Swasan-we enough for each other (season -2) part-1

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An award show
All big business tycoons where present including media
Host -the new entrepreneur award goes to …shermistha omkar Malik
Sumi who was sitting with her husband and her son ayush
Sumi came forward but didn’t receive the award
Sumi- sorry honourable Mr William  but this award who is really eligible is my daughter Swara Bose
Media-Swara bose madam she is bose and u are Malik. …Is swara is ur illegal daughter or adopted
Media-madam don’t you feel shame ur daughter is a farmer and u business tycoons wife and u new entrepreneur
Media-she lives in village of kolkatta and u in a villa
A man in audience of age 55yrs stands
Man-i want to answer this question with my wife
Sumi who is smiling joined by omkar
Sumi-shame it’s a very small thing for us
Omkar -because we became shameless know if I had kept shame then I was living the life of loneliness and I have been in office
Omkar -i become shameless I got a beautiful wife handsome son ayush who is in school know and a daughter who completed me by giving her mother to me …….today I am fearless man if I died
Sumi kept her hand on his mouth omkar smiles and remove it
Omkar -seriously sumi I am not worried because I know my daughter is there she can keep you both happy more than me and u i feel honour when people call me Swara ‘s dad
Sumi-they won’t understand I will explain i was born in a small village to a poor farmer house my dad wants to educate me but he only make me study till 12th because of heavy rain that yr so all crops damaged in helplessness he sold he land and made me married to shekher gadodiya but my bad luck didn’t end their when I given birth to a girl child they throw me out in that shock my parents passed away but I decided I will give everything to my child and my child fulfill my dream too
Sumi-smiles in tears then I got first shock of my life
Media-what madam
Sumi-she had engineering degree in one hand in her other she has a ticket to my village saying she want to become farmer ..when she said it .it was like thunder on me…
Sumi-i tried my best change her decision but no….so we reached in village
After 2 months
Swara -maa come out look what I brought for u
Sumi coming out
Sumi-which bomb now you bought for me…ramdeen kaka son just passed working in wipro and my daughter gold medalist working as farmer
Sumi -mba books know u want to do mba ..you even packed your bag and doesn’t bother to tell me
Swara-its ur luggage and not me you are going to study
Sumi -now I am clear some one has done black magic on you
Swara-mom listen
Sumi- just shut up and u listen time when I want to study and reach a height but I couldn’t complete it when your dad and dadi thrown us out i said them i make you a successful person by seeing you they will regret
She break down
Swara-maa I have seen you living miserable life u slept hungry stomach many days by filling mine ..maa to become  farmer is not shame it’s pride full mom as u starved I don’t want anyone too that’s why I give some amount of crop to needy one ..I can’t help everyone …maa and about your dreams it’s your dreams. ..maa grandpaa was unable that’s why he make you married what you dream for me I have full filled my dream to be a farmer look i am today fully satisfied didn’t you want to
Sumi- but Swara
Swara-mom not for me nor for yourself do it for your dead parents who want to see there daughter stand on her feet
After lot of debt finally Sumi  agreed Swara send her to college and she back to village
After a week
Sumi comes cryingly …neighbours inform it to Swara. …Swara comes runningly
Swara-what happen mom
Sumi- know u are happy ……all the students make fun of me by saying at the age of sending my grandchildren to school …everyone make fun of me
Swara-stop crying …today is some function in ur clg…we will go then take your t.c
Somehow Swara convenienced Sumi
In clg
All started passing comments by seeing Sumi and Swara by seeing Sumi 3 girls comes runningly
1st Girl-mishti where were u
2nd Girl-do u have any idea what we gone through by finding u missing we search u in entire city u left your phone here itself
3rd girl -who do this to there frnds. .we are going to police station to file missing report
Sumi-take breath. ..I am sorry I left without informing u…but I taking t.c
By hearing 3 girls face fells
Sumi- by the way meet my daughter Swara
3 girls shocks to see Swara
Sumi -this is Ragini kavya kavita
Ragini -u are  Swara Bose  2016 batch
Kavya -unbreakable record maker
Kavita-99.99% no one could able to  broke it
Swara-i have full faith this time it will break
All leave to auditorium ..all programmes end in last dean call Swara and Sumi to stage all started hooting
Swara- good morning every one .all having problems by seeing my mom study ….gvt has removed age limit for pg…but gvt can’t remove thinking na
Swara-women in surrounding living a miserable life they are doing such works u can’t imagine or living miserably depends on some one the thing which can help is education
Swara-my mom did hard work to fulfill my requirements my dreams when I full filled it her happiness has no boundaries then I thought she full filled her responsibilities it’s my duty to complete her dream
Swara-i want to ask you one question who are you to decide the end of a women’s dream.
Swara-and about society. .I don’t care because for me .me and mom are enough for each other but still I accept my defeat because my mom step out with out fighting so for whom I fight …I just wanted to complete her one dream
Sumi has tears of happiness and proud ..Sumi runs towards Swara and hugs her and kiss all over her face
Sumi-no I will not make u loss .I am lucky to have a child like u who is fighting for her mother dream ..I will study …and I will break your record
Swara -i will be the most happiest person that day.but society
Sumi-we are enough for each other

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