Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 2

Marriage is going on. Virat and Aanjali is sitting on dias.  Tara comes with a platter.  Deep suddenly comes from nowhere, hold Tara’s hand and take her to a side.

Tara- Deep,  what are you doing? There is so many people. Someone might see us.

Deep- I am not romancing with you. I am asking what are you doing? How can you let this marriage happen.

Tara- Come on Deep,  it’s my brother’s marriage. Why would I have an objection.

Deep- That Aarohi is marrying your brother. And you don’t have any problem with it?

Tara- So what?  It’s Virat vaiya’s choice. If he have no problem, why will I oppose this marriage?  I would have a problem if she was getting married with you.

Deep- You are pointless.

Deep leaves. Tara smiles.

– I know Deep.  It’s hurting. But I can’t see pain in your eyes for any other girl,  cause it’s hurt me.  Let this marriage happen and you will never thought about Aarohi again, or feel anything for her.

Anjali is in dressing room. She is fixing her makeup, she sees deep comming in the mirror.  Deep stand behind her.

Anjali- How I am looking? The main marriage is done but I didn’t see you. Where were you?  But don’t worry.  I knew you would try to do something like this.  That’s why I planned a court marriage too.  You won’t able to escape this time.  You will have to see the marriage.

Deep- What will you get by doing this?

Aanjali- Ah, you didn’t tell me how I am looking. I changed for the court marriage.

Deep hugs her.

– Don’t do this. I did wrong by deceiving you.  You can punish me. But I know you can’t marry someone else.

Aanjali pushed him.

– Don’t think I will melt by hearing those words. I am not the old Aarohi anymore.  You should have thought about this when you betrayed me and came here with Tara. When I loose my baby for you.  When you changed my face.  When you put me in bars in Tara’s place.

Deep- You are right.  I did came here with Tara. But I did it for you. I grew up with her, I couldn’t kill her. You wouldn’t have like it.  Nor I could put her in jail cause she destroyed all the evidence.

Aanjali- What are you trying to say?

Deep- Tara is a psychopath. She can’t handle seeing me with any other girl.  That’s why whenever someone came close to me or tried to get close to me or she thought that someone is trying to get close to me, she killed them. Aarohi, I didn’t want you to get killed.

Aanjali is a little distrubed.  But she changed her facial expression, smiled

– Don’t fed me lies. I know your these drama’s well. I am not going to fall for it. Out of my way.  I have marriage.

Aanjali leaves. Deep stands there.

Aanjali and Virat sogns the paper.  Everybody claps.  Deep is standing beside Tara with a sulk face.  Tara is smiling.  Virat and Aanjali looks at each other. Then they both look at Deep.

Virat- What do you think? Our plan worked?

Aanjali- Yes,  100%. Because of deep we lost our first child. Today I feel like I have taken the revenge.

Virat- Not so easy.  He will have to bear a lot for his deeds. I will make him realize his true worth.  He would have to work in my company. I will be his boss. Than I will kill him. That’s why I planned this in India.  After that we will come back here and live our life.

Aanjali- Do it fast. I can’t stand the present of my child’s murderer.

Virat- When we reach there I will send him outside of Mumbai in works excuse. You will make Tara busy so that she doesn’t follow or get to know about our plan.

Aanjali- Start the next part then.

Virat stands up and says,  ladies and gentlemen, I want to make a toast.  My dear wife Aarohi,  ever since you came in my life, my business has only prosper. You are my lucky charm. I have a gift for you. Tonight we are going to India,  your favorite place for our honeymoon.

Aanjali smiles.  Everybody claps.  Virat comes to Deep.

– Pack your bags.  You and Tara are also coming.  There is some business deal, I need you.

– But the police is looking for us.

– Five years have past. People have forgotten everything. And those who haven’t, I will manage them. You pay attention to the deal. And what do you think about my wife?  You haven’t even congratulate me.

– I will go and pack.

Deep leaves.  Virat smiles.



Raichand Mansion

Virat- Home sweet home.

Tara- You are right. Virat vaiya remember,  we used to play here, Deep do you remember?

Deep doesn’t answer. He goes upstairs. Virat laughs and says

– Let him go Tara. He has got a big time shock.

Tara- I hope he became normal fast.  Aanjali vabi come.  Let me show you our house.

Deep is lying in his bed.  Virat comes in

– This is no time to rest. You have a meeting with our clients this afternoon. Get up.

Deep gets up- Meeting is at afternoon, right?  Why do I have to get up now?

Virat- These are the files. Get through them once. And you have to catch a plane in half an hour.  The clients will meet you at Shimla, not here. Here is your ticket.

Deep sighs and takes the ticket and files. He leaves the room. He comes to balcony where Tara and Aanjali were chatting. They stopped seeing Deep.

Deep- Tara I am going to shimla for work. Virat will give you the details.

Aanjali- She will be fine. Don’t worry. We have became friends in the past years.

Deep leaves from there.

Tara- Virat vaiya could have waited a little more. Did he have to send him right now?  We just arrived. Deep is tired.

Aanjali- He will be fine. Tell me what were you telling me.

Tara- Oh,  this is me and Deep from college in this picture. It was friendship day. And the gifts we brought from each other was exactly the same.  This jacket and this bracelet.

Aanjali- That’s not possible. Deep must have known what you have bought,  and to impress you, he bought  the same thing.

Tara- No, we went to shopping a few days earlier and I saw that jacket and bracelet but didn’t buy it. Deep understood I liked it, that’s why he bought it,  and I was actually planning to gift him those things.  That’s how our gifts gets match. Wait,  I still have it. I will show you.

Tara brigs a jacket and a bracelet. Aanjali gets a little shocked by seeing that.

Deep is in Shimla. He is wearing the same dress,  when he met Aarohi for the first time,  and he is sitting in the same place from where he first noticed Aarohi. His phn is ringing. He saw its virat. He disconnect the phn.

Virat tells to Aanjali,  Deep isn’t taking my phn. The client has informed Deep didn’t go for the meeting. The hitman says he lost deep after he entered the hotel.  As if he got vanished.

Aanjali- Where could he have gone?

Virat- I don’t know. But I think something is wrong. He is planning something.

Deep calls somebody.

– Is the work done.

– I need a little more time.

– It has to be done by today.

He disconnects the phn. He went up to the railing and bring out a pic. It’s Aanjali’s.

– Aanjali Sharma, you thought it’s easy to cheat Deep Raj Singh?  Or to break his confidence? I recognized the moment you came to me. I never found it difficult to recognize Aarohi and Tara when they used to look alike.  How could you think that you could act as Aarohi, and I will break down.  Your planning was good. But it’s not easy to defeat Deep. There is only one mastermind. A few more hours and you will get the first shock, when everything will come back to my name.

Fb shows how deep gone out while the wedding was going on and collect property paper. Than he put the property papers inside the marriage pappers. Than Virat signs them, and deep smiles. Fb ends.

– After that I will break your trio. Darling Tara has join your team. That’s why I will reveal her truth to you, how she had pushed you wearing those jacket and bracelet.

Fb shows Deep is talking about Tara can kill anyone who will come between her and Deep to Aanjali in the dressing room with a evil face,  Aanjali leaves and Deep smriks and says now Aanjali will start doubting Tara. Than Fb shows how Deep put the college photo where he and Tara was wearing the same jacket and bracelet when he went upstairs and everyonelse was downstairs. Than it shows when Tara is showing that jacket and bracelet to Aanjali, Deep is seeing everything from side and smriks.  Fb ends.

– And than you will watch the CCTV footage I left for u in Aarohi’s laptop. Than you will know the truth.  And than you yourself will do the rest.  I won’t have to do anything. You were right.  I always have been a puppet. But not anymore. From now on I will live my life on my own choice. I have been doing so many bad things for you guys. Sometimes it was mom,  sometimes it was dad, sometimes it was roma, sometimes it was tara. It’s enough. From now on I will listen to my heart. Not to people. And will take decision of my own life. Thanks for making me realize the truth. And for that you have to pay a huge price. Get ready.

He burns the pic. The pic gets burned and fall from his hand. And he saw Aarohi (Aalisha) in a mirror which is being carried in the middle of the road,  just the way he saw Aarohi first time. Ish mein marjawan plays…  He took of his glass and looked surprised. Aarohivis seen bent down and picking something from the road in the mirror, she is wearing the same red dress she weared when the first time Deep saw her.  Deep is dazed.

Ishq mein marjawan full song plays…  Deep is following Aarohi. Things what happened first time when he saw Aarohi is re-hapening.

Next Ep– Deep sees a little girl comes and hugs Aarohi and called her mamma.  Virat gets call from the hitman and he asks virat if Tara is also with Deep in Shimla.  Virat,  Tara,  Aanjali all are shocked.

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