Part 43 12/07/2019

 Mehak’s POV

Last night Shaurya and I were on the bed. He was seeing something on the mobile and I sneakily went to grab the mobile from his hands and he tried to take it back as he keep asking me to pass it to him but I didn’t want to give it to him. He keep trying his level best to get back his mobile but I didn’t surrender to him, I got off from the bed avoiding him. We were on both sides of the bed and Shaurya keep asking me to return his mobile but I stick my tongue out to him and challenged him to try to take it by himself. I climbed on the bed running from him but his long hand manage to pull me and I fell on the bed and now Shaurya captured me with his body on top of me. He crushed me with his muscular frame. I was pushing him away with my both hands but he held both my hands above my head as both of was panting heavily. His wavy hair fell over forehead covering up to his eyes. I blow some air at the hair which moved a bit as he smiled at me. His hold on my arms were not loosening but it was not hard too. I giggled seeing his smile and his wavy hair covering his eyes.

Shaurya: Why are you smiling like that? Do I look that bad?

Mehak: Not bad you look good just the way you are but just your hair, I never know your hair is this long shiny and wavy. What shampoo are you using? (Giggling)

Shaurya: Achaaa so now you notice my hair.

He wiggled his hair on her face and later moved down to her neck making her to giggle even louder, as Shaurya teasing her with his hair, his lips caressed her neck which made Mehak silent and she didn’t move as his lips started to suck slowly her neck skin. Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath. She closes her eyes and melted as her whole body was consumed as his lips trace along her jawline. His scent overwhelmed her as the heat created havoc in her. Shaurya’s nose tip move along her jawline, caressing her ear as he goes up to her hairline he stop at her cheek to plant long vacuum kiss. He planted a few more kisses on her cheeks to her eyes and Mehak caress her cheek against his cheek. His stubbles were sharp and she let out ouch breaking their moment.

Mehak: You should shave a bit (running the back of her palm on his cheek) this is annoying.

Shaurya: Hmm… So you want me to shave? So you want me to trim off or shave my beard?

Mehak: I never seen you without beard, how do you will look like? You will look nice or not?

Shaurya: I don’t know, but now we need to sleep.

Shaurya’s POV

Once we were back from our night outing I was busy with my mobile checking some emails as I was too busy with my stuff Mehak grabbed the mobile from me and started to running around the bed. When she climbed on the bed to run the other end I manage to grab her and she fell on the bed and I fell on top of her. Having her below me just awaken the dark desire in me. The way she wriggle herself from me and now she is chortling made me to held her hands up her head as I look into her eyes as I can feel her chest heaved as she takes each breath. Indeed she is inexplicably beautiful. She defines beauty where no one else would. I was admiring her features slowly but she blow some air on my face which moved my hair on my forehead to move a bit from my eyes then I see her giggle again. I teased her neck area with my long hair then I started to plant some wet kisses along her jawline and she rubs her cheek against mine till she ouches. I looked at her immediately and she complaint about my stubble now. I am glad we stopped this now or else it would be danger for both of us and I don’t want her to regret. I want her to feel the same like me to we can start the next phase in our life. I quickly moved and asked her to sleep. She fell asleep immediately but I was caressing her hair for a while and once she is not moving much I put her on the pillow and cover her properly leaving the room with my mobile. I went to the living room and called the detective I hired to know more on Mehak’s assault at Jaipur. He can’t find anything as Mehak didn’t see the person as he was wearing the mask and on that specific date many were using the lift and the CCTV footage didn’t capture anything weird. I asked him to expedite the matter as I want the person alive or death. Though I am happy as Mehak has accepted me but whoever caused pain on her must be punished and I will definitely find him no matter what. I went back to bed after the call and pecked Mehak a few times before going to close my eyes. I woke up early so I can surprise her with my new look without the beard and prepare some delicious breakfast.

Mehak’s POV

We both slept as usual hugging each other. But now when I search the bed in sleep, Shaurya is not on the bed. I slowly opened my eyes and smiled looking at the bed. How we landed on each other before goes to sleep and his kisses made somersault in me. I blushed thinking about it. Just then an aromatic sweet and fruity smell hit my nose which reminded me of Shaurya’s cooking. I tied my hair into a messy bun and walked down the stairs slowly. I heard Shaurya humming a song First Class song (Kalank Movie). I quietly went as he was busy at the stove smiling happily as I hugged him from behind wrapping my arms around his waist leaning my face on his back.

Mehak: Good morning (as she kiss him on his back)

Shaurya: Good morning my jaan. (Taking one of her hand from his waist as he planted a kiss on her palm)

Mehak: Why didn’t you wake me up? We could have prepared breakfast together right? (in her groggy tone)

Shaurya: You were sleeping like kumbkarnan’s sister (A character from Ramayana which is younger brother of Ravana who slept for 6 months and ate everything around him. It used to tease someone who sleep like log).

Mehak: Khadoos Kumar, you can’t talk lovingly is it?

Shaurya: Well I got something even better to show you, so are you ready to see it.

Mehak: What is it?

Shaurya asked her to close her eyes. She let go her hold from his waist and stand straight as she closed her eyes obediently. He slowly turned to face her smiling mischievously and slowly placed his hands around her waist warning her slowly not to open her eyes and pushed her slowly to the kitchen counter and lifted her and placed her on top of the counter as he placed both his palms securing her in between his palms as he counted 3, 2, 1 and asked her to open her eyes. She excitedly open her eyes.

Mehak: Aww, (as she cupped his cheeks) what you really shaved your beard?

Shaurya: So what you think of my new look?

Mehak: You look good though but I feel weird a bit as I never seen you without your beard before. I feel now as if I am with some stranger and not with the lambu tadiyal I known.

Shaurya: Last night you said my beard is bothering you now you are complaining I look like a stranger. This is me, if you want I can remind you that this is me in my own way. (Bending towards her neck nuzzling at her collarbone)

Mehak’s hand rested on his shoulders as he teased her with his playful action. He slyly place his hands on her hips as he lifted her off from the kitchen counter wrapping her around his waist securely holding her against him.

Mehak: Shaurya what are you doing? Put me down this is so weird, I feel this is inappropriate. Please put me down.

Shaurya: Nope, not going to let you go easily. Tell me by looking into my eyes that you don’t like this, I will put you down.

Mehak she blushed heavily hearing him as she smiled at his chest. She playfully hit his chest.

Mehak: You are completely nuts Shaurya.

Shaurya started to draw some random patterns at her waist which made Mehak to look direct into his eyes.

Mehak: Please put me down I feel like….

Shaurya: Like what? Tell me Mehak.

Mehak blushing and just mumbled…

Mehak: You know everything and still asking me all these Shaurya. I don’t know how to say it loudly.

Shaurya admires her blushing face he walked her up the staircase in the same position. They reached the bathroom and he opens the door and slowly loosen his grip around her hips as she stand on her feet.

Shaurya: Quickly freshen up and come down, I prepared your favorite breakfast bread pudding with fresh strawberries and custard. (Planting a kiss on her nose tip)

Mehak nodded and push him out of the bathroom and close the door quickly as she lean on the door smiling covering her face which is bright in red hues. She quickly freshen up and came downstairs to enjoy the mouthwatering breakfast prepared by the renowned celebrity chef also her husband Shaurya. He first feed her then they started eating. While eating their breakfast Shaurya’s mobile ring and he pass the mobile to Mehak as it’s a Skype call from their home. Mehak excitedly slide to answer the call. It was Karuna maa with Dolly maasi, then added by another call from the Sharma clans. All greeted her and asked about her wellbeing and when are they coming back to Delhi as all are missing both of them. Karuna maa asked how Shaurya is and where is he? Mehak glee happily as she signed Shaurya to come behind her. He continued to eat his breakfast and Mehak talked with everyone at their home as she conveyed how much she misses them and once their work complete they will return home. In between she signed at Shaurya to come and talk to them. He slowly gets up from his seat after finishing his breakfast.

Mehak: Maa, maasi, PD, chachu chachi and everyone, I want to show you all a surprise. Are you all ready?

Karuna maa, PD and Kanta chachi unanimously asked her what it is, quickly show them.

That’s when Shaurya came behind Mehak as he bend himself at her height and greeted everyone. All gasped happily.

Karuna maa: Shaurya beta is that you? Finally I got to see you without your beard. I wanted to see you like this long ago.

PD: Handsome now you became even more handsome, I am afraid girls at Amsterdam going to fall head over heel with you, laddoo be careful, I already warned you now.

Sonal and Nehal: Jiju you are looking absolutely hot, lots of love from both of us.

Mehak: (pouting at them) hello stop drooling over him. Well it was me who asked him to shave and he shaved it, so you all should credit me.

The entire family tittered hearing Mehak’s complaint.

Karuna maa: You did the right thing Mehak beta, now he look like the sweet Shaurya that I knew, once he

Started his business and etc. he didn’t want to shave and said he looks good with his beard and now he is looking good.

Mehak: maa do you know your son cooks delicious meals for me all the time? Today I woke up because the house filled with his bread pudding and custard sweetness smell.

Dolly maasi: Beta you made our lalla to cook for you? It’s a girl’s job to cook, yes our lalla is a celebrity chef but now even at home you are letting him to cook and now you are praising him. Don’t you feel shy telling this proudly to us?

Sonal: Maasi Ji if a guy cooks for his girl is means that he is romantic and all girls wants that type of guy. If Mohit learns cooking and even fry an egg for me I will be over the moon.

Nehal: Me too, I will only marry a guy who can cook for me too, just like jiju.

The conversation were going on between the family and Shaurya gets restless he stealthily bend to mobile screen and quickly placed a kiss on Mehak’s cheek and left her to jaw dropped as well all the family members who saw that live and they heard loud giggles as PD said okay lets hang up and not to disturb them. Karuna maa blessed Mehak to be happy always beta, we are missing you. Mehak put back the mobile on the table and caresses her cheek as she smiles. She gets up from her seat calling Shaurya.

Mehak: Shaurya where are you? Why did you do that? You are mental, you are complete idiot and now you made embarrassed in front of our family. Do you have any idea what all of them will be thinking about us?

Shaurya who was at the living room sitting on the couch as if nothing happens, replies we are husband and wife and madly in love so they will be happy that we are no longer fighting like last time and we have sorted our misunderstandings so there is nothing to embarrassed about it laddoo. She folded her arms at her chest as she pouted at him in mock anger but he pulled by her elbow and made her sit on his lap and she tried to move away from him. He looked at her with a puckish smile on his face.

Shaurya: Mehak stop fighting with me.

His tone made her to quit wriggling instantly and she looked into his eyes.

Shaurya: When you get angry, you are looking hot and driving me crazy. (Tracing her forehead hairline with his long finger and inhaling her scent) Also when you are blushing like this my heart beats wildly.

Mehak chew her lower lip as she doesn’t want to let out her smile out of her. Shaurya slide his hand to cup her cheek and slowly caress her nape which she gave a little shiver.

Mehak: Shau..rya… what are you doing?

Shaurya: Just want to see you closer like this. Stay like this with me. He made her sit comfortably on him as she rested her body against his as his arms wrapped around her. Mehak asked him to turn on the TV to watch some random TV show. They were watching it excitedly as Shaurya’s mobile started to ring again. He put her down on the couch and went to get his mobile. It was Diya after exchanging pleasantries he pass the mobile to Mehak.

Mehak: Hello Diya how are you and how’s Janhvi?

Diya: We are good and Janhvi is missing you.  Listen I got something to tell you, since I don’t have much people here with me at Amsterdam so I want to share this with you.

Mehak straighten herself to listen to Diya.

Mehak: Are you okay Diya, is everything fine with you two? (In her serious tone looking at Shaurya whose eyebrows is furrowed looking at Mehak)

Diya: Nothing serious all happy news only. Ruben and I decided to get married as Janhvi agreed to accept him as her father. (Responding in happy tone)

Mehak: Really? I am so happy for you both and also Janhvi is going to have a father. When is it?

Diya: I know you will be very happy for us that’s why I call to inform you. We are planning for a small party just for our closed ones. I am picking a gown and he is wearing simple suit and dinner after that. We are planning to do it in 2 weeks’ time so I want you and Shaurya to be there too with us. So please don’t say no and if can please extend your tickets. I want my sister to be there on my big day. Can we meet up at my place today evening to discuss more about this, though it’s a small event but I am getting these wedding jitters (letting out silly laughter)

Mehak: Definitely we will be there on your special day. (Looking at Shaurya whose eyes still fixed on her) Sure lets meet up today evening, we miss you guys especially Janhvi. (They hang up the call and Mehak put the mobile on the coffee table)

Shaurya sat on the couch and looked at Mehak’s happily glowing face.

Mehak: Do you know Shaurya, I am feeling so happy for Diya. Finally she accepted Ruben as her life partner and dad for Janhvi. All the years of her sorrow will be vanished and I am so happy for her as she finally going to have an understanding life partner. (She leaned her head on his biceps)

Shaurya: That’s good news. Diya and Ruben will make a good understanding parents to Janhvi. When is the wedding?

Mehak: Diya mentioned is just a small event between the closed ones it’s in two weeks times, so today she invited us to her place to discuss more about it.

Shaurya: Okay we shall go and visit them in the evening.

Mehak: Do you know Shaurya, I was so clueless when we came here with things happens and I don’t know what to do and my mind was scattered with many questions and I used to freak out for all the smallest things happens. After few meet ups with Diya and how her life while she survived as single mom raising Janhvi in a new place and she created an identity for her as years goes not turning back and there she is as Janhvi’s mom. Now I am sure Ruben is going to be an excellent partner and dad too. It was our last meet up at the park Diya made me to realize how important I am to you and I slowly wants to move out from the concrete walls that I built inside me and live a happy life like others. I want us to start all over again and here we are together.

Hearing her words Shaurya placed his hands on her hand which is holding on to his biceps. He kissed on her head as they sat in the same position for sometimes.

Shaurya: It’s good that Diya knock some senses to you or else you would have made me running amok in this city.

Mehak: You like to talk nonsense all the time Shaurya. (Smacking lightly at his bicep)

Shaurya: I was just joking yaar.

Mehak: Okay let’s go and make some gajjar ka halwa (a dessert made of carrots) for Diya. It’s a happy news and we should celebrate this. (Pulling him off from the couch)

At the kitchen both worked together preparing the dessert. Shaurya never spare a moment teasing Mehak but she keep being witty as they lovingly prepared the dessert for Diya and Janhvi.

Saans mein teri saans mili to Lyrics Translation (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)


Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Music: A R Rahman

Lyrics: Gulzar

Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal

Saans mein teri saans mili to

mujhe saans aayi..

when your breath mixed in my breath,

I was able to breathe..

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,

tu jo paas aayi..

soul touched the body’s fragrance,

when you came nearby..

kab tak hosh sambhale koi,

hosh ude to ud jaane do..

dil kab seedhi raah chala hai

raah mude to mud jaane do

tere khayal mein doob ke aksar

achchi lage tanhaai..

how long can one remain in control,

when consciousness goes, let it go..

when has the heart gone on a straight path,

if the path turns, let it turn..

when I am in your thoughts,

loneliness feels good..

raat teri baahon mein kate to,

subaha badi halki lagti hai

aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum,

kyon chhalki chhalki lagti hai

mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo

meri kasam kya khaayi..

when the night goes in your arms,

morning looks very light,

have you started living in my eyes,

it keeps spilling..

touch me again and say,

have you sweared on me..

Saans mein teri saans mili to

mujhe saans aayi..

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,

tu jo paas aayi..


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