In Mumbai

Mr.Srinivasan discusses about the deal with Shashank and Ishaan. Ishaan says “so deal is with Kohlis.” Mr.Srinivasan replies “yes. Me and Vikram are friends since childhood. Later he wanted to become a cricketer but due to his father’s sudden death he took up his family business and got settled in Delhi. But I met his family and he met us but our familes did not meet. This time we all will meet.” Shashank asks “what about Mehras?” Kumar says “Kohlis and Mehras are friends and business associates since 20 years.””And Shahsank this is your first project and a big one so I want u to handle it well and Ishaan I want u to discuss with Abhigya and Sunny.” Shashank teasingly smiles. Ishaan gives one pat on his cheek and says “okay appa.” Mr. Srinivasan says “not only about project but I want u to discuss with Abhigya about what we have spoken in morning.” Ishaan says “no appa I want u to give us some time. So that we can get to know each other and then I will tell her. I don’t know much about her but I know that she hates love, marriage. I don’t know what past she had and I don’t care about her past but I am sure if I discuss something like this with her she will run away. So u will  not discuss about this with her until I say.” Mr.Srinivasan reluctantly agrees.

In Delhi

Everyone gets mesmerized by Kiara’s voice. Purab says “Aryan was right. Her voice is really magnificent. If any of your daughter can sing then they will sing exactly like her.” Abhi gets tears in his eyes and says “I can see Kiara in her.” Purab consoles him. Kiara comes to Abhi and she asks “so…” Abhi says “I take back my words. Sorry to misjudge your voice and I will definitely fulfill the deal we had.” Purab says “there is an upcoming concert in Mumbai and a talent contest where we are gonna promote new singers. So it would be good for u to participate.” Kiara agrees happily. Abhi says “but there is a condition.” Kiara says “oh.. go ahead.” Abhi says “u should stop working.” Kiara mockingly asks “why? U don’t want to teach a pizza delivery girl?” Abhi says “nothing like that. There is less time for the contest so I want u to completely concentrate on music.” Kiara says “but what about my expenses?” Vikram says “your parents are there right?” Kiara thinks about King and replies “no I don’t have anyone here. I left my home.” Everyone gets shocked and they were about to ask something. But Kiara replies “don’t ask me why? Please.” Rhea says “okay di, we will not ask about that but can we at least ask your name? ” Everyone remembers that they were so busy talking to her that they didn’t ask her name. Kiara thinks and says “Arya…”Everyone says “what?” and laughs except Aryan. Kiara doesn’t understand why they were laughing. Rhea explains that “his name is Aryan” pointing at Aryan “and we always used to tease him using the name Arya.” Aryan sighs. Kiara asks “how is he related to u?”Rhea replies “he is my cousin brother.” Kiara says “okay so u consider me your sister right then if he is your brother then…”Kiara says “then think I am his elder sister. So sister’s name is Arya and brother’s name is Aryan.” Aryan feels happy. Kiara remembers how she changed her name to Arya in order to hide her real identity she changed her name to Arya  as soon as she reached Delhi. Abhi says “u can stay with us in our house.” Kiara disagrees. Abhi says “haven’t u put your future in my hands, then u should listen to whatever I say.” Everyone requests Kiara so she reluctantly agrees. Everyone smiles except Aliya.  Aliya leaves from there and thinks “I am unable to deal with that middle-class-lady Pragya now one more, why does these middle-class people always jump into our lives.”

Disha gets her transfer granted. She informs Sunny. Sunny gets happy. Disha says “I will leave to Mumbai in a week.”and cuts the call. She thinks “finally I am leaving this city and going to meet my son. Before I will meet di and jiju once.”

In Mumbai

Sunny informs Shahana and Prachi about Disha’s transfer. Prachi and Shahana gets happy. Sunny leaves to his room. Shahana sees Prachi thinking and asks “Prachi, are u thinking what I am thinking? ” Prachi asks “what?and how many times I have said u not to call me Prachi when Sunny bhaiya is at home?” Shahana says “I am sorry, I was thinking that… it will be not god for us to stay here anymore.” Sunny asks “why?”

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Purab is right.one of Abhi’s daughters could sing n its kiara.I hope they will recognize her soon.Oh no.I wish Kiara hadn’t lied that her name is Arya.Otherwise they wudve recognized her.Why Prachi doesn’t want shhana to call her Prachi when Sunny is at home?

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