues
Adi- Pooja can never stoop so low No she cannot do this no
Though pooja is not with us
She cheated me
But I know pooja can never do this.
Just to come out of all this I cannot let pooja ‘s name spoil like this
Pooja can never kill
She is not a killer

Harshvardan keeps his hand on his head

Mahi enters court room
Mahi- Yes my lord Aditya is right pooja is not the killer pooja was just used by someone

So now readers whats going on
Who has used pooja
Who has got this bomb implanted
Any guesses

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  1. Loved it , awesome. , Post sooon , and just tell what is your final decision about the idea I gave you for a ff 🙂❤️ plz

  2. Fenil


  3. Amazing….loved it….Iam like blank now…who could be the killer…hmmmm…..well great update

  4. Jasminerahul

    adiya hug was so intense n was shocking to know that pooja only tried to kill yash n she got killed in that. but shocked to know that pooja was only a it rajveer?

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