Spoilers 26th May 2019

Raghu’s tolerance limits ends because of Tawde. Raghu wanted to earn a living by hardwork and honesty. He is failing to come on the right path by facing troubles in his life. He knows Tawde is taking revenge on him. He feels he can’t do anything good. Maai asks Raghu to get back to his old job. Dhanak asks Raghu not to walk on wrong path. Raghu tells Dhanak that he will not lose to Tawde. He wipes off Dhanak’s vows from the board. Dhanak makes Raghu realize his mistake.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla family compels Krishna to get engaged to Radhe. They want Krishna and Radhe to get married once again so that the society doesn’t taunt them ever. Krishna also gets convinced that Mohan is Radhe. She gives her consent for the engagement. Veer arrives there to stop the engagement. Krishna is happy with Radhe and recall her old days with innocent Radhe.

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