Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu surprised with Amma and Rajjo reunion

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malaika staring Kamlesh and says if he was not broken then she would have taken out all his rest. Kat comes there and serves him lunch. He says we will do lunch together. Malaika says you never brought food for me when I get ill. Kat says this is Chole which will benefit you. Kamlesh gets happy. Kat asks him to have Salad. Kamlesh says he will eat yellow dal. Kat says ok. Malaika asks her to bring sweets also. She says she can’t see the drama and says she will go. Kat says I will feed him and come. Malaika asks him to take his own time. Happu is in the Police station and asks Constable to bring a glass. Rajjo’s friend is hearing the song. Rajjo closes the tape recorder. Amma gets angry on the kids as the ball fell in her room. Nargis comes there and asks did you stop

Happu from doing his wife’s work. Amma says when you told me, I asked happu not to do his wife’s work, Nargis asks her not to let him do the work. Hritik hears them and thinks to tell mummy. Nargis asks Amma to have rest and says she will go. Rajjo’s friend tells her that he will become Mamma’s work. Rajjo says he makes sad face and calls Beni. Her friend asks her to make Happu do the work. Rajjo says you are right. Chamchi hears her and thinks to tell Dadi so that she squeezes lemon hardly.

Beni comes to the Police station and asks why did you call me? Happu asks what happened to you. Beni says you are a selfish guy? Happu thinks he is in the bad mood. Beni tells that he has an ancestral problem that they used to solve their problems. Happu asks him to think what to do, and tells that he is stuck between Amma and Rajjo. He says Kamlesh used to do small work, but now he is on bed. Beni suggests him to get himself injured. Happu laughs and says Rajjo will catch my lie. Beni asks him to get injured in reality and hits him with his stick. Constable smiles.

Chamchi comes to Dadi and tells that she heard Karishma telling Rajjo to make Papa do work else he will get off from his hand. Amma says she is provoking Rajjo against me. Hritik comes to Rajjo and tells that he wants to have icecream. Rajjo says you should have ask your Papa. Hritik says you must have some money and asks her to feed him icecream. Rajjo says you are just like your Papa and asks him to tell what happened? Hritik says Beni’s Mausi telling Dadi that she shall not let Papa work. Rajjo says so real player is she?

Kamlesh calls Kat and asks her to give water. He thinks to tell everything to Kat. Kat makes him bring water and asks him to tell without hesitation. Kamlesh says one day your house will be mine. He says I don’t have any pain, my back bone didn’t break. He says I acted so that I can stay with you. Kat asks how can your body didn’t damaged. Kamlesh says God saved me. They dance on the song dil ullu ka pattha hai….Malaika comes there. Kat asks her to look back. Kamlesh turns and looks at Malaika. He gets tensed. Kat makes a tensed face.

Amma asks Rajjo if her friend went? Rajjo says she went and says it is good that she went. Amma asks what happened? Rajjo says she was using her mind much and provoking me. Amma says ok, and tells that even Nargis tried to provoke me against me and told that you makes your husband do work. Rajjo says Karishma was asking me to make Happu do work. Amma says why we will fight with each other and praises her. Rajjo says you are also good Amma, I want to hug you. Amma asks who stopped you. Happu comes breaking his hand and is shocked to see them hugging lovingly. He thinks it is difficult to understand woman. Malaika tries to push Kamlesh off the window and beats him. Kamlesh says he lied to stay with Kat. Malaika says today he will go to Yamlog. She pushes him down. Kamlesh falls down and tells Kat that his back bone is broken. Amma, Rajjo and Happu look at Malaika.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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