Spoilers 25th April 2019

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika and her aunt work in the exhibition. Vedika had refused to an alliance. Kamini meets Vedika and insults her for refusing to marriage. Kamini praises her brother. She slaps Vedika in anger. Vedika has no believe in marriage now. Kamini tells the women that maybe Kamini has some fault that she has refused for marriage. She tells the women that no bachelor will marry a divorcee. Sahil witnesses the moment and supports Vedika. He tells the women that he will be marrying Vedika, he is a bachelor and he doesn’t find anything wrong to marry a divorcee.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Zaroon refuses to marry Kainat since he is in love with Saltanat. Kainat gets heartbroken and still shows courage to accept the rejection. Kainat blames Saltanat for snatching her love once again. Kainat gets away from the family for a while and sheds tears. Saltanat feels Zaroon has done wrong with Kainat. Zaroon gets a huge shock when Saltanat refuses to marry him. He asks her the reason. Saltanat scolds him for rejecting her sister. Rubina asks her not to forget her limits and have shame.

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