Spoilers — 25th January 2017

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush and Vaidehi exchange the varmala. He does rituals of marriage with her and starts taking the wedding rounds. They are very happy that their wish is getting fulfilled. Even Simar and family are happy for them. Vaidehi loves Piyush a lot and is very happy. But, the big twist comes in their marriage. Piyush gets upset when her marriage could not complete by Roshni, and her parents’ entry. Piyush has broken Vaidehi’s heart and taken the wedding rounds with Roshni, by lifting her in arms. Vaidehi can’t believe that Piyush has left her. She has lost everything today. She curses Piyush for making fun of her love.


Meghna tries to talk to Sharda. Naina has tension and runs to solve the problem. Sharda and Meghna try to talk to Mrs. Chauhan. Kunal’s dad Mr. Chauhan has claimed that he will stop Meghna and Kunal’s marriage. It has to be seen how Meghna manages everything. Sharda’s daughters Meghna and Naina get married in Chauhan family.

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  1. Why why why why is piyush marrying roshni after he loves vaidehi so much ugh horrible person to write the script they can never show someone happy

  2. Tigress

    OMG! ?I love this track. But they r taking so long to unite Sukor. Waiting eagerly for them to say the three magical words.

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