Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu decides to help Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nannu saying where will Mishti go, will I track her with Abir’s app, no, did she go to meet Abir, no, she would have told me, I should give her space. He gets a pendant and recalls her words. He thinks will Mishti go to meet Abir, can she forgive Abir. He calls Rajvansh house. Nidhi answers. He asks for Abir. She says he isn’t at home. He thinks that means they are together. Mishti thinks of Abir. Kuhu comes. She says you felt Abir will come here, I called you. Mishti says I came to meet you, you asked me not to tell anyone. Kuhu says I know you used to hide and meet Abir. Mishti says I don’t have to hide now, I don’t need to do this for Nannu. Kuhu says thanks, I wanted to know this, you took Nanchak’s name, we are stupid to think from mind. Mishti says I have accepted Vishwamber’s decision, I can’t hurt Nannu. She goes. Kunal thinks why did Kuhu come to meet Mishti. She goes to ask her. She hits him. She says sorry, you were following me.

Mishti comes come. Nannu looks on. He thinks why did you go and meet Abir. Rajshri asks where did you go. Mishti says to meet Kuhu, she was scolding me, she was much worried for Nannu, she thinks I will hurt Nannu, do you think so, I know heart breaks when trust breaks, he trusts me a lot, he is my best friend, I will never hurt him, I won’t break his trust. Nannu looks on and thinks she is thinking of me, Abir doesn’t want to lose, I don’t want Abir to win. Abir asks Kunal how did this happen. He laughs. Kuhu says Kunal was stalking me.

Abir asks who broke your nose. Kunal says a healthy goon. Kuhu says I did, this way. Abir says good, why did you do this. Kuhu says I went to meet Mishti, she can meet you. Abir smiles and praises her. Kunal sees his marriage pic. Kuhu says I will help you, you will tell your plan to me first, I don’t want my family to get hurt. Abir says I know I have hurt them, I can’t apologize to Vishwamber, unless I prove that I deserve a second chance with Mishti’s help, I need her, I m incomplete without her, I have to say sorry and convince her, if she agrees, then we can unite, we will solve all the problem. Kuhu says except Nanchak. Abir says I wish I could get Mishti without breaking Nannu’s heart, I hope he becomes my friend. Kuhu says I know it hurts a lot when you love someone and doesn’t get love, I m helping you, one sided love hurts a lot. She goes. Abir sees Kunal.

He says you went to help me and Kuhu broke your nose, sorry. Kunal says don’t say sorry, don’t say Kuhu did this, say that I fought some goons. Abir says fine, call Uma and ask about mum’s meeting in the morning. Kunal asks do you want to know about it. Abir says I m just asking, take painkiller and rest. Its morning. Mishti comes to Jasmeet. Kuhu says you are coming with me to the market. Mishti says its sangeet today. Varsha asks her to select a good song. Abir wakes up Kunal. He says we have to go, you take rest, I will go. Kunal says I will be with you. Mishti selects Jasmeet’s fav song. Mishti and Kuhu ask her to agree. Nannu signs Jasmeet. Jasmeet says done. Mishti says I need to practice. Nannu says I will also come. Abir thinks I can’t wait more. Nanu asks what’s happening. Abir says don’t know, where is your daughter. Nanu says she is your mum, I m not talking to her. Nidhi asks how can you do this, Meenakshi is yours, Parul is stranger. Abir says strangers are good than such dear ones. Nidhi goes to check at the door. She worries. Kuhu says you can’t come with us, its girls shopping day. Mishti says get it by your choice.

Rajshri asks her to go. Mishti and Kuhu leave. Varsha asks are you missing Mishti. He jokes. Varsha says everything will be fine. Nannu says Mishti won’t lie, Abir is planning something and making me doubt family. Kunal says sorry, we got late. Abir says don’t feel bad. Inspector says call all the family members out. Abir asks why did you come. Mishti asks why did we come here. Kuhu makes excuses. She asks Mishti not to ask much. The man gets tea and chips. Mishti asks is Abir coming here, none can order this, tell me, is he coming, I m going. Kuhu says wait. She says you were protective about Nannu, you lied and got me here. She says I got stuck, Abir wants to meet you.

Mishti refuses and goes. Kuhu says I helped Abir, I will tell him that Mishti left. Mishti comes and says just 5 mins, where is Abir. Kuhu asks why are you agreeing now. Mishti asks why are you taking u turn now, you got me here and asking me. Kuhu says you chose Nanchak. Mishti says I know, this chapter will end today, I don’t want him to come home today. She sees red balloons. She thinks I have decided, I m meeting him just for family. Inspector says I have come to arrest Parul. Abir asks why, who filed the complaint. Inspector asks are you her son. Abir says yes, show the warrant, its written that Parul was involved in Mehul’s scam, where is mum, I knew she will do this. Meenakshi comes and says I didn’t do anything wrong.

Mishti says I won’t wait for Abir now. Meenakshi says you will marry the girl today, else Parul will be in the jail.

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  1. Verma4

    What a Biiiiiittch Meenakshi !!!!!!!!!

  2. Nd I never thought that the girl would be NEHA…was she not supposed to marry someone else named KABEER ????But I have my fingers ?????Abeer will figure out something..this not kzk where leads will marry anyone but not each other????let’s see what will happen tomorrow..I think the whole episode will be on this family drama..of parul crying ND taking away, abeer’s outburst, kunal’s anger ?????????????????

  3. I really like the Nishmesh couple I don’t want Mishti to go back to Abeer. He already had his chance and he wasted it and his dragon mom will not leave him alone. So F* the Rajvansh family let them deal with their own drama and live a happy calm life with Mahishori!!

    1. Agree with u… Even if misty and abir get married this menakshi will make misty’s life hell. If i was misty’s place i will not choose abir coz though i will get my love but u know meenu can make suffer everyone without giving second thought… Like she did with misty’s father…

  4. B-th stricks again timing is everything just spoiled Abir meeting Mishti Such a drama queen who wants to even live with her Though Mishti already knows all about Mehul

  5. I simply love Nishant. He is too good for boring Mishti. Please they should not marry, bcs he will not get the love he deserves. Let Mishti marry Abir and face Meenakshi’s fury. Look at Mishti throwing Nishant love to the dust

    1. I have a feeling Parul will choose jail

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