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“Annika wake up…Its already 7:15….Today is your first day at job and it seems it’s going to be great……”said Anjali sarcastically

“Yeah…..I know……just two more minutes na….!!I’ll take just chotu sa nap..!”said Annika

8:00 am

“What’s this chotu sa nap…!If this is chotu then dont know what’s the term for big one…”Anjali murmured to herself

“Ms.Annika guess what…..You’ve lost this new job too….It’s 8:00 am..”said Anjali first in a whispering tone and then almost shouting

“What…….!”exclaimed Annika

“Yes…”said Anjali with a not_so_pleasing smile

“Yaar….Why…!I mean why all this happen to me only….I swear it was going to be chotu sa nap and then…..”said Annika with a pout

“Ok drama queen….It’s not happening for the first time….So its fine….Go and freshen up….”said Anjali hitting her head playfully

“Ok…….”said Annika and was going to sleep again

“Dont you dare……..(and she stopped in between)…wake up now and clean your room and there is a parcel for you,go and check it…..”said Anjali making herself clear

Annika unwillingly came out of the bed,freshen up and went to check the parcel…Deep inside she knew who is the sender,none other than GAURI as she was neither receiving her calls nor replying her messages…

Annika opened the parcel…..There was an invitation card for SHANAYA’s b’day and a letter….

Hii Annika..Hope you are fine…Isnt it strange,we used to spend whole day together and now we havent talked to each other for six months…Everything has just changed…You left me,all this was so easy for you??Whatever happened between you and Shivaay,I know it shouldnt but you forgot our childhood friendship…!
Anyways afterall its YOUR life,YOUR choice and I dont think I’ve any place there…I just wanted to invite you for SHANAYA’s b’day as more than me you was excited for this…Hope you’ll join us atleast for her sake…..


After reading the letter,a layer of water has formed in her eyes…She tried to control but she couldnt and just broke down ….Anjali came there and asked her what happened but she didnt reply….She took the letter from her hands and read it….

“Annika……….”before Anjali could say anything Annika pulled her in a tight hug

“I know,I know I’ve hurt her a lot…I’m not a good friend…But I swear I love her,I love her a lot..I also miss her but I can face her,I dont want to be around anyone or anything which reminds me of HIM….I just want to forget him…..I dont know……” Annika expressed herself with sobs in between

Anjali patted her back,wiped her tears and said cupping her face

“Annika you cant forget anything until you face her….You are just running from the reality…..You need to value the people who are there for you,just embrace them before they give up on you…Gauri is your best friend….She doesnt deserve all this….What was her fault,hn??”

“You are right Anjali,its enough now….If HE doesnt care about me ,then why should I let him affect my life…I’ll go at Shanaya’s B’day and will apologise to Gauri too…”said Annika wiping her tears

“Good….”said Anjali planting a kiss on her forehead

“Thank you and love you….”said Annika hugging her back

“So when are you leaving…??”asked Anjali

“Today only….Come help me in packing….”said Annika


“Ana,wait……First have this n…..”shouted Gauri,running behind her angel (Everyone calls her ANA)

“Noo Mumma,I wont…”said Ana toddling around

“What happened Princess…?”asked Om scooping her in his arms

“Daddaaa,see Mumma is scolding me…”replied Ana faking cry

“Gauri…..”Om stared her

“Ohh hello you father and daughter,dont you dare to make a team,I knew no one loves me…..”said Gauri with a pout

“Stop copying me Mumma,you always snatch all attention….”said Ana blowing her nose

“Stop it you both….Both are drama queens…..Come come have a family hug…..”said Om engulfing them in a tight hug…..


“Gauri,have you talked to Annika….??”asked Om

“Actually she wasnt responding to my calls and messages so I’ve sent her a parcel….”replied Gauri

“I dont think she’ll come..”said Om in disappointment

“She’ll definately come….”said Gauri

“How can be you so sure ..?”asked Gauri

“Because I’ve played the emotional card..She wasnt responding so I got this idea…”said Gauri winking

“Amazing…..”said Om with a plain expression

“Forget it….Shivaay is coming..?”asked Gauri

“I’ve dropped the message,lets see if he replies…”replied Om

Shivaay’s POV

Should I go or not….I should go…Why I’m thinking this much I dont need anyone’s approval…I’ll go….

Heya guys …So as I’ve promised here is the first chapter,hope you’ve liked it…..

Please vote and comment guys…..And new update on every SUNDAY

Lots of love

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  1. _candy_

    Di what can i say about your skills, how do u manage to write so well and so beautifully, it was simply awesome, honestly i read it all, i must wait for the twist, really want to know what happend between shivika, dont u think makers of ib should hire u for good stories..
    Waiting for the next

  2. Ho yeah u back with my fav story line ?????hope come with this one soon plz don’t be delay plz ???????love u

  3. your all story are just awesome????

  4. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear..update next part soon

  5. ItsmePrabha

    So good To read this Chappy…So eager to know what happened between Shivika..Will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..And Love you..

  6. TUFriendsForever

    It was great reading it awww ani u should face the problem I loved the bond between Anjali and Anika and small nap always becomes big especially with me in holidays I am on time to school we have enter campus before 8:45 I do it I go there correct at 8:44 on time every time not got up as a late comer???? and Gauri became a drama queen ?? ana is cute and the family bond it so sweet Gauri is also Anika’s friend she is also khidkitod intelligent but Anika shouldn’t have done that to Gauri so rude and meaningless what wrong did Gauri do??? But I know this birthday will make shivika come together but what just happened between them?? Excited to know it anyways both are coming it will be sorted out
    Will be waiting for the next one
    Keep writing

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing

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