Part 47 13/08/2019

Shaurya’s POV

I can’t believe my life has taken a beautiful turn right now. It’s almost a week we are back from Ruben & Diya’s wedding and here I am enjoying every single moment of my life with my precious Mehak. Life is never been so cozy like this for me ever since Mehak has accepted me wholeheartedly and from then I am head over heel mad about her. I can’t leave her alone even for a seconds. I am equally exhilarated and excited seeing the happily blushing Mehak with healthy glow in her face. After the last night fascinating moment Mehak was resting on my chest, tracing her finger over her name tattoo I had on my chest.  Words are not necessary but the silence between us carries a lot of meaningful talks between us. I only caresses her back slowly listening to her breathing and let her stay calm. All the longings, yearnings, silent pain diminished on that very night. I breathed in her familiar scent as her curls tickles my face. She smells sweet like a nectar from mysterious fruit and taste sweet too. I want to wake up with her scent ingrained in my skin. I plant a kiss on her forehead as I snuggle cozily under the blanket. By midnight she will toss to other side of the bed but I will always pull her to my side secure her with me. I know her sleeping pattern well. She is quiet a deep sleeper. There are times I stay awake just to observe her sleeping soundly.

We have invited Ruben and Diya for dinner at our place and in another two days we are going back to Delhi. The thought of going back home doesn’t excites me like others. I am skeptical that I can’t be like this with my Mehak. My business matters been on hold for quiet sometimes. I have tonnes of things need my attention and if I do I can’t spend time with Mehak. Back at home, my mom, maasi, my brother and Awara will be there around us and even to steal a kiss from Mehak is going to be impossible. I sighed silently and decided to go for a morning run as it’s still dark and grab some items from grocery shop after my run. I covered Mehak well planted a kiss on her hair.

Indeed I felt great after the morning sprint. With tranquil surrounding and less people movement I manage to complete my run around the block. I grab the groceries needed and start to walk back home. I opened the door and placed the groceries on the table at the kitchen. I smile as I boil the milk to make her favorite masala chai. I took the cups and walk towards our room. I heard her humming some songs and I opened the door to see her making our bed. I placed the cups on the table as she rush to give me warm hug.

Shaurya: Good morning love.

Mehak: Morning Shaurya. Where did you go early morning without telling me?

Shaurya: Hmmm (hugging her tightly) just went for morning jog and grab some groceries for tonight. Saw you sleeping soundly.

Mehak: Okay you fresh up and come down let me prepare breakfast then let’s go around the city and I want to go around all these places with you before going back to Delhi. So quickly come let’s go.

Shaurya: Okay let me come and we will decide where to go.  (Pressing a kiss on her hair and going inside the bathroom)

While in the kitchen Mehak prepared some healthy breakfast for them quickly. After their breakfast they went around the town for sightseeing holding each other just like any other couple who are madly in love with each other. They went for the river cruise enjoying the bright sunny weather before returning home to prepare dinner for Diya and Ruben. While dinner all friends enjoyed talking about random topics and joking with each other.

It was the day Mehak and Shaurya leaving to India, they bid good bye with Ruben and Diya with Janhvi. It was hard to leave as they bonded well with one another but they promised to stay in touch and Mehak ask them to come down to India for a visit and Diya promised she will definitely come to visit them.

At the flight Mehak rested on Shaurya’s arm. The flight was almost 24hrs and they reached Delhi around evening. Both Shaurya and Mehak reached Khanna mansion. Both families were there to receive them. They were so elated to see these two after so many days. Aarti was taken on both of them and they were fed with traditional sweets to welcome them. Mehak and Shaurya hugged Karuna maa together as she showers them both with kisses.

Karuna maa: Mere bachaa Mehak I feel like I have recovered after seeing you, see my hands its getting like its used to be. Now I eat on my own and do things on my own.

Mehak: maa I am so happy that you are getting better and now you are going to be running after me.

Mehak and Shaurya bend to touch all the elders’ feet to get blessings.

Kanta chachi: It’s so good to see you both back home.

Shaurya: Yes chachi it feels good to be back home.

Dolly maasi: Lalla now this home feels like home after you and Mehak arrived. We can’t wait to celebrate this day.

Ravi chachu: Shaurya beta, our family have a ritual. We usually bring our beti back home for some days maybe for one or two weeks then the son in law has to come and bring her back home. So if you don’t mind today we are bringing Mehak home you can come after two weeks. (Holding his smile in him as he look around at the Sharma family and Khanna family members)

Shaurya: (flabbergasted with Ravi chachu’s talk) But but… chachu why need to bring Mehak. She will be fine here.(stuttering) you don’t need to worry about her I am here, maa is here and maasi all are here, we will take good care of Mehak. If you all want, you all can come and see us anytime. Maa say something, they are planning to take Mehak home…

Karuna maa, Dolly maasi and the rest of the Sharma family looking at Shaurya’s helplessness suppressing their laughter. Even Mehak knows Ravi chachu is pulling his leg. Sonal and Nehal nudged Mehak who is standing in between them as Sonal whispers to Mehak’s ear.

Sonal: Yaar Mehak what did you do to him, he is totally mad about you. Chachu is pranking him and he is believing it like dumb.

Mehak: Chup, let’s see what he is going to do. I like to see this vulnerable sight of him. Hardly can we see him like this.

Nehal: Di never seen jiju like this… uuff let’s help him yaar.

Sonal: Chup Nehal, look at your jiju, this is like daily soap kind of show. He is really vulnerable like the daily soap husband. Enjoy the show.

PD: Arey enough of you all. Why are you all doing like this to him? Look at him how terrified he is when you said we are taking Mehak away. Handsome, we are not doing anything like Ravi said. Mehak will be here only. He is simply saying and all these people are gang up with him to see you like this. Mehak will be here with you only.

Shaurya blushed heavily seeing him being fooled by the entire family. He realized now he became the laughing stock of his family. Seeing his situation, Mehak went to stand next to him as she enveloped his arm and lean on his arm as she control her laughter.

Mehak: PD you see my husband, he is mad about me that I can’t come to my own home.

Mansi chachi: Haan Mehak we can see how he is restless about your chachu’s joke. Shaurya beta we do not have such thing in our family. Your chachu is always up to something.

Karuna maa interrupted them and asked both to go up to their room to freshen up. She asked Awara to bring their things to their room. Both went upstairs to freshen up. Mehak sat on the bed as she look around the room. It looks exactly the same how it used to be. Shaurya locked the room door and sat next to her.

Shaurya: So what are you looking at? Your uncle scare the shit out of me. Seriously they pull such a prank on me. Do you know how scared I was? I won’t allow them to take you back home. Let it be anything I will fight for you.

Mehak started to laugh at him uncontrollably. The room filled with her laughter. He was so annoyed with her.

Shaurya: Laugh. Your family made me a joke and now you are laughing at my situation.

Mehak didn’t quit laughing seeing her made Shaurya upset, he rush into the bathroom to freshen up. He came out after a while and Mehak freshen up and saw him sitting at the lounge seater as he check his email. She was detangling her hair in front of the dresser noticing him being busy and she knows he still upset as she laughed at his misery. She tried to clear her throat to gain his attention but he was too busy and not paying any attention to her. She walked slowly to him and sat behind him at the armrest and her arms snaked from behind Shaurya to his chest as she place her chin on his shoulder. Shaurya’s anger melted away the moment Mehak held him from behind.

Mehak: Sorry Shaurya. I don’t intend to hurt you. It was chachu who pull prank and I only laughed. Sorry, don’t be upset with me.

Shaurya smiled widely hearing her cute tone. He close his MacBook and pull Mehak to front and place her on his lap. He cupped her chin nuzzled her cheek as he planted a kiss there.

Shaurya: I am not angry with you. Just the thought that someone is taking you away from me made me restless. It could be your family but I don’t want anyone comes in between us no matter what. No matter what I don’t want to separate from you, even it’s for short period. I can’t digest that thought at all Mehak. I can be a strong person from outside, the world can think I am the most powerful and influenced businessman but I am so vulnerable to you. If it’s anything about you, my thoughts became wild and I don’t know how I would be. (He kissed her again as Mehak looked at him through her lashes, she can feel his tone and how he is serious about her. She caressed his cheeks and planted kisses on his both cheeks.

Mehak: You don’t need to prove anything to me or to anyone. I know how much you love me and how much you care for me. I have seen it numerous times. I will always be there with you like this and keep pulling your leg and disturb you, annoy you and bother you okay Mr Husband.

Just then, Nehal and Sonal knocked their room door asking them to come downstairs for dinner. Mehak and Shaurya went downstairs to join the family for dinner. She ask all to sit down and wanted to serve all but Dolly maasi insist her to sit and eat as she will serve them all. Just then a familiar bark sound heard and Mehak looked around.

Mehak: Naughty……

Vicky came in with Naughty in hand. Naughty started to coo at Mehak. He has grown up a little more compare how she left him months back. She immediately carried him from Vicky as she rained him with kisses.

Mehak: Naughty my baby…. I missed you so much, did you miss me, tell me do you miss me. Look at you, you have grown up my little boy. Did Vicky take care of you so well? Vicky and Mehak side hugged.

Vicky: Bhabhi this much of care and concern you didn’t even show me but you are more concern about Naughty. You know how well I took care of him while you are away.

Mehak: Uf…ooh Vicky you the best. Thank you so much you did awesome job taking care of Naughty.

Seeing their bantering session only made Shaurya annoyed.

Shaurya: Oh hello, it was me who instructed him and check about Naughty every day. So don’t thank him. Or else he will not be bothered about Naughty at all.

Mehak giggled seeing upset Shaurya as she let go of naughty. She pulled a seat next to him and started to enjoy the hearty meal with both side of the family. It was almost late night the Sharma’s left the Khanna mansion and Mehak and Shaurya retired to their room to sleep.

While sleeping, Mehak started to get flashes of the incident happens months back. She didn’t had any of these nightmare for quiet sometimes. When she started to sleep in the same room with Shaurya her recurrent nightmares that she was trapped in the penthouse stopped. She jerked awake from the nightmare with a loud shriek. Upon hearing her Shaurya gets up and went to her aid to comfort her. His hands caressed her back slowly to calm her down. He murmured some soothing words saying he is there with her and nothing happens to her. She started to get hiccups because of the incessant crying. He poured her a cup of water and place it under her lips slowly. Once done, he wiped her tears away and let her rest on his chest. She tugged to his t-shirt as Shaurya asked her to close her eyes and think about the beautiful moment they spent together at Amsterdam especially how they enjoyed Domburg beach holding hands as they walk pass the waves. Mehak’s breathing became calm as she listen to his soothing words. After sometimes she went into deep sleep but Shaurya stayed awake as his jaw tightened and his heart clenched in a way to see her in that situation. He never thought that Mehak will get that nightmare again but today he is furious at that person who caused the grief to her. He placed her back on the pillow and gets down slowly taking his mobile with him to the balcony. He closed the door slowly and dialed Dr Kaur.

Shaurya: Hello Dr Kaur. Sorry this is Shaurya Khanna. Sorry to call you at this hours.

Dr Kaur: It’s okay Mr Khanna. I am at the hospital anyway. How’s Mehak? IS everything alright?

Shaurya told about her nightmare and how she didn’t had one for so long till today she woke up sweating and crying. He was curious why she had this nightmare. Dr Kaur explained that maybe due to jetlag she might had this nightmare and asked him to monitor her so she can suggest if any further treatment needed for her. He thanked the doctor and hang up. After that he called his Private investigator asking about any news about his case and he said there is no tips so far but he is working closely on his case. He hang up the call and went to his bed and rested next to Mehak as he caressed her gently watched her sleep as sleep claims him as well.

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    ??Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
    Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
    Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
    Maut da intezaar karaan
    Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
    Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
    Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
    Ye tu kabhi soch na sake Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
    Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
    Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
    Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
    Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
    Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri
    Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
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    1. Haseenah2020

      Thank you PS for your lovely feedback and this wonderful song dedication for mehrya. yeah though I mention that I was busy with celebration and family but I manage to draft the storyline in between so I can type them quickly when I sit infront of my laptop. So once I’m free and ready I can type so fast and update them here for you guys. This update is almost 6pages 2577 words so imagine how I type out. thank you for the song selection, I was too busy and didnt had time to search for songs and the lyrics translation either so thats why this update didnt had a song for mehrya but I am glad you manage to add for me this. will continue soon have a blessed day ahead.

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      Thanks Fatema for your comment. glad you enjoyed the chapter.yes soon you will know the culprit. Wait for maybe 1 or 2 chapter. have a great day ahead.

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      Thank you Raga for your comment. Yes Mehrya back to Delhi and lets see how they are going to enjoy life midst of their family presence. How naughty Shaurya will romance his Mehak. take care and have a blessed day ahead

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      Hi PS thank you for asking, I am doing fine dear. Yes many have asked abt the online chat phase of mehrya and asked me to input earlier I didnt include as it will mess up my storyline, but I assure you in one of the upcoming chapters I will create a scenario for this. No worries I am okay as long you asked me and I will try, If at all its impossible I will refuse politely as you know I am busy lady with career, family and kids. Will update soon just doing some checking in between the chapters and will post soon, thank you have a nice day.

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