Kasauti Pyaar Ki (2~PreNu First Meeting)

‌Prerna woke up the next morning and sat up and checked her phone to see if Anurag messaged, there were no messages from him.

Last seen 11/10/18 at 1:00 AM

“Uffo, kya soch rahi hai Prerna? Kitni stupid hogayi hai tu, vo bhala tujhe kiun message karega? Celebrity kon hai? Tu hai ke vo hai? Or uska last seen to us message ke bohat baad ka time hai jab usne see u later kaha tha,” (oh God what are you thinking Prerna? How stupid have you been, why will he message you? Who’s the celebrity? You or him? And his last seen is of the same time when he said see you later) she said and pouted but then smiled getting an idea of how to irritate him.

P~ “Ting tong Ting tong! Subah hogayi maamu, duffer uth ja yaar ❤????
PS: childhood sweetheart.”


She smiled and took her bathrobe and towels and went to take a bath.

“Aapke pyaar mein hum sawarne lagay, dekh ke aapko hum nikharne lagay, is Kadar aapse humko mohabbat Hui, toot ke baazuon mein simatne lagay”

She sung after she was done with bath and was laying in bathtub to relax herself. She closed her eyes for sometime laying her head back. A scene from the past played in her head.

It was when she was in high school and there was a ramp walk competition in which she was also a participant. Famous singers were also invited there. As Anurag was also coming there as a judge, Prerna had to look the most beautiful girl of all for him so that his eyes stays on her the whole time.

It was sometime ago from the competition, she was done with her dress up, the makeup artists were doing her makeup, she was very nervous as well as excited. After three people, it was her turn. She was wearing a black glittery dress, her straight hair as usual slayed her beauty, she was wearing a beautiful golden necklace and matching golden earrings. She walked over the stage on the path with attitude and innocence both at the same time.

She kept her hand on her hip showing a side pose then she turned to the left flashing a smile and turned to meet Anurag’s eyes waving at him and even passed him a flying kiss, he got somehow attracted to her. She finally showed her back and walked back swaying her hair which followed by the clicking of her high heels. After the ramp walk was finished, Anurag was called upon the stage to announce the winner. “It was a great job by all of you, so the first prize goes to the most beautiful girl who rocked the stage, the woman in black, Prerna Sharma.”

Prerna got overjoyed and ran over to the stage and Anurag forwarded his hand for a handshake but she went for a hug and he too hugged her back as not to embarrass her, she broke the hug as he gave her a certificate and thanked him and got off the stage.

Prerna opened her eyes and smiled. “That was the day I met you for the first time but even before that I was a fan of yours, Anurag.”

She got out of the bathtub and after drying her body, she wore a bathrobe, she went out and dried her hair and got dressed in a white T-shirt, black jacket and black jeans. She picked her phone to check for messages but there was none. She decided to check about his talk shows on internet and got to know that he does a talk show on every weekend, on whole week, he just performs, on the present day, his performance time was from 7:00 am. She took her clutch and went out, took her breakfast plate and sat on the couch in front of the television. She had to go today at 7:30 am, for her it was enough.

She kept switching channel after channel and finally got him.

Pyar mein.. ik dil ki jeet hai,
Ik dil ki haar hai
Har dil hai mohra pyaar mein
Pyaar mein, ik dil maqroor hai,
Ik gham se choor hai
Har dil hai mohra pyaar mein

Ho ho ho, kisi ke liye, rab ki raza
Kisi ke liye, gehari saza
Dono chehre iske judaa
Hai maza pyar mein

“Very soon your opinion about love will change,” she said. She stared athe the clock, it was 7:15 am, now was the time to go as till 7:30 she had to reach there. She went to her cabin and sat inside and again thought of messaging Anurag. She opened her Whatsapp and their chat.

Last seen: just now

“Nice timing,” she said to herself.

P~”ye dosti hum nahin todengay, todengay dum magar tera saath na chhodengay ???”

✓✓ Delivered

A~ “aapki problem Kya hai?”

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “Meri problem Kya hai? Like seriously? Parth main teri childhood sweetheart hoon yaar, aur ye Kya aap aap kar ke baat kar Raha hai nikammay, duffer ?”

P~”what is my problem? Like seriously? I m your childhood sweetheart, and why are you talking like this, useless duffer ?”)

✓✓ Delivered

A~ “jaiye ja kar dhoond lijiye apnay Parth ko kiun ke main Parth nahi Anurag hoon, aai samajh? Anurag Basu, what Parth who Parth I don’t know Parth?”

A~ “go find your Parth because I m not Parth I m Anurag, got it? Anurag Basu, what Parth who Parth I don’t know Parth?”)

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “Suno acha nahi hota kisi ko aisay tarpana ?”

(Can’t translate the song)

✓✓ Delivered

A: !!!!!!

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “humara haal na poochho ke dunia bhool baithay hain ?”

P~ “chalay aao tumhare bin na jeete hain na martay hain ????”

P~ “*sob* *sob* *sob* *sob*”

✓✓ Delivered

A~ “THE END!!!!!”

✓✓ Delivered

P~”The start ?”

✓✓ Delivered

A~ “Hahahahaha! Not funny.”

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “????????”

✓✓ Delivered

A~ “WhatsApp par ye phool bhi hain or inko bhejnay wala aap jaisa blo*dy fool bhi hai, ulllll ?????”

A~”These flowers are also present on the WhatsApp and to send them, there is a blo*dy fool also just like you, ulll ?????”)

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “arey wahhh! Ye hui na baat, bas ab mujhe samajh agaya tu hi Parth hai, tu ne proof kar diya ?????”

P~ “oh wow! That’s the spirit, now I know that you’re Parth only, you have also proved it ?????”)

✓✓ Delivered

Anurag was totally pissed off by her reaction, he was trying to irritate her back but got more irritated instead.

A~ “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”

✓✓ Delivered

P~ “hahahahahahahaha!!!!”

✓✓ Delivered

After that, they both had no time to send messages to each other as Prerna got busy with her patients and Anurag was too pissed off by her.

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