Ishqbaaz FF by Kuhu – Intro

Hi everyone I’m Kuhu. I’m new to TU. An idea just popped up in my mind regarding my 2 favorite shows, one &TV’s Begusarai & the other Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz. So I’m just gonna combine the two shows & write a new story. So let’s start… ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Anika’s real name is Anika Singh Thakur. She hails from a very powerful & reputed family of Thakurs from Bhadori (a small town near Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh). Though hailing from a small town Thakurs r one of the most richest family of India equal to the Oberois. They have various business all over India & some in London, New York City & Singapore. Apart from being the respectful people all over the country they r most frightening family to the residents of the town, they r considered to be the rulers of Bhadori & just like the people of a kingdom respect their king, the people of the town respect them & also r afraid of them coz they r good to good & very bad for bad. They have their own armoured army who r responsible for their security.

Anika’s parents r dead and she was raised by his elder brother Vikram Singh Thakur and his wife Sudha. Anika was the first ever daughter of the Thakurs so was the apple of everyone’s eyes but sometimes this love irritates her. She was grown up with Vikram & Sudha’s 4 children. When she was 14, Sudha died leaving her 4 children to be her responsibility. When she was 22 she left her home without telling anyone where she was going, to make her own identity without any influence of her family, so she came to Mumbai & stayed with Sahil’s parents as a paying guest & within no time they bonded very well. Sahil was born after 1 year of her stay & when he was 2 yrs old his parents died leaving Sahil with Anika. Since then they both r each others family. Anika has always kept track of the ongoing lives of her nephews and niece. Vikram is dead (coz of cardiac arrest) & the business is seen by his 2 elder sons.

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