Sajna Veh FF – “Epi – 55 ” – “Twinkle looses her Memory “


Episode 55

Episode 55

@1 week later

@Hiranandani Hospital

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Arjun is shown walking outside the room.

Maya comes and holds his arm .

Maya – its okay . its not in your hand. You are a cardiac surgeon . you cant treat her brain .

Arjun nods.

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Anika – today I feel like I should not have been a gyanecologist ! I badly feel so ! only if I was a neuro surgeon .

Shivaay – anika. Its okay . its gonna be alright . please dont cry .

anika- i wish i had gotten into the accident instead of Her

shivaay glared – anika .

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he hugged her tightly and imagined anika falling from a 10 floor building, a tingle of fear ran down his spine .

shivaaay – no . don..dont say that …please..please dont….dont say that ..

anika was taken aback with his action and realized she hurt her man .

anika sobbed – sorry …

shivaay looked on. anika cupped his face .

anika –  i am sorry. i didnt mean it .

shivaay nodded .

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Dadi is shown crying .

Dadi – why does this happen with my child only…my Kunj has lost his parents , his wife Twinkle and now, after Pooja and he got engaged . she fell from this 10 floor building !

Ishani – dadi please relax. Atleast pooja is alive. She is out of coma now. She is awake now.

Dadi wipes her tears.

Anahita – it’s a simple answer maa ji . ur darling kunj is ominous . that’s why he eats up his loved ones .

Dadi glares at her.

@inside Surgery room

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Pooja is shown sitting up .

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jeevika has a palm on her face .

Jeevika – are you sure you don’t remember anything ? oh no.

Pooja nods .

Jeevika – doc ! does this mean…?

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Doc – she had complete amnesia . Mrs.Vadhera . which means she doesn’t remember anything from her past .

Jeevika – oh okay .

Jeevika in her mind – it means now she will think she is pooja . and I am the only person on earth who knows she is twinkle . doc even asked us not to give her any stress and doesn’t even know if her memory will be back or not. I don’t know what to do !

The family comes to know about pooja’s state and decides to co operate .

@after a while

Pooja – so you are Swara. my cousin ?

Swara smiles – yes Pooja. And he is your sanskar jiju. I hope now you have memorized everyone’s names and relations. Don’t worry . you will get used to it.

Pooja – it feels so weird Swara. I feel like …I mean , not knowing the past is so weird. It feels blank. So much blank. I know I am getting married . I am betrothed . but here, I don’t even know who is Kunj . how is Kunj . his likes and dislikes .

Swasan look on.

Pooja – okay maybe I know. But I forgot . this accident. How will I cope up . accha. I having a love marriage or arranged ….??

Pooja bats her eyelids innocently.

Sanskar – arranged marriage .

Pooja – oh.

Swara – but you used to like him .

Pooja – is it ?

Swara – trust me pooja. Its not that hard at all . you know this happened to me 2 years ago. My brain had forgetten everything. Even my husband, the love of my life, sanskar . but my heart recognized him and I fell in love with him in a week, without knowing who I am or how he was.  The hearts knows honey . (she narrates her memory loss track. )

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Pooja smiles . – thank you . if it’s a true story then I am impressed . you have given me a huge motivation.

Swara  – yes sweetie. I know. But trust me. Its not that haard. Things will fall naturally.

Pooja holds her hand – thanks sis.

Sanskar – and saali saheba…I know. How hard its for kunj . I had a hard time making her reminisce our bond, memories.

swasan share an eyelock .


Sanskar –umm..its okay know?…Swara is dress me bohot pyaari lagti thi…waise hi, jaise tum lag rahi ho…

Anvi blushes…

Sanskar – uspe laal bohot jajta tha..waise hi..jaise tumpe jaj raha hai…

Anvi – aap bohot pyaar karte the na usse ???

Sanskar smiles and comes closer to her  – uhu…nope…karta hu..wo bhi …tum se…

Anvi  looks on ***

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Sanskar – aur wo bhi mujhse bohot pyaar karti thi…

Sanskar walks and bangs his hand on the table by mistake and shouts . Anvi rushes to him and holds him…

Anvi – tum pagal ho kya ? are u hurt ? is it paining, stupid sanskar !

Sanskar smiles…

Sanskar – aur karti hai !!!

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sanskar – But its okay. You can always make new ones. You both don’t have much memories.

He looks hesitantly at swara .

Swara –umm..wo… because its an arranged marriage na . but you guys will know each other soon . you will love him and make him love you too

Sanskar – yes . exactly ! we are always there . dadi loves you too much. We all do.

Pooja – thanks Swara . thanks jiju. I will try my best. After all there is a saying na…love after marriage .

She chuckles . swasan sigh .

Swara – another thing Pooja. Umm..actually… tell na .

Sanskar nods – you are going to be his second wife. I mean, his first wife was ..umm…a girl named Twinkle.

Pooja looks on.

Swara – but don’t worry . its all in the past . you are upse..

Pooja – no no swara . I am not upset. I am fine. Past is past. And im gonna be his last . that’s my promise.

Swasan smile .


@after a while

Ragini laksh are shown glaring at Kanchi and Vatsal .

Swara –. About that day …you should be ashamed vatty

Vatsal rolls his eyes – di. You never made out with jiju before your wedding kya ?

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Swara – you never told me you love kanchi .

Vatsal – ha toh.. I don…

Kanchi – sorry bhabhi. It had been a secret. I am really ashamed. But I love vatsal and I want to marry him. We have not crossed our limits na. please forgive us bhabhi and bhaiya .

Sanskar chuckles – areh baba its okay. Don’t be so sorry . its okay . me and swara used to be more freak…

Swara  eyes him.

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Laksh – its not about making out. I don’t even think you guys are proper for each other. A down to earth , traditional , cool guy like vatsal, with my dreamy , proudy , spoiled sister . no yaar..taurus and leo. Like …!!

Swara – exactly.

Swara in her mind – and specially because Ro loves you kanchi .

Swara – vatsal don’t even love her ….

Kanchi – bhabhi..dont be so mean na …

Sanskar – swara …sweetheart , love comes gradually  too. Its not always love at first sight.

He winks . swara punches him.

Vatsal – point jiju.

Laksh – no but swara has a point. And on top of that. Kanchi is barely 21. She cant decide whom she finds best as a life partner…

Ragini – oho you both . laksh aur swara, pyaar ke dushman. Why are you 2 always against lovers…first ranveer ishani and now vatsal kanchi.

Kanchi – bhabhi you will support us na ?

Ragini – offcourse I will. After you finish your modeling course , I will see to it that you get married.

Sanskar – me too !

Swalak and ragsan look on.

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@inside surgery room

Pooja is shown sitting in a confused manner . then suddenly , kunj entered, trying to force a smile . he entred, pooja smiled back at him. She signals him to come and sit next to her. Kunj nods. He sat beside her .

  • How are you feeling now ?
  • Im feeling a lot better . thanks.
  • *smiles *
  • Kunj ji…aur may I call you kunj ? should I call you “aap” aur “tum”
  • Umm…you can call me Kunj , and you can also call me tum .

Pooja nodded excitedly. Kunj was surprised at her behavior. She then composed herself.

  • I am sorry for whatever you went through Kunj. Due to me, this accident, this amnesia. I am so…
  • Its okay

He instinctively grabbed her hand , but let go when he realized. Pooja was slightly startled , it had sent electric shocks to her body .

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  • I mean …its okay. I am glad that you are fine, and alive …

His words drift away. Pooja gets his indication. She grabs his hand and slightly squeezes it .

  • Its okay . I know . I also know about Twinkle ji . but you know, none cn avoid destiny. Its all about the planets . and its all about the stars . but I promise you, I wont leave you . there is no way I will. It’s a promise .

Kunj didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t know if he wanted Pooja to be with him , all the while. But he was sure that he didn’t want to loose anymore people. And specially, not Pooja . her face that was exactly as his Twinkle’s was too precious for him to loose .

  • Thankyou .
  • Umm…how was my personality ? before the accident ? was I too quiet ? or arrogant ? or chirpy ? hai rabba how will I know !

Kunj god startled . twinkle’s memories flashed to him .


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  • Did you just say hai rabba ?
  • .did I ?
  • Yes you did. But you are tamil na ? so ?
  • Oh I barely remembered my name kunj. Maybe I just slipped.
  • maybe
  • Anyways . here is another promise to you. I don’t know about that pooja , but this pooja will try her best to rise up to your expectations. But I think, we would need some time to meet and know each don’t even know things about you anymore…uff…mai ki kitta !! (what do I do in Punjabi)
  • Twinkle !
  • Huh ? ji?
  • Uhm…sorry I mean you know punjabi?
  • .
  • .im wont remember.its okay . don’t stress.

He forced a smile again.

Pooja smiled and held his hand. She started describing how much it pained her head, her hand, her right leg and everything . she was whining like a baby . she was still hesitant, but was comfortable with his body language , not like the pooja she was before the accident, who used to be far far away from him . for a while, kunj felt as if it was twinkle . he was focused on her face an punjabi dialect. He got lost in her .

  • And then …na..Kunj I …
  • You are beautiful
  • Hm?

Pooja got a bit startled and shoved her hand away. But kunj didn’t seem to notice.

  • You are beautiful .

She blushed. Her ears were now complete maroon, another trait of hers when she would be shy.

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  • But I don’t think so, here, wrapped in bandages .
  • But to me you are . beautiful. Gorgeous and stunning. You are ! inside and out .

Pooja smiled . but kunj came back to reality and let go off her hand . he was 2 minds about saying those lines to Pooja and not twinkle .

today, hearing her Punjabi dialect and words , and her touch, kunj felt ,more attached and attracted to pooja . he had started to look at her, which he never did after fake twinkle’s death. Maybe because kunj’s heart had recognized his love. But his mind was still unaware of it .

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He pat her cheek , came out of the room and glanced at the wedding card with his and pooja’s name, scheduled after 2 weeks , with 50 guests , in Santorini , Greece . he looked back and glanced at Pooja drinking juice . her face, her innocence, her comfort and her “hai rabba” somehow melted him and her name In the wedding card , beside his name, didn’t bother him anymore. Kunj smiled .

Precap – A tour to Santorini

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    it seems that swalak do not favour vatsal kanchi .but ragsan support them.I hope they will realise that their true love is some one else

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