Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying I have freed Vividha from all the relations, she is just Vividha. Suman cries seeing Ravish. Ravish says Atharv’s Vividha. Atharv looks at Ravish. Atharv, Sujata and Vividha come Ajmer. Atharv meets Abdul uncle and everyone. He goes to his cows. Dadi gets annoyed that Atharv did not remember her. Atharv holds her hair plaits and flirts with her. Dadi gets glad and cries happily. Atharv says I would have come here even after death, for your love. Uma says don’t say this even in joke, we know the fear to lose you, Lord bless you and give you long life. Atharv hugs Uma and says nothing changed, everything is still the same, right Vividha, nothing changed. Vividha says yes, nothing changed. She cries. Suman fixes Ramakant’s pic and sees it.

Kalindi comes to her. Suman asks what’s the matter, tell me. Uma asks Sujata why don’t they stay with them. Atharv says no, this is my Sasural, that’s my Maayka, I will stay there, I will come to meet Vividha in this balcony. Dadi asks and me? He says I will meet you before Vividha. They smile. Atharv asks Sujata to come.

Kalindi says you have fixed all pics, what to do of this one, when you decide, fix it anywhere, maybe you won’t fix this. She goes. Suman recalls Ravish wiping Vividha’s sindoor and cries. Atharv and everyone go upstairs to his room. He looks around his room and relaxes. He asks Sujata what will she cook today. Dadi says we have made your fav things and served on dining table, come. Atharv asks Vividha to call Guddi, its been long time I spoke to her. They all see each other.

Vividha says Atharv, you come home… He asks is Guddi at home, why did you all not say before. He goes calling out Guddi. Uma asks why did you send him home, he will know truth. Vividha says he will find out truth some day, he won’t be much hurt if he knows truth by us. He looks for Guddi. Everyone come after him. Vividha stops Atharv.

He asks what happened, where is Guddi. She takes him to Guddi’s room and shows him Guddi’s pic with garland. Atharv gets shocked. He recalls Guddi and cries. He asks what’s this, why this garland on Guddi’s pic. Vividha asks everyone to go, I will talk to Atharv. She shuts the door. She cries and hugs Atharv. She says Guddi has left us. He asks what are you saying, are you mad, remove this garland. He removes the garland and says what are you saying, she is a young girl, where is Guddi. He touches Guddi’s pic and asks what are you saying, this can’t happen. Vividha says much happened in these three months, Guddi came to meet me there. She tells how Guddi got killed. She says I could not do anything. He asks did Chintu do this.

She says no, he was in jail, we got to know real killer later. He says I was there and could not do anything. She says you were very far, but you helped us in catching the real killer and knowing truth. She tells him. He says Avinash did this. She says because Guddi knew his truth, Guddi has gone. They cry.

Its night, Atharv sits in stable. Vividha comes. He asks won’t you say anything. She asks what to do. He says strange, you are saying this, you don’t look you when you don’t get silent. She says yes, its strange, I m not able to identify myself. He asks do you regret to come here. She cries and asks what are you saying. He says you have faced a lot, maybe that place has caught you, after you left that place. She says you mean I left Delhi, but did the place leave me or not. He says no, come. He makes her sit.

Atharv says I m just saying, you have made many compromises and have bear much sorrow, I was not in my senses, but you have always bear pain, in strange place, between strangers, it can be deadly to stay there, I understand, I just want to know do you have any regrets. She says don’t ask this question again, you don’t know my pain, when I came in that house, I went as a dead body alive, when I got you, I got a life inside me, I always prayed for your recovery in my every breath, when you got fine, I could not believe, I was afraid that this dream will break and you will get away from me. He says this will never happen Vividha, there is difference between dreams and reality, we are together now, no one can separate us, I promise you. He hugs her.

Atharv and Sujata unpack the things. Sujata says when we pray for something and when we get it, it takes much time to believe it, Lord has given you back, these three months were tough for me, I faced many problems, but fear of losing my son was worse. He hugs her and says you have cried a lot, not anymore, smile a bit. He tickles her and makes her smile.

He keeps the bag and sees something. Sujata asks what happened. Atharv says when I was sick, did we come here. Sujata says yes, just for one day. He asks was there anyone else with us. She says no, why are you asking. He says don’t know why I felt there was someone else here, don’t worry, this thoughts fight will go on in my mind, I m going to stable to spend time with cows. He goes out. Kailash looks at him. Atharv goes to sleep.

Vividha takes sindoor to apply and stops. Atharv gets shocked seeing this. Vviidha talks to Suman and apologizes. She says I pray for Ravish’s happiness. Atharv hears this and gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I am so sorry once again for the post written yesterday. I have given the reason on yesterday comment section

    1. @sparkle it’s k dear as u didn’t any mistake so no prblm .I m also sorry I bcm very angry to u due to ur friend. Sorry once again

    2. @sparkle. First of all iam very sorry for my comment.I got very angry by ur friend’s comment.That is why I replied badly.Sorry for that dear.

      You don’t need to feel bad for your friend’s mistake.Forgot that and be happy.See u again in comment section.

  2. Just………waited for today’s episode….that is y no comments in yesterday…page..
    all are blaming vividha and someone has fear..so just read but no comments….
    Finally clear episode……………any one still????

  3. Farin

    I knew this vividha loves Ravish

  4. Kya horha hai… Koi batayiye Atharv our Vividha ki shadi hoga ki nhi

  5. Guddi ?.

  6. Ok I am leaving this serial bye all don’t hope for vitharv it’s ravidha all vitharv fans including me CVS are just wasting our time they are just fooling us rip jndd

  7. Nice but confuse

  8. Wt’s the precap its hurts me a lot????
    Nice episode????
    Vitharv hugs r back???????

  9. Dimpurose11234

    After saw this episode. Anyone have any doubt on vividha’s character. She feels guilt becoz she didn’t raise on one mother dreams. She always love only atharv. Plz don’t blame vividha. vivi feels guilt just becoz ravish is good if he’s not good she doesn’t feel like that.

  10. Don’t know what will going to happen day by day they creating more suspense. I have a lots of questions regarding this serial.
    1. Is avinash the real culprit
    2.why vividha cried is she having guilt to leave ravish
    3.why atharv annoyed
    4. Why the showing vividha a characterless
    5. If I am not wrong the serial is based on the love story of vividha and atharav not ravish and vividha and in starting episodes they showed story as shiv and parvati and one of episode vividha also said I want a shiv like life partner. And plz stop making atharva a villain.
    Know the track is going somewhere else. Can anyone tell me what the hell these people what to show as according to nayi soch

    1. Another question kk why hiding, what is his personal gain in this vivdha marrage

  11. wow !!!! only Vitharv

  12. Vitharv hurrah !!!!!

  13. Vitharv looks so cute together

  14. Same precaps .why why why??

    Good episode.
    Vitharv trying to bring peace themselves

  15. Yahooooo!! Happy Fan today.

    Suman, a bit relieved to see Vividha talk and clear the air. There’s still hope that Vitharva will be the end …….guess you were right that it is the guilt of ruining Ravish’s life that’s eating up inside her.

    Hopefully, together Atharva and Vividha will ease the pain for Ravish. Meanwhile Kk is back but now that Atharva has promised Vividha that there wont be separated ….we can be rest assured all will be fine….

    Nice to see them bond again….those moments even when they cry together r precious and yet so special.

    God, pls unite them!!

    1. Karan even I am happy but some where little insecure also. Not because of vividha but bcoz of kk

    2. Suman, this time around Kk won’t win…….Vitharav have borne too much to let any1 separate them.

      CVS trying to keep the tempo upbeat by one day showing Ravish and the next day Atharva, so that respective fans remain glued to the show. However, today Vividha did makes things crystal clear that she is well aware of the difference between love and friendship.

      Hope CVS work on these lines steering the wheel to a final successful Vitharav union.

    3. S Karan. Vitharv need to face many more hurdles for final union. But only wish is I want them to face together.

  16. Atharv remains vividha’s mirror as he promised to be (when she says shecouldn’t identify herself he consoles and makes her understand).Kudos Atharv. Vitharv or Ravidha vividha’s character must not be degraded. Hope for vitharv 🙂

  17. Thank u amena for fast update. Nice epi. Still adharv doubted on vividha’s love.
    Precap is much interesting. Adharv so much annoyed. Why adharv r u feeling jealous.

    1. @sudheer don’t say that atharv is jealous. Only he is annoying by watching vividhas insecurity and sorrow. Now vivi feels guilty towards ravish and she is totally upset. So atharv also annoyed as he can nvr see vividha like these.he always makes vivi happy.and jealous like word is not in Atharv’s dictionary.

    2. Hahaha adharv didn’t jealous k wait & see he jealous r not.
      And one more thing Vividha feels her love towards ravish & his family not guilty. Upcoming epi this is definitely proved wait and see.

    3. @sudheer What haha haha???you felt so comedy?Actually not atharv ,only ravish is extreeme jealous towards vitharv love as it is crystal clear frm his face.ravish is always jealous towards atharv as vividha has no feeling towards him and only sympathy twrds him and also she loves atharv forever.atharv has no need of jealous twrds ravish as vividha is already Atharv’s. Why do atharv bcm jealous for nly vivis guilty feelings towards ravish?????

  18. lovely vitharv

  19. Nice episode. Happy to see atharv s naughty behaviours again. One thing is missing that is vivis happiness. Thanks for your prayer vivitha for captain . Kailash ji come back soon to get punch from atharv. For captain, i miss u today captain . Come back in screen please….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Nice episode..
    May be atharv will help vivida now to become normal…

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