Beyond Great Darkness – Story overview and Character Introduction

Story Overview and Character Introduction

Hello Everyone. I had posted an article earlier about an Introduction to a new fan fiction. Even though I have not received the required number of ‘Yes’, I have decided to put it out.

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For some of my friends who want to read this story but are not following the show, I am writing this story overview and Character Introduction. Those of you who already watch the show may skip this if you want.

Note- I started watching the show from when Veer saved Bani from the truck blast and have no idea of the myths/legends/powers shown in the previous seasons. So please excuse me for that lack of knowledge and comment if I failed to include any relevant points.

In Satyug (The First Age of Man), the eagles had got boon to become Icchadhari cheels (Shapeshifting eagles) and were wreaking havoc on earth. So Lord Shiva gave boon to snakes as well to shapeshift. Nageshwari was the first one to get the boon and so became the Aadi Nagin. She was in love with a naag Hriday (Aadi naag). The Eagle Prince Akesh is obsessed with Nageshwari. He and his fellow eagles enter the Naag Temple and Akesh kills Hriday, Nageshwari kills Akesh and later kills herself after vowing for revenge.

Now in Kalyug (The Fourth Age of Man), Nageshwari, Hriday and Akesh are reborn as Bani, Jai and Veer respectively. They 3 meet in the wedding of Bani’s friend Noor where Bani and Jai become instant friends and enmity is formed between Jani (Jai and Bani) and Veer. Jani perform Tandav in Naag Temple where they remember the past and decide to punish the eagles for their current and previous lives misdeeds.

Bani sees Veer killing Jai and kills him in a fight. But it is revealed that the person who died was Veer’s twin brother Teer. Bani and Veer get married to punish each other (for killing Teer/Jai) and Veer is still unaware about Bani being Aadi-Naagin.

Jai is later shown to have faked his own death and is actually planning to kill Bani to take her powers for himself, supported by Shukla, the trusted personnel of Singhania family.

After lots of drama and multiple failed attempts at killing Vani, Veer remembers the past during the Navratri celebrations when Jai (taking form of Bani), tried to kill Veer and Bani saves Veer. Veer accepts Bani being Aadi Naagin even fighting his family for her.

At about the same time, Bani finds Balvant is keeping someone captured in the basement and release her and she happens to be Chandrakala Singhania (CK), Balvant’s wife. Also at that time a new evil being enters the show named Markaat, who with the boon of Lord Shiva has powers of Eagle as well as Snake and she can be defeated only by Aadi Naagin. Then it is revealed that CK and Markaat are the same persons and both Veer and Jai are her sons.

Again after a lot of Drama and Jai’s character oscillating between supporting Markaat and supporting  Vani, Bani captures Markaat in the Tilismi Cave with the help of Lord Shiva’s Trishul (Trident).

Markaat with the help of Sea King attacks the family but Bani swallows all the waves and saves everyone. Then the Sea King appears and tells Meera that she is his daughter from previous births and is a human only for this life and asks her to return to the sea. Meera chooses her human life.

Markaat then takes help of moon and Veer is hynotised by moon light and behaves rudely with Bani in Meera-Tapish Mehendi ceremony. Later he comes and apolozises to her and they became intimate. (Whether Veer’s remembers this or not is still unclear.) The next morning he rudely walks out on her under hypnosis and goes to the moon where he decides to marry his childhood friend, the Moon Princess Chandani. Bani seeing this decides to get married to Jai and both the couples can see each other’s marriage through a TV like portal between Moon and Earth. Veer, unable to see Bani marrying Jai comes to his senses and refuses to marry Chandani. Chandani throws him from the moon and he fall through the roof of the Singhania Mansion. (Author’s Note-I am still unclear about the connection between Markaat and Chandani, it would be great if someone could explain that in the comments.)

My fan fiction is starting from this point in the story.

Character Introduction

  • Bani: Reincarnation of Naageshwari, Sarvashreshta naagin, Aadi Nagin, first naagin to become a shape-shifting serpent, Veer’s wife. (Author’s Note- I swear this was longer than ‘Mother of dragons.’ Please ignore if you didn’t get the reference.)
  • Jai Mathur- Reincarnation of Hriday, Aadi Naag.
  • Singhania Family.
    • Veeranshu Singhania- Reincarnation of Akesh, the Eagle Prince, Bani’s husband.
    • Teer Singhania: Veer’s twin brother. Killed by Shukla.
    • Balwant Singhania: Head of Eagle Clan, Veer’s father.
    • Tapish Singhania: Balwant’s son, Veer’s elder brother (Author’s Note- Don’t ask me why Veer is the prince and not Tapish being the eldest son, I haven’t made this show.), also Meera’s Fiancé.
    • Pawan Singhania: Balwant’s younger brother, Pankaj, Monil and Daksh’s father.
    • Pankaj “Ponky” Singhania: Pawan’s son, Veer’s cousin.
    • Monil Singhana: Pawan’s son, Veer’s cousin. Dead. Killer unknown (Probably Shukla and Jai).
    • Daksh Singhania: Pawan’s son, Veer’s cousin.
    • Chandrakala Singhania/Markaat: Balwant’s wife, Veer/Teer, Jai and Tapish’s mother
    • Shukla:  Trusted person of the Singhania family. Was their Kul-Guru in Satyug. Has sided with Jai and against Vani. Real killer of Teer Singhania.
  • Sharma Family.
    • Meera Sharma: Bani’s step-sister, Tapish’s fiancé.
    • Ritu Sharma: Bani’s step-mother; Mehek, Dehek and Meera’s mother. (Bani calls her chachi and not mom.)
    • Mehak Sharma: Bani’s step-sister.
    • Dehak Sharma: Bani’s step-sister.
  • Others
    • Pandit: Lord Shiva’s devotee, protector of the Naag Temple. Killed by Jai when he tried to tell Bani the truth about Jai, supporter of Bani.
    • Panditayan: Lord Shiva’s devotee, protector of the Naag Temple, Pandit’s wife, supporter of Bani.
    • Sapera Baba: The snake charmer, supporter of Bani.
    • Chandani: The princess of the moon, Veer’s childhood friend.
  1. Shesha485

    Good that you gave a brief outline about the story…
    About moon and Maarkaat condition, Maarkaat helped Moon princess during Satyug time so in return, she took the help of moon princess to kill Aadinaagin. Shukla is vengeful towards Singhanias because Bani killed his sons Harnish and Niten (sometime before truck blast) but the Singhanias never paid any attention to that.

    1. Nita D

      Okay thanks for clarifying both the points. 😘

  2. Zingo

    Nita D, thanks for giving the overview of characters. It was very detailed. Actually I too don’t watch the show, but I’ll definitely read this series. It was very well-written. Can you please tell us when will you upload 1st episode?

    1. Nita D

      Hey Zingo. I am done with 1st episode. It will be up in a day

  3. Samaila

    Amazing! Now that I think Y is veer the Prince and not Tapish.

    1. Nita D

      see…sometimes makers forget simple logics. it could just have been solved by making Veer the eldest.
      also please stick till the end of the story

  4. Very nice Introduction❤
    Loved your Title too
    Can’t wait for the 1st episode, all the best!😊

    1. Nita D

      Thank you so much Lisa. 1st chapter will be up soon

  5. I hope veer remember his date night with bani or else after knowing that bani is pregnant maybe he will doubt her character

    1. Nita D

      Lets see what the makers have in store for us.
      But this story will separate from the show from the time Veer returns from the moon.
      and thanks for commenting.

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