Do you like Zebby Singh’s entry in Muskaan?

Star Bharat’s Muskaan gets a new entry with a fresh track in the story. Muskaan has an only aim in her life, that’s to punish Sir for killing Aarti and other women. She regards him the big culprit who has ruined many lives of innocent women. She dreams of punishing Sir ji. Muskaan joins her duty as a police constable. Ronak and Gayatri are her well-wishers. Ronak decides to relocate on Sir ji’s request. He isn’t happy that Muskaan is trying to break his oath. He has taken the oath to protect Sir ji.

Muskaan gets a new mentor in Inspector Jahaan Singh. Muskaan and Jahaan will be seen bonding while they try to solve a big case. Ronak looks ahead to start a new life with Muskaan. Muskaan doesn’t quit her revenge motives. Ronak demands her to lose her aim of life. Inspector Jahaan falls in love with Muskaan. Actor Zebby Singh of Papa by Chance fame is playing a cop in this show. There will be soon a love triangle forming between Ronak, Muskaan and Jahaan. Do you like Zebby Singh’s entry in Muskaan? Let us know your opinion.

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