Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani meets Anjali, Rivaaj closer to know Rani’s truth

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 25th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj searching for proofs against Janki and gets her certificates as nurse etc. Snoopy ji barks at Rivaaj coming there. Rivaaj asks Snoopy to be quiet. Dadi hears Snoopy’s voice and asks him to calm down. Rivaaj tries to stop Snoopy. Anjali is in the temple. Pandit ji says Mata Rani’s puja is done, you all shall take the Prasad. Dadi comes to Janki’s room and thinks Snoopy ji is barking at whom? Rivaaj is in the bathroom to hide from Dadi. Dadi asks who is here? Anjali sees Rani’s reflection and runs from there. Rani asks her to stop. Snoopy barks at the bathroom door. Dadi asks what happened and asks Snoopy ji to calm down. She opens the bathroom door and checks. Rivaaj hides behind the door. Dadi says nobody is here and takes Snoopy with her.


takes Anjali to her room and asks her to rest. Rivaaj tries to come out. Snoopy barks at the bathroom door again. Dadi picks up Janki’s certificates and keeps on bed. She asks Snoopy why is it barking and locks the door from outside. Rivaaj says who thinks dog is man’s best friend. Anjali asks Rani who is she? Rani tells her that she came to befriend her and asks with whom she stays here. Anjali is silent. Rani asks do you know some Rivaaj? Anjali gets scared hearing his name and says I don’t know any Rivaaj. Rani says if you don’t know him then why are you getting tensed. Anjali asks if he sent her to her and says I didn’t tell anything to anyone and will not tell in future also. Rani asks what did Rivaaj do with Anjali. Anjali asks her to go. Rani says I will not tell anyone and tells that she needs to know to save her loved ones, and asks did Rivaaj make you reach in this condition.

Rivaaj calls Pappu and Bhanu and asks him to get him out of the room. He hits on the rack and the brown colour box falls down. He checks it.

Rani asks Anjali to tell what happened with her. Anjali thinks how Rivaaj tried to kill her and asks her not to tell anyone, else she will run away from here. Rani promises her and asks her to tell what Rivaaj did with her. She thinks Rivaaj is surely behind her condition. Rivaaj keeps the box and thinks he will see later. Bhanu and Pappu come inside the house. Snoopy ji barks at them. Dadi aims gun at them and asks what are they doing here? Bhanu says forgive us. Rivaaj thinks they will tell. Pappu says we forgot the way. Dadi asks them to run. They run. Rivaaj gets upset. Bhanu calls Rivaaj and tells that they can’t help him now. Rani comes and hears them. She runs faster and collides with Dadi and falls down. She asks where she is going in a hurry. Rani says she needs to go to bathroom urgently. Rivaaj breaks the lock of the door and gets in the room. He searches for the file and is about to see under the bed, where Rani is hiding, but he doesn’t see as Premlatha calls him.

Rani comes out from under the bed and thinks she shall be more careful now, and thinks why is he checking her room? Premlatha takes Rivaaj to see Raghav’s room. Dadi tells Raghav that he is grown up now. Raghav says I am grown up and says until when he will play with toys. He has renovated his room and removed his toys from the room. She says she will make his favorite sweets. Raghav says moong dal halwa. Dadi goes happily. Rani sees the toys and gets emotional, which Servant is taking. Premlatha and Rivaaj look from outside. Rani sees the room and gets happy. Raghav asks Premlatha to come inside and asks where is his antique brass, soldier and the lamp. Premlatha says I forgot, and says she will search it. Raghav says I am remembering my childhood incidents. Premlatha gets worried. Rani asks Raghav to ask Dadi. Rivaaj asks Premlatha to come with him and takes her to storeroom. He asks why she was acting that she is happy with Raghav’s recovery. Premlatha scolds him and tells that this is happening as his plan failed. She says he is asking for the antique which she sold long ago and don’t know when. She says before Raghav remember our truth, just finish him off. Rivaaj looks on. He thinks he has to strengthen his mathematics, very strong.

Precap: Rivaaj looks at Janki coming, while standing on the stairs. Rukmani comes there calling Rivaaj. Rivaaj tries to make her fall. Rukmani stumbles. Rani shouts Ruku didi. Rivaaj says she is caught and holds Rukmani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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