Spoilers 15th January 2020

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer doesn’t want to spare Shahbaz. The latter stays adamant and doesn’t admit his crime. He knows his son can never kill him. He takes advantage of Kabeer’s goodness once again. He doesn’t listen to Kabeer, who wanted him to admit killing Zara. Kabeer fails in his plan, but doesn’t lose courage. He makes the back up plan. He plans an entry in the house. He gets help from Imran and Zara.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki takes the disguise to join the gang and know about Mahua. Nimki and Abhimanyu try to trick the evil doers. Nimki tries to find Mahua among the girls. She tells the girls that she has come to save them. She asks them about Mahua. She doesn’t get any answer. The organizer beats up Mahua. She scolds Mahua for provoking all the girls. Nimki learns about Mahua. She thinks to save her some how. Ganga slaps Mishra and asks him to take things under control. She doesn’t want her image to get ruined.


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