You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love at first sight (Season 1 Episode 3)

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You Are Always Mine!
Season 1 Episode 3


Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr. slips and Karthik holds her… They have eyelock. Later.. they both realise and come back to normal.

Karthik : Ok, see you later, bye! Nice to meet you.

Revathi Jr. : Bye! Nice meeting you too!

Karthik gets a message from his friends stating that he has to drop Revathi Jr. at her home.
Revathi Jr. gets the same message from Anu.

Karthik : Revathi, stop! Shall I drop you home?

Revathi Jr. : If you wanna drop me, then you can.

Rethik on a fast bike ride. They have a cute talk.

Karthik’s bike stops due to a small fault.

Revathi Jr. : What happened?
Karthik : Nothing, just a small fault in the engine.

Suddenly it starts raining heavily…. Revathi Jr. rejoices, and happily dances in the rain…

Karthik sees her and smiles, thinks : Woah! She’s so cute! One is so lucky to have her! I’m lucky! No no… I’m just friends with her… Ok, let’s have a dance with her

(Dances along with her)

Scene 2 :

Shakthivel-Revathi and Azhagar-Andal meet and greet each other happily.

Shakthivel : It’s so nice when we are together!

Azhagar : Yes… It’s been a long time!

Revathi : Andal, you still didn’t change(teases her)

Andal : Tell your brother…

All continue teasing each other…

Azhagar : I want to talk about something…that is..

He and Shakthivel tell at the same time : Rethik marriage!

Shakthivel : We also decided to make Revathi and Karthik agree for marriage.

Revathi Sr. : We have two kids, Karthik and Tamil. Tamil is completing her final year now.

Azhagar : What about her then?

Andal : She’s a small girl…. Let her complete her final year…. Shall we talk to Karthik? Or he’s busy?

Shakthivel : Maybe he finally saw Revathi!

All share a laugh!

Scene 3 :

At home, Karthik thinking of Revathi Jr.

Karthik : She’s really a nice person. How can I be so lucky? Shall I propose her?…. Idiot Karthik! Why are you thinking of proposal? She is my good friend…. Let time fly, I will propose her.

Revathi Jr. at her home….says the same…
(She calls Karthik)

Karthik : Hi Rev! What’s up?

Revathi Jr. : Nothing. Just wanna ask you if you’re free tomorrow morning.

Karthik : Yes… I’m free. What special? Are we going out? Wait a min, shall we meet at Starbucks?

Revathi Jr. : I was about to tell the same… Sure!

Both end the call.

Scene 4 :

Karthik waiting for Revathi Jr. at Starbucks and says : These girls are always same, makeup everytime!

Revathi Jr. arrives and says : Wait, what did you say? Makeup? I never apply makeup except for parties…

Karthik : Okay relax! Just said…

(They have a talk about their interests.)


Next episode promo : Rethik walking on the streets. Suddenly Revathi Jr. is shot by a man with a rifle. Karthik in tears, rushes her to the hospital, his friends console him. Karthik says to doctor : Please save my Revathi! She’s not my friend! She’s my life! I’m dead without her as I love her…..


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4th episode will be posted tomorrow (26/05/2019) at 11:00 am (IST).



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