Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 7

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Recap: Kaira are having a phone convo.

Kartik: Tomorrow after college I will come with you to the library. Ab kush?

Naira: Yes. [She yawns].

Kartik: I think you are sleepy. Go and sleep. Good night.

Naira: Good night Kartik.

She dozes of. Kartik smiles to himself.

KArtik to himself: I must inform bhai about coming late tomorrow.

He then remembers the phone number given by Viren. He searches for the paper. Finds it and goes to Anurag’s room.

Anurag is in his room working on his laptop. Kartik knocks and comes in.

Anurag: Kartik at this time what happened?

Kartik: I want to tell you something. The reason for my change.

Anurag closes his laptop , turns towards Kartik, keeps a pillow a his lap and gestures him to say.

Kartik tells him all that happened. {Flash back runs. Kartik pulls Naira’s leg. Naira is locked up by his friends. Kartik saves her. Naskh beats up Kartik. Kartik comes home angrily. His friends betray him. Naira saves Kartik. Kaira become friends. Naira asks Kartik to accompany her to library}

Anurag pats Kartik on his back.

Anurag: Hmm. Seems to be a very good girl. And also a good family. She has called you to library so go.  Atlast you have found a good friend. Whether it is a boy or girl. Character means. I warn you not to join with those boys again.

Kartik: Sure bhai.

Kartik takes the paper and give it to Anurag.

Anurag: What is it?

Kartik: Bhabhi’s number. Kaam aayega.

Anurag blushes. Kartik smiles and leaves to his room and sleeps.

Anurag looks at the paper. He smiles to himself. He thinks of calling her but realizes that it is late in night.
Anurag: She must have slept.

Anurag saves the number as Prerna and alos viren’s no. He tries to go to sleep. He closes his eyes. Prerna’s  face comes to his mind. He smiles. He tosses and turns but he is unable to sleep. He sits up on his bed.

Anurag: Am I only feeling like this. Is she also experiencing the same? Let me call and ask.

Meanwhile its Prerna’s room. She is also unable to sleep. She worries for not having Anurag’s number. She expects him to call.

Prerna: Am I only feeling like this? Is he not..

Her phone rings. She sees the unknown number. She picks it up

Prerna: Hello!

There is a silence….

Prerna is about to cut the call.

Anurag: Prerna!

Prerna hears Anurag’s voice and takes a phone closer to her ear.

Prerna: Anurag ji?

Anurag: Please dont call me ji. Call me Anurag

Prerna: Hmmm.

Anurag: Didn’t you sleep

Prerna: Voh.. Neendh nahi aarahi thi

Anurag: Mmm

Prerna: Aap?

Anurag: Mujhe bhi.  I just wanted to say something in the morning but.. can I say now?

Prerna: Yes tell me

Anurag: You looked beautiful in the pink salwar.

Prerna blushes: Thank you.

They talk for some time. Aaa.. Kasauti bgm plays. Clock ticks 12:30

Anurag looks up the clock and: Oh no. Its 12:30. Sorry for disturbing you

Prerna: Oh! I too wanted to talk so dont say sorry.

Anuarg: Hmm. Ok. Good night lets talk tomorrow.

Prerna: Good night.

She cuts the call and smiles to herself by keeping her phone near he chin. She keeps the phone aside and sleeps.

Anurag too sleeps. Scene freeze.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Its evening. Naira is searching for Kartik. She goes to canteen but Kartik is not there.

Naira: Kartik… Kartik…

Kartik’s friends come near her and surround her as a circle.

Vikrant: Kisko doond rahi ho?

Naira: Hato. I have to go.

Vikrant: Only because of you Kartik has gone away from us. U have failed our plan. We palnned to be friends of a rich guy. But ur arrival has spoiled everything

Kevin: We thought to locking up you to impress him but…. He raises his hand to slap her.

Just then Kartik comes running He holds Kevin’s hand and twists it.

Kartik: How dare you raise ur hand against her.

He goes to beat them. Naira stops him.

Naira: Kartik nahi.. DOnt become like them. Lets go come.

She drags him with her.

Kartik: Why did you stop me? I would have taught him a lesson.

Naira: What is the difference betwwen you and him. Keep quiet and come.

Kartik smiles he takes her hand in his and takes her to library.

Kartik: hm. You are right. Yesteday I told bhai about you. He thanked you.

Naira: I didnt do anything. You yourself change. I may have been a tool.

Kartik: Acha mathaji.

He opens the library door and bows down : Padharoji

Naira laughs and gets inside. Kartik smiles and follows her.

Hope u liked it

Precap: Kaira spend quality time in library. Kartik drops her home. Anupre meet.


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