Spoilers 12th July 2019

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Premlatha makes baby unwell and blames Mayura asking Rivaaj to fire her. Rivaaj asks Mayura to leave the house. Mayura thinks to win back his trust anyhow and leaves the house. She changes the location of Rivaaj’s shooting and makes him reach a Qabila. Rivaaj drinks and throws a wine bottle near the temple there. The villagers get angry and kidnap him. Rivaaj provokes their anger insulting them and boosting about his celebrity status. The angry villager is about to behead Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks them to rethink and says I will give shower money on you all. He closes his eyes seeing the man about to slaughter him when a boy comes there and says Devi saved me and she is here. Rivaaj looks at Mayura making an entry as a Devi. Mayura asks villagers to leave Rivaaj and saves him.

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  1. I m just hating current track why can’t they marry first and then bring all negativity n face thm together

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