Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update – Malyudh continues

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with wrestler throwing kanha & Balarama on the ground & kanha fall unconscious in mal yudh. All villagers of Mathura, kanha’s father are worried but gurudev gives support & saya that not to worry as kanha is not a simple child. The wrestler hits Balarama & make him also unconscious. Kansa become very very happy & orders his wrestlers to give both of them a terrific end of their lives. Kanha’s father is scared & are hitting against the laws of mal yudh but gurudev stops & supports him as I am saying kanha will get up.

Devki is explaining vasudev & both starts praying for kanha & Balarama.

Wrestlers are shouting at kanha to wake & fight with us & kansa tells them to kill them now. while devki is praying kanha is little bit feeling conscious & wrestlers running towards kanha to kill him & Balarama but Balarama & kanha get up suddenly & hold & throw them by their strength. Kansa is stunned.

Kanha gets up & tells kansa that your place is at hell now you culprit & nowhere else. Both kill the wrestlers musti & Kaushal & kansa can’t see this. All villagers pray kanha.

Vasudev hears the winning voice of kanha & becomes joyful telling devki too that our son has won in mal yudh. Both pray to god.

Balarama is massaged with paste by vaidya who is in pain & kanha is joking with Balarama. Kanha asks Vaidya that aren’t you scared of kansa & he replies that I am doing my job as I am god of this earth & to take care of body is my ultimate duty & against law if I get scared. Kanha smiles listening to him. Vaidya tells Balarama as massaged is done so take care in malyudh again. Balarama & kanha replies that it has just started & we are not scared of malyudh as two more wrestlers to be killed & then finally their chief “kansa” says kanha & need to end him too.

Kanha’s father comes & tell kanha that now i have taken decision that you won’t fight with kansa anymore as I am concerned about you, Damodar kaka & balarama’s father also tells kanha to not to fight now & if needed we will fight but kanha says this is not possible as I have challenged kansa & to end his injustice I only have to end him. They are unable to speak any further. Also if I backup from challenge then it will be difficult to stop his on-going injustice to end. Kanha’s father insists not to fight again as he won’t be able to show face to your baba vasudev if anything happens to you but kanha replies that this mal yudh is a final end of fight so need to complete this fight & keep faith that nothing will happen to your kanha as i have blessings of baba vasudev too as if I kill kansa then he will also feel that his wish is completed by me but kanha’s father tells him that if this what you feel then let baba vasudev take your decision now.

Kansa is attacked by bhadraksha but saves himself.

Vasudev is talking with devki about this dangerous night passing by which kansa ‘s end will come now & devki replies yes that you are true but feeling that this night will be very long.

Kanha’s father nand come to meet vadudev baba. They meet after a long time of gap so hug each other. Vasudev asks nand how come here then nand tells that he knew all what you were facing but was unable to do anything. Vasudev explains lessons of life & death & without you it was not possible to get released from kansa’s injustice. Nand becomes emotional by tears coming from his eyes & vasudev asks him why are you crying then nand replies these tears are of repent in me as I never understood the truth behind for which I was chosen as support by you. Vasudev tells nand that it was done to avoid kansa to know about this.

Kansa is cursing bhadraksha & asking who are you & how could you attack me & tries to kill him by his sword but bhadraksha stops kansa & tells him I was pretending to make you realize your position as you are still strong enough to face & make this challenge successful as you are still god inspite my attacking so strong weapons in your stomach. Kansa realizes & stops his curse towards bhadraksha by looking himself in water mirror & he is happy. They both keep talking about kanha & Balarama how they will be killed as they already are in injured conditions so kansa says now that they won’t be killed by my wrestlers but my that army will who are already dead & nobody can kill them kill them & changes his pattern to fight with kanha & Balarama. Hence all will be killed by this army & my wishes of so many years will be fulfilled & feels happy & excited.

Precap : Before going to malyudh again kanha meets devki & vasudev & tries consoling them. Kansa is planning the dead army to kill kanha & Balarama.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. i found kans as a joke i mean that foolish didin’t know whom is he fighting lol on such fools who think they are lord and can’t become a human with humanity ; may be in those days it was gods playground to lay scripts and kill villans for enjoyment lol on these mythologie

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