Patiala Babes 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman and Minnie team up

Patiala Babes 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells Lala that Babita reminds him of Imarti. Lala tells him that he feels he has started liking Babita. He should say I love you to her. Hanuman says he had promised Imarti that he will only love her, no one else. Lala says but she has gone now. Hanuman says she’s in his heart, will always be there. He sees her when he closes his eyes. He closes his eyes and sees Babita. He opens eyes and Babita and Minnie return home. He quickly hides alcohol bottle. Minnie tells Babita that everyone was praising her food and Preet was so happy finally. They get shocked seeing Hanuman and Lala drinking. Minnie asks they were drinking? Hanuman says just a little. Babita says there is no need to talk to them right now, they are not in sense. She takes her and they go to their room. Hanuman tells Lala that Babita got upset.

It’s morning. Hanuman sees Babita and remembers last night’s incident. He comes to her. She ignores him. He says he’s into his senses now and came to say sorry to her for last night. She says it’s his house, who she is to say anything. He says he knows she’s upset and this won’t happen again.

Ashok comes to kitchen and asks Meeta if he can get coffee. She ignores him. He asks what happened. She asks is he embarrassed of her? He has issue taking her out in Patiala. He says ther is nothing like that. She says she noticed how he didn’t say anything when his family said they can’t take her to the engagement. That was good excuse. He says that was the fact. Patiala city is very small and she knows people’s mentality over there. He further says it’s good she didn’t come because even Babita was there. He himself was so uncomfortable seeing her. She asks until how long he will feel uncomfortable. He just said Patiala is small city, so they will face Babita every now and then. They are doing nothing wrong that people will taunt them. He’s legally single now and they are marrying proper way. He recalls people’s taunt to Babita in engagement to look after her ex-in-laws. He calms himself down and tells Meeta not to think too much, she is pregnant. He can understand her moodswings. After their marriage, everything will be fine. She says it’s not moodswings and she doesn’t know whether his family even wants this marriage. He can tell her if he changed his mind as well. He asks where she will go in this condition. She says if Babita can survive alone, then she can too. He asks what she wants? She wants him to prove his loyalty towards her? He takes her somewhere.

Hanuman is feeling guilty. He asks Lala what Babita must be thinking of him? Lala asks why does it matter if she is upset or doesn’t talk to him? Does that mean what he said last night in drunken state was true? Hanuman asks what he said like that. Lala says that he likes Babita. Hanuman tells him not to tell that to anyone. It’s nothing like that. He feels very guilty and asks Lala what to do. Lala says if he really likes her, then go and propose her. Hanuman asks is he crazy. She is the Babita. He asks whether he opened his wife’s love letter? Lala says there is suspense in not opening it. Hanuman says that’s a mystery when two people don’t know they love each other until the end. Minnie asks what mystery? Hanuman says he said ministery. He asks how come she’s so early to go to college. She says she’s going to Khatri and asks him to accompany her.

They come to Khatri. Minnie asks why he took money from Preet’s family. He says he didn’t take, they gave. He thought it will be helpful to Babita. Hanuman says since when he started worrying about Babita and Minnie. He says they are neighbors, they do business together. Minnie says he doesn’t need to worry about Babita. Her and Hanuman are there. Khatri makes excuses and only returns half of the money. Hanuman threatens him and he returns all money now. Khatri says to himself that he won’t forget this. He knows how to get his money very well.

Minnie and Hanuman come outside. Minnie says she said not to take Khatri’s help, but Babita still did. Hanuman says one thing is clear about Babita. No matter how confident she gets, how much problems she face, she will always remain too innocent. Minnie says exactly. She told her so many times, but she always gets fooled. Other side, Babita is doing accounting. She tells Nayeem Bi that this time she won’t trust anyone blindly. Nayeem Bi asks does she even know accounting? Babita says she has learned it. She cross checks expenses and expenses that she did doesn’t match with the ones written in book. She says it’s Khatri behind this. Nayeem Bi asks what she will do now? Babita says she knew Khatri would do something like this, so she was prepared. She is not going to get fooled again and again. Other side, Hanuman and Minnie team up to protect Babita from people like Khatri without telling her so her confidence doesn’t go down. She asks if he has any plan. He smiles.

Precap: Meeta’s parents come to meet Babita.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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