Tujhse Hai Raabta RiKara RuMya ShivIka SS Part 7

Tujhse Hai Raabta…There’s A Connection With You… Part 7
Soumya went to an ice cream parlour and ordered for icecream.She was surprised to see Rudra and Bhavya sitting behind her and ordering icecream.

They were having icecream together.
She thought:Oh they have reached here too like typical love birds.
Soumya did not face them as she did not want them to know that she is sitting near them.
Rudra:How is this icecream Bhavya?
Bhavya:I loved it ..after all it’s your favourite flavour.I have stated loving all your favourites Rudra.

Soumya bit her lips in anger.
She murmured:This girl is too sugary.

Bhavya:I love everything about you Rudra.
Rudra raised his eye brows and looked at her.
Bhavya:Because I love you.
Soumya was shocked.
She thought:Oh no.This means what Bhavya have for Rudra is not just friendship but love.
Bhavya:Do you love me Rudra?
Soumya became restless.
She thought:Now Rudra will also confess his love to Bhavya..after all she has entered his good books.

Bhavya:If you cannot reply now take your own time.
Rudra:I don’t need time to give you reply Bhavya.My answer is clear.
Rudra looked at Bhavya deeply:My reply is…
Soumya could not sit there anymore.
She thought:No,I cannot tolerate Rudra saying I love you to Bhavya.
She left the parlour with irritation.

After reaching home Soumya destroyed the things in her room angrily.
Soumya:How can Rudra say I love you to some other girl?He was supposed to say that only to me.
Suddenly Soumya saw her own reflection laugh.
Soumya’s reflection:Seriously Soumya?When Rudra was madly after you because of love you insulted him…. You rejected him rudely.You yourself said that he does not match your class.Then now why you can’t tolerate Rudra loving someone else? Now did his class change?Still he did’nt win academic prizes.Then why you are craving for his attention now?Why you are jealous seeing Rudra with someone else?You are crazy Soumya.
Soumya’s reflection disappeared.
Soumya was going crazy:Why I can’t tolerate Rudra with someone else?Why I want Rudra to love only me?Why I feel bad when he completely ignores me and goes after Bhavya?What’s happening with me?

Unknowingly tears rolled down her cheeks.Soumya herself was stunned seeing her tears.
Soumya:How can I cry for Rudra loving Bhavya?What difference does it make?

After a year….
Oberoi Mansion was decorated for Holi party.
Soumya got ready and came.Her face blossomed seeing Rudra with Shivay and Omkara.

Suddenly she became gloomy seeing Bhavya coming along with Gauri and Anika.

Soumya:Why Bhavya is here for a family party?
Suddenly Bhavya saw Soumya and came towards her.
Bhavya:Hi Soumya…Happy Holi..
Soumya gave her a pale smile:Happy Holi.
Bhavya:You know Soumya…our families have decided to conduct mine and Rudra’s engagement along with Omkara and Gauri’s.Means both the brother and sister will engaged on the same day.Is’nt it that cool?
Soumya was shocked.She felt that her head was spinning.
Soumya thought:Rudra getting engaged to Bhavya?
Rudra called Bhavya:Bhavya….come na…we will celebrate Holi.
Bhavya:Sure Rudra…
Bhavya looked at Soumya:This Rudra can’t stay even a moment without me.
Soumya smiled emotionally.Bhavya went with Rudra.Soumya’s heart pained.
Her eyes became wet.

Anika went near Shivay with a romantic seductive smile.

Shivay smirked.

Aye…. Lahu munh lag gaya
Lahu munh lag gaya

Suddenly he pulled her closer.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Soya tha nas nas mein ab yeh jag gaya
Aye…. lahu munh lag gaya

He pasted colour over her face.She closed her eyes.

He smiled looking at her face.

Labon ke chhoone se
Khwaabon ke khone se..
Labon ke chhoone se
Khwaabon ke khone se..

Shivay:You will keep your eyes shut always or will you open your eyes and colour me too?
Anika opened her eyes blushing.

Bach ke sab se lab se lab
Yeh lab se lag gaya

She pasted colour all over his face.Shivay was lost in her passionate touch.

Aye… lahoo munh lag gaya
Aye… lahu munh lag gaya

They embraced passionately.

Aye… lahu munh lag gaya.. [lag gaya..]

Gauri and Omkara walked towards each other romantically.

Bhatak rahi hai aaj yeh
Malang ang ang ang
Bhatak gayi hai saans uske
Sang, sang, sang, sang

Omkara put colour on her face passionately.

Gauri put colour on his face too.

Kal-kal behta tha
Chhal-chhal rehta tha
Kal-kal behta tha
Chhal-chhal rehta tha

With a sweet smile she turned back to go.Suddenly Omkara pulled her backward and Gauri fell on his chest .

Taan leke jaan kab gaya..
Lab se lab yeh lab lab se
Lahu munh lag gaya

Om rubbed his cheek with hers romantically while Gauri caressed his face.

Aye…. lahu munh lag gaya
Lahu munh lag gaya

Slowly their eyes locked onto each others with burning romance.

Soya tha nas nas mein ab yeh jag gaya
Aye…. lahu munh lag gaya

Rudra and Bhavya thew colour at each other laughing.

Labon ke chhoone se…
Khwaabon ke khone se…

Soumya could not bear it and drank bhang without any control.

Naitik -Akshara had romantic Holi moments.

Labon ke chhoone se
Khwaabon ke khone se

Soumya could not bear it and drank bhang without any control.

Shivay Anika ,Omkara- Gauri and Rudra Bhavya danced.

Lab se lab yeh lab lab se

Lahu munh lag gaya

Hey… lahoo munh lag gaya

Aye… lahu munh lag gaya

Aye… lahu munh lag gaya

Aye… lahu munh lag gaya..


Soumya was burning with jealousy.

Bhavya:Rudra…I have to leave now.My family will be waiting for me.
Rudra:Ok Bye.
Bhavya hugged Naitik Akshara:Bye uncle aunty…
Naitik-Akshara:Bye Bhavya.
She bid bye to Oberois too and left.

Rudra went to the washroom and washed his face.While coming back he was surprised to hear Soumya calling him:Rudy!
He looked at her with surprise.
He thought:Soumya called me Rudy after a long time.
Soumya:Rudy…I am all alone.I have no one to play Holi with.After I insulted you my own family does not care for me.
Rudra felt sad for her.
He thought:She looks heavily drunk.

Rudra:Nothing like that Soumya.Your family loves you.

Soumya:No Rudy.They all are angry with me.But it’s my fault.I made a big mistake by insulting you.It’s all because of my misunderstanding.I should have understood that Rudy cannot misbehave with me.I should have understood that when you love me so much you cannot misbehave with me.
Rudra did not know what to say.
Soumya:Please Rudy..please celebrate Holi with me too.

Suddenly Soumya put colour on her face softly.He was stunned.He looked at her deeply.
Soumya:Won’t you colour me back?


Rudra put colour on her face.She smiled.

Soumya:Thank you so much Rudy.I feel very happy.

He smiled.
She took her phone and played a song.
Soumya:Please dance with me Rudy.
Rudra thought:For the first time Soumya is behaving politely with me.
Soumya held his hand for dance.He smiled nodding.
Rudra:Ok…we will dance together.

They both danced.

(do me a favour lets play holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) – 2
ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye
mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaaye
jaa re jaa dont touch my choli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
hey do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2

do me a favour lets play holi
neela peela laal gulaal
uspe tere gore gaal
kaali kaali aankhon wali
mast mast hai teri chaal

hai bahana holi ka
paas aana chahe tu
chaand se mere chehre pe
rang lagana chahe tu
ohhh holi hai aani jaani
tere dil mein hai beimaani

main nahi hu itni bholi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
do me a favour lets play holi

After the dance…
Soumya:I really enjoyed dancing with you Rudy.

You are so nice Rudy.

I made a big mistake by not understanding your value.But now it’s too late.I lost you completely.
She was weeping.
Rudra was stunned:Soumya!
Suddenly Soumya fainted in his arms due to over drinking.He carried her to her room and placed her on the bed.He covered her with blanket.He turned back to go.Suddenly Soumya held his hand.
She murmured in sleep.
Soumya:Don’t leave me and go Rudy.
He looked at her emotionally.Then he freed his hand off her and walked out.
His eyes became wet thinking of his Holi moments with Soumya.
The next morning Soumya woke up from her sleep.She remembered the Holi moments she spent with Rudra.
Soumya:No.It’s just my dream.How can Rudy celebrate Holi with me?He hates me.He would have spent those moments with Bhavya.
Soumya was sad.

Engagement day…
Omkara was lost in Gauri’s beauty. Gauri blushed.


Suddenly Om rubbed her hand and took to a corner.Then he pinned he against the wall.
Gauri:Omkara…what are you doing?
Om:I want to love you Gauri…


He moved towards her lips.She closed her eyes.


Before his lips met her lips she pushed him giggling.
Om became dull:You did’nt do right Gauri.
Gauri:I did the right thing Omkara.You were going over the board.But this is not the right time Omkara.Our engagement is going to take place only.Wait for some more time.

Om:Oh no…I have to wait so much.
Gauri:But before that I can give you sweet romantic hugs.
Gauri embraced Omkara.He smiled embracing her back.They were lost in each others embrace.


Gauri broke their embrace.
Om:Oh..now why did you move away from me?It was so nice to be so closer to you.
She smiled:But if we don’t go our engagement will get cancelled.Then how can we get engaged and married?
Om smiled nodding.
They both went to the party hall.
Omkara-Gauri exchanged rings happily.


Rudra-Bhavya were asked to exchange rings.They took rings.
Soumya was staring at them angrily.
Bhavya showed her finger to Rudra for him to put ring.
Suddenly Soumya lost her control and raised her voice:Stop it.This engagement cannot take place.

All were shocked.

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  1. Riana

    Superb episode…❤❤❤
    Icecream scene was cool it made soumya realize her feelings…
    One year leap and then holi…
    Shivika and rikara scene was hawwtt ! 🔥🔥
    Soumya getting drunk and apolosing to Rudy and dancing with him was superb…
    Soumya thinks it was a dream but it was truth…
    Om is such a naughty… (Atleast you had shown them locking lips… I m very angry on you Jas… Loool) 😡😂😂
    Soumya calling off Ruvya’s engagement was shocking… 😱
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. ❤
    You know what somewhere i feel Bhavya is playing a role of matchmaker or cupid between Rudra-Soumya. 😽
    Pics were excellent as usual… ❤🔥

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much.i am surprised that this time you commented fast

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing episode..Loved everyone’s separate holi celebrations.. specially Shivika’s and Rumya’s holi is so good..Oh no !! Somu has stopped the engagement..exciting ..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

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