Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-4

 Trip………? 😎

Rithika secretly captured their proposal in the form of some photos and video. She left the place very silently, without disturbing the love birds. Later, She send the pics and video to ram. And  she also message him to not ask them and play some prank on them. After sending it, she keeps her mobile phone in silent, she left for classroom.

Ram :- (he gets the message from rithu and get shell shocked!!!!!!) What the???

He send that pics and videos to Vikram.

Vikram 🙁 same reaction from him) what!!!!!!

After completing their classes everyone meet at their spot.

Vikram :- harry, I need to talk with you in privately. Would please come with me a moment.

Harry :- hmm

Tanu :- what did he want to speak with me? That to privately?

Ram :- even, I don’t know?

Vikram :- Harry, I want to say…………

Harry:- what Vikram? Why are you looking nervous? Is everything ok?

Vikram :- yeah ! Everything is fine. Today a girl meets me in Library, she said, she loves you so much from 6 months. She asked me to help her……… Then, I said, ok!

Harry :- shocked!!!!!!!

Vikram :- I know, you don’t have any interest in these type of matters but I saw some sincerety in her eyes. Trust me. She will be going to a perfect match for you. And I planned a trip, I will invite her as my new friend then you both get a chance to spend time. Ok!

Harry :- but…….

Vikram :- I know what you are going to say. I will inform these to our friends (about trip) ( with out waiting for Harry’s response, he went towards his friends)

He announce the trip……..

Vikram :- in these trip, my new friend is going to join. So, please don’t mind.

Tanu :- Vikram! You don’t need to explain us!

Harry’s inner feeling :- you fool! He will be going to arrange a new gf for me and you are supporting him! Oh god!!!!

Tanu :- why don’t we invite rithikha?

Harry’s inner feelings:- thank god! She know everything, if she come with us then she will help me from this problem.

Vikram :- yeah! Of course. Now, she also become our friend. Right?

Rithikha :- not yours!!!!! Their friend.

Vikram :- whatever, are you coming with us ?

Tanu :- please don’t say no!!!!

Harry and ram :- please say yes!

Rithikha :- ok!

Tanu :- yeah!!!!!!!

Ok friends update is completed

I know it’s short but trust me I will make next one lengthy.

Until then, bye…….

  1. Shesha485

    It’s quite confusing. Who is that new girl? Is Harry really loving Tanu?

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Yes, he loves her.

  2. Zingo

    I think the girl Vikram is talking about is Tanu only. Literally whenever the name Tanu is coming here, I am imagining That Tanu from Kumkum Bhagya here😂. Coming to episode, it was amazing. Curious to find out what’s next!😃

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tqsm for your immense love and response, I will try to post next one soon.

  3. It was worth-reading. I am enjoying it a lot. Please post the next episode soon. I am eagerly waiting for it😔🤩🤩

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