Spoilers 1st July 2019

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Abir wants to know Mishti’s feelings for him. He tries to ask her indirectly what she thinks of him. Mishti tells him that Kuhu and Kunal would be together. He asks her to let them have a talk. He tells her that silence also speaks between two persons. She doesn’t want to lie to the family further. She feels she will hurt her family if she lies to them for Kuhu. Abir asks her to think of herself and her life. She tells him that she just wants her family happy.

Ek Thi Rani: Rani searches for the chip desperately and thinks the chip is in Raghav’s body. Rani’s Dadi calls Shivraj’s Mansion and Raghav’s Dadi picks the call. Raghav’s Dadi asks her to send Rani. Raghav’s Dadi says she will stay here being Raghav’s wife. Rani’s Dadi gets shocked to learn about Rani and Raghav’s marriage. Rani finds the chip in Raghav’s back. She searches for the remote. Rivaaj wears chain and pendant and thinks Rani has to reach his heart to get the remote. Rani makes a special protein shake to make Rivaaj lose his eyesight temporarily. Rivaaj wakes up and shouts asking what happened to his eyes. Rani whispers in his eyes that she has mortgaged his eyes for playing with Rukmani and Raghav’s lives.

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