Daayan 30th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi is Pregnant

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Prachi thinks why she is misbehaving with Veer repeatedly, what is happening to her. Daayan emerges and says she has hypnotized Prachi as Veer is supporting Jahnvi and she is taking revenge from Veer via Prachi. Prachi pleads to spare her and says she broke her agreement with Aakarsh jiju, so she will go and inform him. Daayan stops her and says until she is there, Prachi will not marry Veer. Jahnvi and Vishakha knock door. Daayan hypnotizes Prachi again and disappears. Prachi opens door and getting them in shows her beautiful wedding dress, asks about her jewelry. Jahnvi says Aakarsh has gone out to get her special jewelry and takes Prachi with her. Daayan laughs saying now the real drama will start. Satrupa tries to free her 6 forms by reading tantra papers and succeeds. Jahnvi and Vishakha get Prachi ready and suggest her not to fight with Veer and enjoy romance before wedding. Vishakha says Jahnvi is right. Daayan comes there, and Prachi gets afraid seeing her. Jahnvi walks out and sees black dressed Satrupa walking with Harsh, thinks Aaakrsh said only blue dressed Satrupa is free, what is happening here. Satrupa thinks she knew Jahnvi would follow her. Harsh asks Satrupa where is she taking her. She says to show magic. Jahnvi follows Satrupa and sees Aakarsh’s magical device there. Satrupa walks from behind and says she h as freed her 6 forms and now she will send Jahnvi inside via this device. She does magic on Jahnvi. Jahnvi is grasped towards device and holding pillar pleads to stop. Aakarsh rushes in and saves her on time. Jahnvi says Satrupa is trying to send her into device. Aakarsh waarns Satrupa that he had warned her last time, even then she tried to harm Jahnvi. Satrupa says she is his wife and until Jahnvi is alive, he will not accept her. Aakarsh says Jahnvi is his wife and not Satrupa and attacks Satrupa, but she disappears. He tries to follow her, but Jahnvi stops him and requests to be with him. He scolds why did she come here and spoil his hard work. She apologizes. Brijesh with Prithvi knocks door and asks if everything is fine. Aakarsh says yes and comes out with Jahnvi and says let us go and attend Veer and Prachi’s wedding.

Jahnvi gets ready in a beautiful sari. Aakarsh walks in wearing sherwani. Jahnvi asks him to pin her pallu and lures him. He smiles and says he cannot be angry on her for long. Aakarsh gets ready in groom sherwani. Prithvi praises him and ties groom’s pagdi on his head. Veer thinks how to tell he does not want to marry at this time. Prachi gets panic attack and falls down holding her head. She writes Daayan on floor and then gets back to normal. Jahnvi and Vishakha walks in to take her to mantap when Jahnvi watches daayan written on floor and thinking Daayan must have done something to Prachi informs Aakarsh that his mother broke agreement and has hypnotized Prachi, asks Aakarsh to check. Aakarsh checks and says Prachi is fine and maa has not hypnotized her. Jahnvi walks away thinking how can this happen. Veer and Prachi’s wedding completes. Daayan fumes in anger and shouts she could not stop this marriage. Jahnvi collapses. Family calls doctor who checks and informs that Jahnvi is pregnant. Famuily rejoices. Satrupa emerges and says she infused her and Aakarsh’s baby into Jahnvi’s womb. Aakarsh warns to stop lying. Satrupa says Aakarsh consummated with her and since she cannot keep baby in her womb for long, she transferred into Jahnvi’s womb. Aakarsh says he consummated with her when he had lost his memory and she is plainly lying. Prithvi warns Satrupa to stay away from his sister and her baby. Satrupa says it is up to them whether to believe or not and disappears. Jahnvi asks family to relax and informs Veer and Prachi that they are becoming uncle and aunt. Family rejoices again.

Veer walks into Prachi’s room hesitating and reminiscing her rude behavior. She asks him why he is standing far and pulls him towards her. He reminisces she yelling at him that he is trying to advantage of her and wants to sleep with her before marriage. She asks him what happened. He says she should remember what she did and walks away. Jahnvi asks Aakarsh if baby is really hers. Aakarsh asks her not trust Satrupa, this is their child. Daayan congratualtes Satrupa for getting pregnant and transferring baby in Jahnvi’s womb, gets emotional that her heir will be born soon. Satrupa thinks if she informs Daayan that baby is Aakarsh and Jhanvi’s, Daayan will not kill Jahnvi and instead will kill her.

Precap: Harsh pleads Daayan to relive Jananta somehow.
He kidnaps Prachi on Daayan’s order. Aakarsh alleges Satrupa for kidnapping Prachi. Satrupa says she has only interest in him and not others.

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