I Desire You Behir SS Part 14(Malhar Kalyani As A Supporting Jodi)

I desire you Part 14

Sumitra raised her voice:Bela!Don’t act smart.I can still harm Mahir.

Suddenly Kalyani and Malhar came in.

They were shocked.

Kalyani:So this was your true colour Sumitra aunty.Because of you Bela had to be away from Mahir.You are so cruel.

Malhar:You sinned by separating eternal lovers like Mahir and Bela.You don’t deserve pardon.

Sumitra:Who needs your pardon.You guys cannot even touch me.

Sumitra left.

Kalyani:She did so much.Still she has no regrets.

Kalyani looked at Bela:Bela,so she was the reason why you hid your love for Mahir?Why did you suppress your pain Bela?You could have at least shared it with me.

Bela hugged Kalyani and cried.

Kalyani looked at Malhar.Her eyes were wet:Thank you Malhar for bringing me here.Otherwise I would not have known how much mental stress my sister was having.

M:Hey Kalyani…don’t be so emotional.I like to see the bubbly chirpy Kalyani.

He patted her.Slowly Kalyani smiled.

Bela thought:Kalyani is lucky to be with her love.I am near my love,still very much far away from him.

Kalyani and Malhar told everything to Anurag,Prerna,Sooraj and Manjari.They were shocked.
Anurag cupped Bela’s face in his hands:Bela,you suppressed your pain and hide it from your parents?

Bela cried:Papa…i did’nt have any other option to protect Mahir.

Prerna:We will not let Sumitra do anything.How did she pretend to be so innocent?

Sooraj burned with anger:I will not leave that witch for hurting my sister.

Bela:I knew that you all will become violent.That’s why I hid the truth from you all.She is a very dangerous woman.

Anurag:Any dangerous woman will be harmless once she gets exposed.Expose her in front of Mahir.

BELA:But how papa?She is very cunning.It’s not easy to trap her.

Malhar:I have an idea.

Kalyani rang up Mahir:Mahir,this is Kalyani.

He was surprised:Kalyani!

KALYANI:I have a surprise for you.You will be very happy.

He felt positive vibration.He thought:Is Kalyani going to bring Bela to me?

KALYANI:You need to come to the place I call you.

MAHIR:Sure,I will come.

Bela met Sumitra.

BELA:Till now you kept threatening me.You told me not to unite with Mahir.But now I have taken a decision.I have decided to go back to Mahir.

Sumitra screamed:Belaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!No…I will not let you do that.

BELA:Who needs your permission?We will unite.You can’t separate us this time.

Sumitra:I will kill your Mahir like I killed his parents.Then how will you guys unite?

Suddenly they heard Mahir’s voice from behind.

“You murdererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

Sumitra was shocked.

MAHIR:You killed my parents?And because of you only Bela refused to marry me?

Sumitra:No Mahir.You are misunderstanding me.

MAHIR:I heard everything.You killed my parents.I can’t forgive you for that.

Mahir ran to her and caught her neck.

Sumitra:Mahir,control yourself.I only brought you up.You should not forget that.

MAHIR:No mercy for you.You don’t deserve that.You killed my parents.I can never forgive you.

Suddenly Sumitra pushed him and took a knife from her hand bag.She pointed the gun at him.

Sumitra:Enough I tolerated you for years.Not anymore.I will kill you right now and put the blame on Bela.Everybody will accuse her of killing her ex-boy friend.They all know how she ditched you on the wedding day.When you started blackmailing her she killed you.That will be story people will narrate.

Sumitra laughed loudly.Mahir and Bela were shocked.Bela started crying:No…

Sumitra was about to shoot Mahir.

Bela closed her eyes in fear and pain.

She heard the sound of firing the bullet.
She screamed opening her eyes:Mahirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. curiosity increasing. Waiting 4 nxt upd8

  2. Saniya fathima

    Very nyc epi.. Happy tat sumitra got exposed bt who was shot? I think malhar would hav shot sumitra for killing innocents… Eagerly waiting 4 d next one

    1. Episode is nice… but I thought that was a dream of bela which is exposed Sumitra infront of mahir, bela will be also afraid to show sumitra ki Asli rup I think only…

  3. Loved the episode , waiting fr the next update

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