Patiala Babes 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Insecurity Towards Minnie

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Patiala Babes 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mickey takes Minnie to ice cream parlor and asks her to have ice cream and cool down. Minnie fumes that she would have killed Manmeet for alleging his father as drug dealer. Mickey says she hates her father and removed his surname on one side and she gets angry when someone badmouths about her father. Minnie says she will not forgive her father what she did with Babes. Mickey continues his commentary and calms her down. Babita walks in fuming. Minnie introduces her to Mickey. Babita drags her home warning not to roam after college. Nayeem bi tries to interfere, but Babita drags her up and scolds why did she fight in college and why she is roaming with Mickey. Minnie says she does not know what Manmeet did, even she would have trashed him if she was in her place. Babita says good Preet called and explained whole situation and how characterless Mickey is. Minnie shouts Preet herself roams with Kittu whole day and she is character assassinating Mickey. Babita says Preet is engaged to Kittu and can do anything, but Minnie cannot meet Mickey. Minnie shouts Mickey was her only friend and now she cannot meet even him now. Nayeem bi asks Babita to explain Minnie calmly. Babita walks into room yelling. Nayeem bi tries to calm down Minnie, but she continues. Nayeem bi walks behind Babita. Babita cries that earlier everyone used to get afraid seeing Ashok backing, now everyone will openly criticize; if Rano finds out about Minnie and Mickey’s friendship, she will create a big issue out of it.

Hanuman returns home and asks Babita about Minnie. Babita says she is not talking again. Hanuman asks what happened now. She explains situation and asks if she is right. Hanuman says he did not want to interfere between mother and daughter after Babita alleged her as child grabber last time, but seeing the situation, he wants to say that they both live together as buddies and whenever Babita faces a tough situation, Minnie encourages her to fight the situation and go ahead, even Babita should also encourage Minnie to go ahead and fight the situation, then she will see how good Minnie with succeed.

Ashok returns home after getting bail, and Biji does his aarti. Dadaji scolds him. Ashok blames Hanuman for alleging him wrongly. Mita says his blind trust towards business partner Mr. Wadia should be blamed, he should not have agreed without proper ID verification. Ashok shouts she always finds fault in him. She says she is telling truth. Ashok continues shouting. Dadaji says he behaves immaturely always and when will he grow up. Lovely interferes and taunts Mita t hat she did not trust Ashok and sought help from her parents, so Babita had to help them monetarily. Ashok continues yelling at Mita again.

Minnie returns home after meeting Nayeem bi. Hanuman busy preparing food seeing her and asks to taste her daal. Minnie says she is not interested. He offers her daal and asks to taste it at least. She tastes and says not bad. Hanuman asks if she needs money to say good, very good. Minnie says she is giving frank opinion. Hanuman adds ghee in daal and asks to taste now. Minnie tastes and says good. He gives daal bowl for Babita and asks Minnie to let her mother taste and rate it. Minnie says she has some work.
Hanuman insists and sends her with daal. Babita smiles looking at her and Minnie’s photo. Minnie walks in and says Hanuman uncle sent her daal to taste and rate it. Babita asks where she had gone. Minnie says she did not meet any boy and was in Nayeem bi’s house. Babita asks why is she speaking rudely. Minnie says then how should she speak.

Precap: Babita tells Nayeem bi that she needs loan badly. Nayeem bi says she got a big police department contract and should not hesitate to take loan from others. Khatri hears that and says he will invest.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Here goes Baita again, ‘i need money, i need money’. But when i have money i will give it away for my ungrateful in-laws because i have so much self-respect, i will make my life harder for myself and then cry about financial problems. every single time.
    Biji doing Ashok’s aarti as if he has returned triumphing some trial is too much
    Hanuman said absolutely right. Minnie suppports and encourages Babita at every step. In many ways, Minnie is forced to play the role of Babita’s mother because Babita is naive and gullible. So when Minnie is facing some trouble, the least Babita can do is listen to her gold of a daughter and support her. What would have been Babita’s condition if Minnie had said after Ashok’s truth came out – ‘keep quiet and stay in one corner of this house. If you step outside then log kya kahenge?’ or ‘You will go and work in factory with males? are you out of your mind? log kya kahenge?’ or ‘Preet’s mother is right, you must be at fault. Why dont you stop looking for job so that society accepts us?’ No, at every point Minnie encourages Babita to become independent. But here is Babita, ready to shout at Minnie because Preet called and said something. She did not even listen to what the matter was. The only two times Minnie beat someone up was 1. when Khatri tried to molest Babita and 2. when the boys were misbehaving with Minnie in ice cream parlour. But this time Babita did not even think if someone was troubling Minnie. Minnie deserves a better mother, a better friend and a better father in her life… I am so waiting for the time when Preet’s rosy picture of a happy life with her fiancee breaks and she has to come running to Minnie for help.

  2. what a ungrateful ignorant, Ashok is , wont take responsibility for hi s actions but its everyone else fault but his. is Mita blind to see reality of Ashok, both are in denial, she for seeing his true colors but wont accept and he not accepting all this is of his doing. Biji no words fro her and Dadaji turning on Ashok but he wanted him bailed that’s why he approached the commissioner . shame none of them had any time for Babita, but they can run round for Ashok the great son. the sooner Preet’s friend and kahatris reality comes out the better their wife’s eyes will be open who put the husband on a pedestal just because man is the earner .

  3. hope Babita uses her brain and not to invite khatri in all this as investor, if she is not careful he will misbehave with her again. I am sure she can get loan from a bank . she really needs to start thinking logically. the nanny job she had i must say hats off to the lady as soon as Babita told her about her husband she did not blame her but said she knows her husband habit , not if this was khatri and that other lady they would have blamed Babita as their husbands are white as milk. Blind fools.

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