Spoilers 13th August 2019

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Pujan Pandey gets angry watching Suman’s video on news channel and the reporter’s take on the news. He thinks his own daughter is ruining his respect because of Badal. Suman calls Shashi and thanks to her for help. Shashi asks Suman where is she? Suman tells that they have taken shelter in a house and tells the address. Pujan Pandey asks Shashi about Suman’s address. Shashi asks him if he will bring Suman alive or will bring her dead body. Pujan Pandey comes to the house and sees Badal and Suman sleeping on the bed together. He gets angry and fumes. He aims the gun to shoot at Badal and Suman, but his hands start shaking.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki’s story takes a two year leap. Nimki feels sorry that she has lost her family member’s support. She just has Monu with her. She reaches Patna for the oath taking ceremony. She is upset that Mahua, Tunne and Abhimanyu have withdrawn their support. She recalls Ram Bachan. She recalls her marriage with Babbu. She wished for a good married life with Babbu.

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  1. the character man vedant in shakti is a rascal,bastard,person.and makers are encouraging such man in national television.how these people support such mens.this is illegal & injustice towards a woman or any gender.the live telecast of raping a person is shown in shakti show.disusting.makers should be ashamed of themselves.last ime on sameer episode also they did the same thing.he too was forcefully blackmailing the character saumya to marry.this is too much.with so many bodyguards this bastard is doing it.and still he is alive on this earth.such a shameful thing on television.

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