Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Durga gets the real CCTV footage

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Durga says this wedding can’t happen. We three are with you and we will expose Antra. AJ can’t marry. Guddan says this is about Guddan mother now. I have to win.
Antra says no matter who’s with you, you can’t win Guddan. Perv comes and says you will soon be Antra AJ. And we two siblings are with you. Saru says Guddan would be kicked out. Saru and Perv dance around her. Antra laughs.

Guddan looks for papers. She says there must be something. I have to expose Antra. I have to find out what happened to the CCTV. Antra comes there dressed as a bride. She says hi Guddan. I forgot my mangalsutra in preparations. Give me yours, you don’t need it. Guddan shoves her and says shut up. Antra says the one who made you wear this mangalsutra is already mine. Look at mine. I ordered it. It’s made of diamonds and AJ would make me wear it. Guddan says you can never change, you’re a dog’s tail. This mangalsutra represents love and trust, not money. Antra says your lover is going to make me wear it. Guddan says you have trapped it. For you, mangalsutra is jewelry only. Antra says look who’s wearing the bridal dress and who’s wearing the tears? You. Guddan says he’s doing all that to make me sad not to own you. Guddan says if I want, I can teach you a lesson in a moment. Antra says do you have any proofs? How will you complete that challenge? Go, there is a buffet downstairs, eat and enjoy. No one should hear your irritating cry. You have to be defeated this time. Guddan can’t stop this wedding. Guddan says your fight is with a mother not a wife. No mother can put up with these murderer accusations. I can do anything.

Scene 2
Saru and Perv are outside Guddan’s room. Perv says let’s go I am ready. We have to do it. They see Guddan’s back. Saru says no one can stop this wedding now. They go towards her, she turns back. It’s Revati. Perv says you? What are you doing here? Saru says Revati.. Guddan faints Laxmi instead and Revati faints Saru. Laxmi says always keep your eyes and ears to open to your enemies, that’s what Antra said. Saru says they would have harmed Guddan. Laxmi says we have to hide them in the store and stop this wedding.

Laxmi and Revati take Perv and Saru to the store. Guddan comes there and says why did you call me there? what happened to them? Saru get up. Revati says we fainted them. Laxmi says they had a plan to faint you. Revati says we did this for you. Guddan says I know your reason. Thank you. We have to get that CCTV footage. Laxmi says Durga has left for the footage already. Guddan says she’s pregnant. Why did you send her? Revati says she’s fine. Kishor went with her. Guddan leaves. Revati says did we do right? Laxmi says if she got to know the condition Durga went it she won’t have let her go. Revati says I hope she comes back with the proof. Laxmi says she would.

Scene 3
The doctor comes home with flowers for his wife. He says baby see what I go. Durga is there putting a gun her. He says who are you? Durga says your destruction. Durga Jindal. He says I will do what you ask please leave her. Durga says you have no conscience. He says please leave my wife. Durga says now you know what pain is life? Where was your niceness when you killed a mother’s child. I need proof of the murder you did.

AJ is going to marry Antra because of your sin. I need proof that Guddan is innocent. HE says what proof? Durga says the real CCTV footage that you edited. I need it. Hurry up. Give me proof. He says I will give it to you please leave my wife. Durga says this proof will prove Guddan’s innocence. I have to get home before everything is over. He says this has the original CCTV. Please let my wife go.
Durga says to Kishor did I do right? He says I am so proud of you. You did what was right. Let’s go home now.

AJ recalls everything that happened. Guddan comes there. Guddan says when you’re in so much pain why are you doing it? He says because you killed our child. I thought I couldn’t, but then you showed me your face and my hate escalated. He wears the Sherwani. He says now this difficult thing looks easy. You made it easy. Guddan says we both lost a child. We both suffered. You will break this relationship forever. AJ says you killed our baby in anger. Now I will marry Antra and turn your lies into a truth. Guddan says you’re angry. People take wrong decisions in anger. Guddan says what is wrong with you. Please don’t do this. I will prove the truth soon. AJ says I trusted you more than myself but you ended everything. You took my child’s life. There’s only pain in my heart. This wound would never heal. No one can stop me now. Get out. You can’t stop me from marrying Antra. Get out. Guddan leaves in tears. The song jee lay zara plays. They both imagine hugging each other. AJ is in tears.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shame on you AJ you said you love guddan so much and she is your whole word but you don’t trust her and you hate antara so much but you trust her more than your love really you don’t deserve guddan and her love for you .

  2. just another crappy show.

  3. samiya fathah

    They should reveal it after aj and antara s marriage

    1. You’re right let AJ regret and feel pain for what he did to Guddan and never be happy but I really hope guddan baby still live to make akshat feel more and more pain.

  4. Verma4

    AJ you douchebag . Guddan should just move on from the douche.

  5. Leslie Woodcock

    That AJ is a dickhead. He does not deserve the love of a good woman like Guddan. He needs to live out his life in misery with that mad schemer Antra.

    And what is being done with Saru? Are the writers so dumb the keep on maintaining she has a role in her evilness?

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