Love makes a change CHAPTER 47

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Sanskar is sitting in his room while sujata called him down so he went down and saw a bit aged couple with a young girl. He smiled at them.

Suj: This is my son sanskar.

San: Hello!

Soon the man and sanskar started to speak about business while the ladies were just speaking normally.

Suj: Sanskar, u r going to get married with this girl soon.

Sanskar was shocked….soon his blood boiled inside.

San: Sorry for disturbing, this will not happen u may leave (shouted).

Soon the couple left.

Suj: Sanskar I wanted ur happiness my son

San: Mom, u knew swara is my happiness.

Hearing sanskar’s shout ragini, ram, uttara came down and looked on…

Suj: How will u live with that cheap girl?

San: Mom stop it (shouted) Not a word about my swara. Those photos were edited mom and never in my dreams too I thought u will think Swara like that.

Sanskar went to his room while all others looked shocked. Again everyone went to sanskar’s room.

Suj: Sanskar, swara is……….

San: Ha mom swara has done nothing in this. It was all because of my business enemy Raj who had done all this if I couldn’t have done this he could have done something big and before I could inform this to swara all happened in a fraction of seconds. Please don’t taunt my swara please.

His voice contained all the pain he was going through.

Suj: Sanskar…(teary eyes)

San: Mom could u please be out, I want to be alone.

Sensing his situation ram took sujata with him. All had no words to say. They thought sanskar was the reason but no he was the only reason y they r living alive but he…..he is in immense pain which cannot be explained by words.


Swara came inside the Hyatt regency and signed in relief. She went upstairs while removing a big hat from head which protected her from not showing her identity to the media who was standing outside. She went in and saw laksh. Laksh also saw her. Both smiled seeing each other. Swara went near him and both shared a friendly hug. Both sat down.

Lak: Swara how r u?

SWA: I’m fine lucky, how is everyone there?

Lak: All good and look our plan of getting u as singer got success, I was really happy seeing in great heights.

SWA: hmm and about ragini and child?

Lak: A baby girl Ritu

SWA: Aww…

Swara got a call so she attended it.

SWA: Dida?

Dev: Mumma choki

SWA: No u already ate 7. (Strictly)

Dev: No mumma I ate 9.(innocently)

SWA: 9? How u got 2?(shocked)

Dev: great granny gave and Mumma choki choki (pleaded)

SWA: This dida na ah (signed in disbelief) …….No no no(strictly)

Dev: Yes yes yes (shouted)

SWA: No no k im busy bye bye bye….

Dev: No mumma…….(shouted)

Swara cuts the call.

SWA: I’m sure his teeth will be full of cavities in future.

Lak: who?

SWA: Dev

Lak: Dev?

SWA: Oh my son dev and Disha my daughter.

Lak: U’ve got twins? (Happily)

SWA: yes.

Lak: Swara where do u live?

SWA: in dida’s house at Delhi.

Lak: We all missed u and u should come home.

SWA: hmmm……….. Lucky woh….. I need time to get fixed back there , I knew dev and Disha do need their….dad… I will come but I do need time lucky..

Lak: I knew u from school days swara. I know once ur trust is broken….it will take time to heal so take ur time and look ur my bestie and sanskar he is my brother. I can’t leave u for him nor him for u but if u know the reason…. (Ragini told to laksh in mobile before swara came).

SWA: No lucky I wanted to know it from him.

Lak: k swara but this time I’m with u in whatever u do.

SWA: and one more thing please don’t let him know where I am nor don’t let anyone know please.

Lak: Sure swara.

Both stood up.

Lak: U know what swara, u have totally changed.

Swara smiles.

SWA: What to do when time passes even we have to change na (smiles sadly).

Lak: k k Bye…

SWA: Bye…

Both went down while swara again wore her hat and started walking in the road.

Sanskar couldn’t be in room so he took his car keys and left in his cars to relax himself.

Swara is walking on the road but her whole concerntration was only on that movement which made her life tragedy. She has been controlling her inner turmoil from the day dev and Disha was born. She may smile out, look bold outside but she is completely broken. It has been 4 years but still the wounds inside her was fresh. She knew that there is something behind sanskar, something which was bothering him. She still remember how sanskar avoided to keep eye contact with her. It is true once her trust is broken it will take a lot of time to rebuild it. She didn’t want her children to be away from getting their father’s love but still she needs time to make herself strong inside.

A truck was coming in full speed as the break failed. Swara is walking at the side of the main road. Within a second the truck hits her and swara was lying in a pool of blood still fighting not to close her eyes. The people started to crowd around her but none called the ambulance nor informed the police. Swara started to breathe heavily. Sanskar saw the crowd so he parked his car and went inside the crowd. He saw a girl lying in a pool of blood and he couldn’t see her face as her hairs were hiding. He kneeled down before the girl.

San: Have u all have no humanity? U all just looking at her instead of saving her? (Shouted).

The people lowered their heads in shame. Sanskar removed her hairs and was shocked, in no seconds his eyes turned glassy. He immediately took her in his lap.

SAN: Swara, swara look at me ( Pat’s her face).

Swara who was in semi consious lost her consious and closed her eyes completely. Sanskar immediately took her in his arms and drove his car as fast as he could to the nearest hospital.


Sanskar came from a room after giving blood for swara as she has lost lot of blood. He sat on the chair crying silently. His eyes and face turned red due to crying. His hands and his shirt was full of blood. Sanskar already informed dida through swara’s phone. Dida came inside the ward rushing and crying. She looked at sanskar who was sitting and was shocked. While sanskar saw dida and stood up.

SAN: Dida

Dida: U? (slapped him) y did u come here? Do u know by how much my Shoru suffered? Do u know what r the pain she has gone through? Having ur baby in her and her heart full of pain………. it’s just because of u only. U will not understand how much she loved u, after her parents, brother’s dismise she loved only u but what u did ah? U betrayed her, u left her alone when she needed u the most. U please leave……

SAN: No dida I .. please give a chance to say what happened there. (pleaded).

Dida: Enough sanskar, U know every girl will shout only ma at their labour pain but she shouted only yes name even after ur ignorance. U r no fit for Shona , Please u leave , I don’t want my Shoru to suffer more due to u please…..

Dida was not that angry on sanskar but she was scared to give her shoru back to him because if he leaves her again her state will worsen than before. Now all she was worried about swara. She asked the labourers to take care of kiddos and came her.

Sanskar without no choice left to his house. He was like a body without soul. All were questioning him yet he can’t hear anything all he heard was dida’s words like mantras. Laksh went to sanskar’s room and saw sanskar all broken sitting in down while his tears were only flowing. Laksh closed the door and sat beside sanskar.

Lak: What happened sanskar?

Very soon sanskar hugged him and started to cry more. Laksh eyes too became glassy as he has never seen him in such a state before. After sometime sanskar told everything from swara’s accident till dida’s speech.

SAN: Dida was right lucky im no fit for swara.

Laksh immediately cupped sanskar’s face.

Lak: No no sanskar u r the only one who is fit for her. U r the only one who made her smile whole heatedly and……..woh…..swara is not ragini’s sister. (Sanskar looked shocked) She belongs to Mehra’s family and she is your best friend Aditya Mehra’s only sister. After their parents dismise u already know with how much great difficulty he became a singer yet he passed away in an plane crash before 5 years. (Sanskar nodded lightly still in shock). Ragini and swara r cousins so ragini’s parents took her and came, they gave everything which they gave for swara yet u r the only person sanskar who made her smile, showed her bubbliness back. I came to know this when I went to swara’s house for mehandi function and that night I heard everything.

Hearing every thing he was totally shocked very soon his head started to spin and he fainted in laksh’s arms. Laksh got panicked and he immediately called everyone and called the doctor.


Swara opened her eyes and got with the help of a nurse. She had a big bandge on her head and her head was also paining a bit.

Sanskar was checked by the doctor.

Doc: He is highly in stress and he got exhausted that’s y he fainted.

Saying this doctor went suggesting him some tables and went.


Dida rushed inside and hugged swara and cupped her face.

Dida: U r fine na?

Swara nodded and very she got remembered that how she got accident and felt like sanskar was helping her.

SWA: Dida who addmitted me?

Dida instantly remembered sanskar but she lied.

Dida: Some boy shoru.

SWA: Oh….

Seeing dida’s expressions swara found out it was sanskar.


PRECAP: Maheshwaries back to Kolkata, swara and kiddos in Kolkata after few days and some family+emotional movements.

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