Spoilers 22nd May 2019

Udaan: Chakor’s big enemy Ranvijay is back to ruin her life once again. He learns that Suraj is no more and even Raghav is dead. He wonders who will save Chakor from him now. He tells Chakor that he has kept his promise and came back. He tells her that he will ruin Sameer and Anjor’s marriage functions. She challenges him to do anything, but she won’t let him succeed. He creates troubles for Chakor and Anjor. Chakor organizes Sameer and Anjor’s haldi function. Ranvijay troubles Anjor by telling a ritual where Sameer’s blood will be added to the haldi.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani losing her sight comes as a shocker for Malhar. Malhar asks her to see that he is standing in front of her and sprinkles water on her eyes. Kalyani tells him that she can’t see. Malhar is shocked. Atul and Anupriya are also shocked. Anupriya tries to check her eyes, but in vain. Malhar cries feeling bad for her situation and determines to get her treated by a good doctor. Atul blames Malhar and thinks Atharv will not marry Kalyani. Atharv tells him that he will marry Kalyani in any circumstances.

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