Nimki Mukhiya 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Tune tells Elena is kidnapped

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says I wont leave this Dablo. Annaro says come in first. Babbu says you thought I would be in jail? You went against me, that tune went against Nimki.
Tune comes to village. Everyone beats him. He runs from people. Nimki and everyone recall how Tettar tried buying him. He runs from people. Tune says listen please stop.. Abhi goes and hits him more. Mauha says hit him. Tune says hit me but save Elena first. Abhi says what where is elena? he says Babbu kidnapped her. That’s why I gave that statement. Ramla says he is lying to save himself. Tune says no I am not lying. Sweeti says he is right. Babbu was planning something. Tune says please save elena. Abhi says I will kill him if he harms elena.

Nimki calls on Babu’s number. Babbu says wanna apologize? Nimki says where is elena? Babu says that BDO’s daughter? Annaro says you lost your mind. Nimki says I will kill you. Babbu says do what you want you can go to the police too. Abhi calls Mausi. She says elena is home now. She needs you. Moray is hurt too. Abhi says I am coming.

Babu and Ritu laugh. Ritu says well played. Tettar says that was a sixer. Annaro calls her relatives and tells them Babbu is home. Tettar grasps Dablo. Annaro says to rekha call your parents. Rekha says I told them already that Babbu was always right. Annaro says he took revenge of his father’s insult. Babbu says first give halwa to Dablo. I will make him eat.

Scene 2
Abi hugs elena. She cries and says they hit me in head. Moraylal says it was diamond. I recognized him from voice. They grabbed Elena and hit me on head. Sweeti says now I know he wasn’t home. He says when I woke up we were in a shed roped. Tune says they called me and asked me to say all that. I always wanted justice for Nimki but Elena’s cries. He came outside court. Tune’s man showed him video of elena. Elena said Tune don’t listen to him save elena. The man said I will kill Elena if you give a statement. tUne says forgive me. Abhi hugs Tune and says we are sorry. I hit you. Tune says because of me Nimki lost the case. Nimki says its not your mistake. Abhi says we should inform the police. Nimki says we won’t ever get justice. Sweeti says you will get justice Nimki.

Precap-Someone comes to haveli and starts shooting.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Devinder Singh uk

    Wow after 200*episodes she realisezes
    She wont get justice. That was obvious long time ago. Tettri. Tettar babu diamond jhariya shoot them that will be justice not glorfing rape

  2. Jamashed Khan

    Ghatiya script When audience thinks it will a win for Nimki and team they shows disaster from them I stopped watching it from yesterday

    1. This is totally sheeety show. The writer was done through his ass. Waste of time

    2. Obviously it’s shit as u say writers write through their asses. 🙂 sorry to say. They have shown as usual men ha e the upper hand even when wrong.

    3. Even I also lost interest in this serial.

  3. SsiyAa

    maha bakwaaaaaaaassssssss…. ???????

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