Two hearts with one beat last episode

Ragsan come to consciousness and were talking to eachother lost in each other as if nothing happened. Sanskar: I cant believe it all this time you were with me and me like a idiot was running behind dream.

Ragini: I know I am so lucky .My love story is a perfect filmy love story. So exciting wala

Sanskar frowns.

Sanskar: filmy .idiot we were about to die and you find it exciting.

Ragini: story should be so much fun .our families are boring they agreed immediately.

Sanskar rolls his eyes.

Sanskar: I was so scared that I will get married to swara ..but I never knew our hearts are linked like this.

Ragini: waise I had back up plan. I though I will act like fainting and you will get concerned and stop but yor heart is so weak ki pehle hi heatrt attack aaya.

Sanskar: hha u r talking as if your heart is made from ambuja cement.even you got heart Attack dont forget.

Ragini: because of your fattu heart.

Sanskar: you shut up okay..

Ragini: why should I? .I will not.

Everyone were shocked at how fast they started fighting.

Mahi: till now you were talking romantically and now fighting like cats and dogs.

Ragini: haina your bhai is barking like dog.

Sanskar: what did you say/?

Everyone laugh at their silly fights.

Mahi holds ragini’s hands.

Mahi: so sorry ragini for swara I always hated you without your fault.I have been so stupid..

Ragini:Hey Its ok I know.

Ragini and mahi hug each other.

Everyone was happy suddenly they hear loud claps from behind.

It was swara still in her bridal wear clapping with a sinister smile on her face.

Swara: what a lovely reunion. Everyone is so happy but unfortunately I am not happy. but no one cares right?

Janki: swara we care about you.

Swara: stop your drama.You Promised me that you will get me married to sanskar but you broke it.

Janki: I also said that if dream girl is known I will cancel knew it was ragini but you cheated on all of us.

Swara: Whatever I did was for my love.But you do do not have any right to play with my love. I would have got my love.

Mahi: swara understand you are not destined to be with bhai.

Swara: you shut up.

Sanskar: swara enough .I love ragini I cant marry you.

Swara: you have no option sanskar .Swara should get what she wants.You will have to marry me.

Sanskar holds ragini close to him and wraps his hand against ragini.

Sanskar: never .

Swara gets more agitated .

Swara: sanskar leave her.Dont touch her infront of me.You are mine.You cant touch anyone infront of me.

Sanskar doesnt leave ragini ..swara gets irritated and drags ragini and plants gun at her forehead.

Sanskar : ragini.

Ragini panics ..every try to come forward .

Swara holds gun dangerously close to ragini.

Swara: dont move .

Yuvi: swara please leave my sister

every one gets scared

She looks at ragini.

Swara: big mistake ragini why did you survive.

Sanskar: swara leave ragini,I am telling you. If anything happens to her then I will kill you. You will repent why you were even born.

Swara: oh really I dont care I want this girl dead.

She drags ragini and locks everyone else in the room.

Ragini: swara you are gone mad. Leave me.

Swara: its so fun harming you.

Ragini: you are stupid to think Sanskar will marry you after killing me.

Swara: I dont even expect him to marry me.But I dont care because even you wont get him..

Ragini gets disgusted at her thoughts….Swara drags ragini to the terrace ..Meanwhile a nurse opens the door of sanskar and other family members. Rush outside …

Ragini gets scared ..She starts praying for sanskar to save her.

Sanskar and remaining family members reach the terrace .

Swara gets shocked and in hurry she pushes ragini of the terrace and ragini in fear holds swara’s dress and even swara falls on the tearrace. Both hold on to the edge of the terrace and sanskar and yuvi both rush to the girls.

Sanskar reaches first and he holds ragini’s hand and yuvi who saw that sanskar will save ragini holds swara’s hand to save her..

Swara gets angry and in her fit of anger she tries to shoot ragini but in that she misses her support as well as yuvi’s hand and falls down.

Ragini sanskar and yuvi look on shocked while everyone else run down ..But by that time swara was dead.

Mahi and janki are broken seeing swara like that ..

Sanskar gets upset seeing her like that. Even ragini felt bad seeing swara’s dead body.

Mahi : swara get up.Please get up..She cries like small child as swara was her bestie.Janki and sanskar themselves were not in position to console themselves…Ragini was consoling sanskar while he was crying hugging ragini.

Yuvi feels bad for mahi and slowly wraps his arms around her..

Mahi looks at him with tears and finally hugs him and cries out.

The end.

Guys Please tell me if you are in watty so that I can directly continue my stories there.

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