RadhaKrishn 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Secretly Helps Radha

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Krishna asks Radha what guru dakshina she will expect. She asks him to keep silent, at least she does not have to listen to his taunts now. Shuka flies and sits on Radha. Radha walks away with him. Balram tells Krishna that Radha gave him tough punishment. Krishna says Radha herself will ask him to speak. Ugrapath asks Radha what curse did Rishi Durvasa give her on mountain. Radha says he just gave moral gyaan regarding happy married life. Ugrapath says it is good then. Jatila says Krishna did all this and Radha should stay away from Krishna. Once Ugrapath and Jatila leave, Ayan stops Radha and shouts she insulted him and did adharma, from here on she will just serve his family, but will not follow any patni dharma. Radha says she will continue serving his family, whether he considers her as his wife or not.

Radha angrily walks towards lake to fetch water venting out anger on Krishna when she sees Krishna playing target practice with his friends and asks one to act as Gopis carrying water. He enacts. Krishna breaks water pot targeting it. Radha and her friends try to hide seeing that, but Krishna breaks all their pots. Radha reaches home empty handed, but sees water pots there, realizes Krishna must have done this. Jatila asks Radha if she finished work. Radha nervously says yes. Jatila gives her list of work and asks to finish it soon. Radha sees all work is already done and realizes Krishna has done it. Jatila is amazed to see that and asks how did she finish work so fast. Radha says she learnt it from her mother. Jatila fumes and thinks something is wrong, Ayan married Radha with so much insistence, but he does not look happy.

Krishna hears Nand and Vrishbhan discussing about a serious problem, but looks at Radha. Nand asks if heard what they were discussing. Krishna nervously says it is a serious issue. Radha asks what did they speak about. He says important issue. She says he did not listen and was looking at her, he should not dare again.

Precap: Balram asks Radha why she is not speaking or looking at Krishna. Radha says she does not want to talk to him. Kans says he will go to patal lok and bring a deadly weapon which will end Krishna.

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  1. another joke from kans how foolish of him to think that any weapon will kill the devine !!!! # dragging of story anyways

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