Ladies Special 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Convinces Amar For Surgery

Ladies Special 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraaj’s father addresses media and introduces Viraaj as youngest CEO of his group of companies. Viraaj resigns from CEO designation and disengages himself from all his father’s properties. Father says his son is mad like him. Reporters say they thought Viraaj Parimal’s goal is to become CEO. Viraaj says he has a new goal to meet. Prarthana with his parents watches news. Father fumes now Viraaj is more useless after leaving job, Rachna wants Prarthana to marry insane man like Viraaj. Viraaj walks in. Father shouts to get out. Viraaj says let him speak to Prarthana once. Prarthana as usual arrogantly asks him to get out, but he insists to listen to him once.

Bindu tries to convince Amar to undergo surgery. Amar gets reluctant. Bindu says as a doctor, he should know value of 2% chances. Amar says that is why he does not want to undergo surgery. She tries her best to convince him, but he gets adamant. Bindu informs Mota pappa that Amar does not want to undergo surgery as he had made a deal with god to return Mota pappa’s hand in exchange of his hand. Mota pappa is amazed to hear that. Bindu says she will find with god for Amar. Kangana’s father driving car with her asks if Amar agreed for surgery. She says Bindu will convince Amar as she is very determined. Father asks if she informed about risks. Kangnaa thinks if she had informed, Bindu herself would not have agreed for surgery. Mota pappa gets adamant and insists Amar to agree for surgery. Amar gets reluctant, but agrees on Mota pappa’s emotional atyachar.

Viraaj takes Prarthana to local railway station and sitting on bench says he got a marriage proposal for her. She as usual feels herself great addressing herself as hum and Vikraaj as tum asks if he brought her here for his nonsense talk. He shows his appointment letter with 30000 salary and says he left his father’s company and has to work somewhere else now. She says he is mad, he asked her not to leave job and himself left his father. He says he took his father’s permission already. He orders samosa and offers her, himself tries to prove nothing wrong in it and huffs due to spices. Prarthana offers him water, scolding him.

Bindu after a heated argument with Mandar to prove herself right and him wrong walks to Jyoti and asks why did she remove Manish from Sachin and Swapna’s school and got him admitted in different school, she knows she is having financial crisis with a less salaried new job, so she should return back to her company. Jyoti says she does not need her favor, when she cannot respect her husband, how will she respect her friend.

Precap: Rachna offers sweets to Viraaj, and her husband stops her. Amar tells Kangana’s father that he agreed for surgery for Bindu’s sake. Jyoti rejects Meghna’s offers and says she does not need her favor. Meghna taunts Jyoti and Mandar that soon they will realize value of money.

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  1. I like viraaj praposal! It’s kind where viraj’s expression regard to samosa’s eating!

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