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One Week before Shanay’s b’day

A girl was seen with a big teddy hiding her face behind it and entered the big mansion owned by Oberois….
She ringed the bell and waited for someone to open the door…
Hearing the bell Gauri went to check who’s there with Ana in her arms….She opened the door and was surprised to see such a big teddy…Everyone knows how much she loves teddies…She got really excited and just hugged the teddy tightly but soon her smile faded away when she saw the girl behind the teddy…

“Annika”……….Gauri gasped

“Haan Annika…..How are you..?”exclaimed Annika and came forward to hug her but Gauri stopped her in midway showing her palm

“You are here for Ana,right..?And this teddy is for her too….So it would be better if you mingle with her only…..”said Gauri having a dull face

“Hey,dont say like this…I’m here for you…I know whatever I did is unjustified……Forgive me no,Ana ask your mum to forgive me..I wont do it again,.promise…!”said Annika extending her little finger

“Mumma,Ani is saying sorry na…..Accept her apology….please no”said Ana with a puppy face

“You both dont you dare to form a team…I’m hell angry at you Annika….I’m not talking to you….And you are in her team na,go to her….”said Gauri giving Ana to Annika

“Ok fine…..Lets go Ana,we’ll enjoy with the teddy……”said Annika focussing on last word

“Wait….I’m not over yet….What do you think of yourself haan,we are best friends but you just left me..!It wasnt fair at all,you get it…I hate you….”said Gauri blurting out her anger

“I am sorry”……said Annika holding her ears with a pout

“Mumma ,forgive her no otherwise I’ll take your teddy”said Ana with a chuckle

“I hate you”said Gauri engulfing Annika in a tight hug

“But I love you and more than you”said Annika reciprocating the hug

“You both BFFs I’m also here”said Ana with a hand on her hip

“Yaa yaa I know….come munchkin…”said Annika and the trio shared a tight hug

While they were busy in hugging two men entered the Mansion talking and laughing

“Thank you so much Shivaay for coming..”said Om

“I’m here just because of you….”said Shivaay

But soon he got the 440volt shock seeing HER infront of her eyes…..

“Annika……”Shivaay heaved

“Hey,Annika when did you come…”said Om making them them break their hug

“Just n……..”Annika stopped in between seeing HIM standing infront of her

They were seeing each other after six long months…All memories started flashing infront of their eyes,their first meet,their date,HIS proposal,their breakup……

“What happened Ani….”asked Ana breaking their eye contact

“Nothing Ana….Gauri I’m going to freshen up….Will meet you soon….”said Annika excusing herself from the awkward situation

In her room….
Annika’s POV

What is he doing here…?Where does his attitude went haan…!What’s he said “I’ll never see your face” and all,then why did he come…Ohh god,I’m telling you keep him away from me otherwise I’ll kill him….Such a sadu he’s ,didnt even say “hii” to me…..Ok its completely fine….I dont care…..Aggghh,how’ll I face him….Dont you dare to mess with me this time you Bhagad Billa….!ughhhh

Shivaay’s POV

I thought she wouldnt come but I was wrong….I’m not going to talk whatever happened,it was just because of her and her misunderstandings….These girls have in born problem of being jealous and making a mountain of a molehill….And meri wali to sabse alag hai hi…..Did I say “meri wali”…!Shivaay keep your hormones in control,dont you dare to melt infront of her….You better stay away from me Annika….


“How come Shivaay is here….?”asked Gauri

“Wo……I….I mean….”Om stammered

“You’ve said he isnt coming right?Then what happened suddenly…?”asked Gauri crossing her arms around her chest

“Wo actually,you were missing Annika,right??In the same way I was missing him too so I requested him to join….”said Om lowering his gaze

“You should have atleast told me no,I would have taken care if their face off….”said Gauri with disappointment

“Sorry……”said Om realising his mistake

“Its ok…Now dont make these cute faces…..”said Gauri adoring his husband

“Really….?Cute….haan…..?”said Om and moved towards her in response she started running

Atlast she held her,they shared an eye contact….Om was about to kiss her

“Haaaaaaaawwwwwww Mumma Dadda”said Ana hiding her eyes with her little palms…..

Precap–Shivika face off…?

Hey guys….
Hope you are doing well….Thank you so much for liking the story and I’m really sorry for late update as Ramadan is going on so dont get much time…I’ll try to be regular and will post on each Sunday…

please do vote no,silent readers…..Share your views in comment section….

Lots of love

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  1. Niriha

    Fabulous update dear

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..Will be waiting for their Face Off..Till then Take care.. And Ramadan Mubarak..

  3. It is nice one dear.. Ramadan Mubarak to you dear

  4. TUFriendsForever

    Nice perfect I loved Ana totally just a cutiepie and Shivay I am saying u can’t live without ani Bhai just accept it and Anika don’t just think u r smart?? u too loved him and u r loving him now too don’t show much attitude so they separated of jealousy girls are like that but all are not nice one di just funny and emotional all mixed together

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