Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying I have freed Vividha from all the relations, she is just Vividha. Suman cries seeing Ravish. Ravish says Atharv’s Vividha. Atharv looks at Ravish. Atharv, Sujata and Vividha come Ajmer. Atharv meets Abdul uncle and everyone. He goes to his cows. Dadi gets annoyed that Atharv did not remember her. Atharv holds her hair plaits and flirts with her. Dadi gets glad and cries happily. Atharv says I would have come here even after death, for your love. Uma says don’t say this even in joke, we know the fear to lose you, Lord bless you and give you long life. Atharv hugs Uma and says nothing changed, everything is still the same, right Vividha, nothing changed. Vividha says yes, nothing changed. She cries. Suman fixes Ramakant’s pic and sees it.

Kalindi comes to her. Suman asks what’s the matter, tell me. Uma asks Sujata why don’t they stay with them. Atharv says no, this is my Sasural, that’s my Maayka, I will stay there, I will come to meet Vividha in this balcony. Dadi asks and me? He says I will meet you before Vividha. They smile. Atharv asks Sujata to come.

Kalindi says you have fixed all pics, what to do of this one, when you decide, fix it anywhere, maybe you won’t fix this. She goes. Suman recalls Ravish wiping Vividha’s sindoor and cries. Atharv and everyone go upstairs to his room. He looks around his room and relaxes. He asks Sujata what will she cook today. Dadi says we have made your fav things and served on dining table, come. Atharv asks Vividha to call Guddi, its been long time I spoke to her. They all see each other.

Vividha says Atharv, you come home… He asks is Guddi at home, why did you all not say before. He goes calling out Guddi. Uma asks why did you send him home, he will know truth. Vividha says he will find out truth some day, he won’t be much hurt if he knows truth by us. He looks for Guddi. Everyone come after him. Vividha stops Atharv.

He asks what happened, where is Guddi. She takes him to Guddi’s room and shows him Guddi’s pic with garland. Atharv gets shocked. He recalls Guddi and cries. He asks what’s this, why this garland on Guddi’s pic. Vividha asks everyone to go, I will talk to Atharv. She shuts the door. She cries and hugs Atharv. She says Guddi has left us. He asks what are you saying, are you mad, remove this garland. He removes the garland and says what are you saying, she is a young girl, where is Guddi. He touches Guddi’s pic and asks what are you saying, this can’t happen. Vividha says much happened in these three months, Guddi came to meet me there. She tells how Guddi got killed. She says I could not do anything. He asks did Chintu do this.

She says no, he was in jail, we got to know real killer later. He says I was there and could not do anything. She says you were very far, but you helped us in catching the real killer and knowing truth. She tells him. He says Avinash did this. She says because Guddi knew his truth, Guddi has gone. They cry.

Its night, Atharv sits in stable. Vividha comes. He asks won’t you say anything. She asks what to do. He says strange, you are saying this, you don’t look you when you don’t get silent. She says yes, its strange, I m not able to identify myself. He asks do you regret to come here. She cries and asks what are you saying. He says you have faced a lot, maybe that place has caught you, after you left that place. She says you mean I left Delhi, but did the place leave me or not. He says no, come. He makes her sit.

Atharv says I m just saying, you have made many compromises and have bear much sorrow, I was not in my senses, but you have always bear pain, in strange place, between strangers, it can be deadly to stay there, I understand, I just want to know do you have any regrets. She says don’t ask this question again, you don’t know my pain, when I came in that house, I went as a dead body alive, when I got you, I got a life inside me, I always prayed for your recovery in my every breath, when you got fine, I could not believe, I was afraid that this dream will break and you will get away from me. He says this will never happen Vividha, there is difference between dreams and reality, we are together now, no one can separate us, I promise you. He hugs her.

Atharv and Sujata unpack the things. Sujata says when we pray for something and when we get it, it takes much time to believe it, Lord has given you back, these three months were tough for me, I faced many problems, but fear of losing my son was worse. He hugs her and says you have cried a lot, not anymore, smile a bit. He tickles her and makes her smile.

He keeps the bag and sees something. Sujata asks what happened. Atharv says when I was sick, did we come here. Sujata says yes, just for one day. He asks was there anyone else with us. She says no, why are you asking. He says don’t know why I felt there was someone else here, don’t worry, this thoughts fight will go on in my mind, I m going to stable to spend time with cows. He goes out. Kailash looks at him. Atharv goes to sleep.

Vividha takes sindoor to apply and stops. Atharv gets shocked seeing this. Vviidha talks to Suman and apologizes. She says I pray for Ravish’s happiness. Atharv hears this and gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think vitharv’s engagement???

    1. Hope so dear.Iam also waiting for the particular day.l wish let it happen soon

  2. siaaa dii oh..u r frm u.s.ohh..and tnqs 4 join mee also

  3. happy republic day too guys

  4. may be its vitharva’s engagement pic.but how?precap clearly shows that both of them are in dilama

    1. I also think same.i also wish it should be vitharvs engagement. But divorce is not happend yet. Hope after divorce ,engagement with happen as vitharv is very sure about their love relation.so let us hope for good

  5. Hai…[email protected],Nazneen syed,sunanda,joe,Nikh,xyz,karan,Anam,Aailya,Tuffy and all jndsd fans…..
    A very Good Morning.
    Have a nice Day………….

    @143k..welcome to vitharv fans…

    1. gud mngg..
      happy republic day…

      1. @Nikh,Good afternoon dear

    2. Hi 143 gud noon

    3. Hii gd aftrn..

  6. gud mngg everyone…
    happy republic day…
    have a nice day…

    1. @Nikh ,good afternoon dear

  7. @143 hii

    1. Hi..very good noonnn

  8. @143 Good afternoon dear

    1. Hai…good noon

  9. @xyz chechi ,nidha,mubi,143 and all the malayalees.

    Malayalam serials kannarundo.
    I only watch manjurukum kalam and you all.

    1. @Aailya illa mole .njn mlylm serials kanarilla. Enikku athokke knmbl vattu pidikkm. Pinne llm hindyle copy m lle. Njn Ippo jndsd matre kanarullu. Munp ssel m sathiyaymkke knrdyrnnu. But athellam Ippo too boring.

      1. Enikum agane thane chechi pakshe manjurukum kalam serial kannum.Karanam enik Bayagara istham ulla novel ayirunu.Athkondu kannum.
        Pinne njanum athiyam ssel,sathiyum,mohebbetain and yeh rishtha one kannum ayirunu.Pakshe ippum serials oke utter waste ayi.

        Njan yeah rishta athiyam akshara and naitik in vedi mathram serial kannum.Enik avurde chemistry bayagare istham annu pakshe avar serial quit cheiythu,athkondu njan kannan nirthi.

        Ippol jndsd,pinne kasam kannum.Pakshe kasam inde regular viewer alla.Nalla episode mathram kannum.

      2. Njan malayalthil manjurukum kalam mathram kannum.Amma kanumbol irunu kannum.Baki serial ede karyam parayan vaya .

        Starplus I’ll mohabbetain istham ayirunu.Pakshe athu ippum bore ayi athkondu quit cheiythu.

        Now i only see jndsd

    2. Hai…good noon………have gr8t lunch 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Hi and Happy Republic Day ? to
    Suman di,Joe di,143,Karan bhayya,Nikhat,Nidha,xyz,Aailya,Anam,
    Nikh,NaveenS,Sunanda,Havilah and all jndsd viewers.Sorry if I have missed someone’s name.

    Yesterday you said that Vividha was wearing orange saree and Ravish was wearing uniform. You said that it may be flash back how can it flash back because Ravish was not at wearing uniform from past 3 months.He was wearing only formals . So I think that it is not flash back ?

    1. Hey [email protected]
      is it orange saree???
      i feel its same red sareeee and..i think before vividha(shivani) changed to chudidar..maybe ravish first changed into army uniform and they took that pic..in which red saree and ravish uniform with a crew member……….on same day shoot..but difference in dress…and

      if it is orange saree u said….its the pic.. from…when ravish and vividha went to tailor to get info about Black coat..guddi’s mudder incident time….

      if not lets wait……..y toooooooo worry abt itttttttttttttt

    2. @Nazneen,same to you dear.

    3. At the tym of terrorist attack.ravish wore the uniform knw? Am not sure

    4. U see the latest intrvw of vitharv.. intat vivi is in ni8 suit nd in sindoor,nd athrv in blue shirt…lyk before hope it is an old one

  11. God or makers plssssssss unite vividha atharva u are so much creative or u r the best and I am saying this from my heart u made or created personality like vividha atharva and everyone is liking them plssssssss unite them plssssss unite them this is the first time i am commmeting for any serial for uniting someone and else ever never i have liked any personaity in any serial plssssssplssssss unite them plssssssss only
    vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva

  12. And guys I think the pics you areseeeing of decoration in both houses is for engagement of vividha atharva maybe they have saved ravish and ravish requested atharva ki vo unki engagement karwaye air vividha use thanks bol eahi guys don’t ever never think negative plsssssss I request you be positive n don’t lose hope plsssss only
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva

  13. Dear malayalees over here.

    Njan oru vallyea tharv fan annu to pakshe ravidha annu onnikanth.Karanam vividha ude marriage ravish ayi kayizhu.Athukondu ath alla Sheri.Ippum real life I’ll egane naduko.Namma malayalees namude culture nokanda.Nigal vitharv Pinne support cheiythupam sagadam ayi.Ningal Vividha Pinne nigalude sthanath nokial ningal nigalude lover inte aduth povo.Commense alla ath.Please ningal logic ayit think cheiythu noku and support ravidha please.

    1. No,agne alla…this is a forced mrrg…
      oru girl nu true lover undngil…avl avnallathe mattareyum snehikan patillya.evn if the hus is good.,she can’t gave her soul to him….this is the case of vividha…and in real life too,

    2. If you want to support Ravidha you can support.Don’t unnecessary force us for doing so.
      We are vitharv fans and we will only support for vitharv only.

      So please don’t waste time by advising us.

    3. @ANJU firstly evideya keralathil place?enthu cheyyunnu?.
      Eni karyathilkku varam.entha than paranjathu than vitharv fan anenno?
      I don’t belive it.anginyrengil than Ippo ingane orikkalum cmmnt chyllarnu. Feel so bad.
      Than parayunnathu vividha avalkku jeevitham enthennu padippichukodutha , Ella prblmthlm kude ninna ,avalkay matrm life uzhinju vacha ,vividhayenna pennine sherikkm vividayakki mattiya ,a pavam payyn atharvne nishkruramay upekshichu ravishnte kude ponamennano?kollam itha no nmml mlylklde culture?
      Enikku arym kerala culture anusarich kalynm anu ellm.but ithanivude difference.ella serlslm enginanu kankkuthm. Njnm kalynathinu sheshm boyfrnd no ppm pokunnathu support chynna alu alla.but vitharvnte casel ithu totally oppst anu.vitharv love verum oru pynkili pranayamalla like others.
      E Serial promo kandppozhe enkthu mansly. So njn kand thudngyppo manasilayi ithu nmml kandu madutha lvstry all ennu. Evide both love &empowerment anu.

      Main thing , anju ,atharvne pole oru lovere evidenglm kandittundo? He s not like other useless lovers.he is unique. Athu polerola evde kittum?
      Vivi ravishne marry chythathu nly for saving Atharv’s life.appol engine avlkrkklm manasukond angikarkkan kazhyatha orale snehikkn kazhym.kerala culture avde nilkkatte.nmmde culture ne badikknna onnm ekarythil illa.vitharv love is true &sacred so they can never forget each other like other fake lovers.so nly and nly atharv deserves vividha. Nt ravish.ravishnu thante 3 months 1 sided lv marakkan seconds mathi.but atharvnu athu pattilla.than 1 epsd muthal kandttudngl athu manslakmallo.
      So than oral matrm anu malyli ayttum engne respond cheythathu. Nalla vishamamay njanglkku. So in yum than ra vidha support chynngl no prblm. But njan glodu anukarikkan parayrth. Request. Bcz
      Njanglkku nglude atharvne marannu kndu recent ayi vanna ravishne accept chyyn pttlla.
      We love vitharv, the sacred love.
      Serikkm sangadamayi Ketto. U r the odd one out of us malayalees.

      1. Well said @xyz chechi and mubi

  14. All vitharav fans now please support our atharav love and always be vitharav no one come to vitharav

  15. i am watching from yesterday.. y u guys.. about divorce…i just getting angry..when ever u guys mentionig….divorce..divorce.. y this Hake..
    before ra……vidha break up… u guys are bother with. Ms and sindoor… now when ravish himself removed it.. then u guys..are thinking..that its wrong way done..like which it was done for women like widow does….after Husband death… i can’t belive that how u guys thing like dis????????
    here problem for vitharv re-unite is marriage.. for all old people and who fell ms,bangles and sindoor are weared for a man is marriage…so that is way.. ravish did it..to shut all the question raise from elders who over there to unite Vitharv….

    But i am afraid …u guys still thing abt divorce…….when guys have many ideas about love,forced marraiage, solumate..culture…so called society..and last but not least….True love………………i was shocked and getting angry on u people…talking divorce is still left for Vitharv unite and its the better wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????

    Ok!!!!!! if it is the thing..if ravish didn’t removed that ms,bangle and sindoor. will suman and sujath..Uma..and all the elders over ther….will allow Vitharv re-union.

    coming to that divorce…. if u guys respect….solmate..marriage…and not forced marriage… then its done. by breaking marriage. in its way.. den No need for any leagal formalities……………Vitharv are solumate married. and ra……vidha are married by ritual..that is wat ended in d same way…and doesn’t exists any more…..so plz not anymore..

    Its a request and warning too for all don’t use divorce in any comment….

    1. Dear 143 , I’m sorry if I was one of those who commented on the divorce matter a d made you angy, but just so you know I made that comment because the writers did this the way they did it on purpose so that there is left a possibility for them to create another problem for Vitharv if/when they need to.

      1. Sorry for the mistakes

  16. Calm down 143.
    Guys why this precap is misleading us??Lets see what happens?I too think that Vividha is feeling guilty that’s it.?
    Because Ravish is a good man & he has helped a lot so may be it’s guilt nothing else.Loved yesterday’s episode ? saw Vitharv together after a long time.

  17. Hey Hi 143…..what happened to u ? Pls read Suman’s comment above where there is a link to the shows writer’s comment on the matter. Do read it

  18. hai vitharvians please tell me atharav and vividah unite or not if CVS trying to unite ravidha that’s why director want to show atharav negative side character if this is happen I will quit this show

  19. The only thing is…………i am happy with…on going…track..
    don’t think about upcoming tracks..and spoil mood.. just go with present..By just stop think or worring for….upcoming epi’s and
    directors/writers mind won’t change…
    They will do what they want.. to do..
    so enjoy today. leave tomorrow on it
    hope for further..

    And abt that twitter conversation from SUNJIV PURI sir.. they will never revel anything…they every time ask to wait and watch and hope for best tilllllllllllllllll the show ends…….

  20. @xyz,aliya chechi,mubichechi and all malayalees please grant my wish.aliya cheichum,xyz chechi namude fast same annalo.Njanum manjurukum kalam kannum

  21. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  22. Jessica Agarwal

    I think that ravish should be with vividha. Vividha should be falling in love with ravish ravish and not atharva .

    Atharva should accept the fact that vividha and ravish are married to each other and he should unit ravidha. And make a new story between radish and vividha.

    1. Utter nonsense.
      We want the story of vitharv only.atharv will never accept the deal f vividha and ravish.bcz bw thm only deal nt any relationship. So ravish will identify the fact vitharv love he will unite vitharv forever.
      So drctre restart the love journey of vitharv soon.we are dying to see that

  23. I saw a pic ravish in uniform and vivida with mgs and sindoor heard its a upcoming epi..pls not again im going to quit this show if its true..?? any idea about that?

  24. Hello my malayali friends nammal vikramadithyan cinema kanditille athil namitha unniye kalyanam kazhichilla but still athilum last unni dulquer nodu parayunundu namithayude manasu ninte oppamanennu athu polaya ithilum atharv vividayude cute noty lover and ravish gentleman friend pinne nammal mallus confusion adikanda karyamilla real love jaikum atharv and vivi avarude love ella bhudimuttukalum marikadanum jayikum… Empowerment through love

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