Love makes a change CHAPTER 48

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Maheshwaries started to go back to Kolkata. While sanskar wanted to know if swara is fine or not.

SAN: Lucky I don’t know how swara is?

Lak: Don’t worry Sanky she’ll be fine.

SAN: But I want to see her.

Lak: But u can’t and u know na.

SAN: hmmm……

Ram: Come let’s go

Soon sanlak left to Kolkata but even though sanskar didn’t want to.

Days were passing like wind swara was completely fit and fine due to dida’s care. Here sanskar and the whole family is in the guilt and gagodias also felt ashamed for not believing their daughter while laksh is waiting for his bestie to come back and make their life like before.


Swara is getting ready at the front of the mirror.

Dida: Swara should u go there? R u sure?

SWA: Yes dida I should it’s needed.

Dida: But what if they again…..

SWA: Nothing will happen to yr Shoru now smile.

Dida smiled and hugged swara.

Dida: Come let’s go down.

Both went down and saw dev and Disha watching cartoon Network in the tv. Swara came and switched off the tv using remote.

Disha: Mumma r u ready?

SWA: yes…..

Dev: But I miss u great granny (hugs dida)

Disha: me too (hugs her).

Dida: Ill miss u both (hugs) dev u should not trouble Mumma and u should eat ur food without troubling her (dev nodded his head cutely) Disha u should be like this it k ?

Disha: k dida.

SWA: dida we r getting late.

Dida: k come let’s go.

They reach to the airport….

SWA: thank u so much dida if u r not there I don’t know what could have happened.

Dida: leave that take ur food on time, do sleep well, don’t keep on roaming saying u have work and stress ur self (swara chuckles) call me after u reach there and any  problem call me immediately I’ll come in next flight itself and will miss u my Shoru (kisses her forehead)..

SWA: Will miss u too dida (kisses her cheeks).

Soon swara and kids bidded bye and all left in the flight.


Swara closed her eyes tightly….. It was only her dida who supported her when ever she needed. It was difficult for her because all of a sudden she took this decision and she will surely miss her dida who took care of her like a small kid…… of course it will be difficult when we get used to something and all of a sudden we have to leave it.

Soon the flight landed….
Swara took out her hat and placed it on her head and started walking. She took a cab and now they reached a mansion.
Swara came out taking her trolly and kids on the other. She knew this house, this mansion has given her everything the atmost joy she ever thought nor the atmost  pain it ever gave. She didn’t know how to react whether she has to smile as she is back to her home nor sad because in this same house only she got separated. She took a deep breath and started walking inside while kiddos were exploring the things around. Swara was now standing in front of the main doors. She smiled remembering her graha pravesh.

SWA: Kiddos stand here when I call u come  in and both of u don’t go anywhere k?

Kiddos: K Mumma.

Swara smiled and went inside and stood at steps. She saw uttara, ram, ragini and laksh standing at the in-house. So she took baby steps and went. She stood behind ragini and beside ram. Ragini was taking aarthi. Ragini turned and was shocked.

Rag: Swara? (Happy while tears started to flow).

SWA: Ragu give me ur hand made Prasad u know I was missing it soooooo much.

Ragini smiled and fed her and hugged her. Then uttara hugged swara. Laksh, then ram.

SWA: Dad where is mom?

Ram: Don’t talk about her swara.

SWA: Y dad?

Ram: Swara u really forgot how she taunted u, I’m really ashamed to call her as my……….

SWA: dad no, (with teary eyes) Mom spoke like that only because of those…..

Lak: Areyy please keep this drama later.

All laughed a little.

Utt: Ma has gone to her cousin’s daughter wedding.

SWA: Oh (wiping her tears).

Dev and Disha came inside loosing paitence.

Dev and Disha: Hello.

All looked at these cuties.

Rag: Who r u both?

Dev: I’m dev and this is my sister Disha.

Dev came near ram and hugged his legs.

Dev: Hello dada.

All: Dada?

Disha: We grandkids na?

All looked at swara.

SWA: Yes, these both r my kids only.

Ram immediately took dev in his arms and kissed him while dev hugged him.

Disha: I’m also there (cutely while pouting)

Lak: Now who will forget u look im there na?

Laksh took Disha in his arms.

Disha: U my chacha na?

Lak: Yes u can we call me as masad but u call me chacha itself.

Disha nodded her head cutely.

SWA: Rago where is Ritu?

Rag: U know her?

SWA: If lucky keeps his account in public then who will not know.

Ritu came down.

Ritu: Gud morning. (Rubbing her eyes).

Lak: Gud morning princess.

Ritu looked at swara, dev and Disha.

Ritu: Who r they?

Rag: Don’t u remember Ritu she is ur masi come tayi..

Ritu: Oh now what should I call?

Swara took Ritu in her arms and kissed her cheeks.

SWA: U call me what ever you like.

Ritu: Then I’ll call u masi.

Lak: What? Look ragini she calls sanskar as taya and swara as masi what relative call is this?

Hearing sanskar’s name swara smiled sadly. Sensing swara getting sad.

Ram: Swara u go get fresh up and come.

Swara nodded and dropped Ritu down and went to her room. Now swara was standing in front of their room. She took a deep breath and opened the room. The room was left as it was when she left nothing has changed even a bit. Her eyes turned glassy and without her concern it fell too. She getting all the flashes which happened in this room.

UTT: Bhabhi

Hearing this swara immediately wiped her tears and turned towards uttara with smile and of course it’s a fake smile only.

UTT: Bhabhi woh……after u left Bhai has never stayed in the house. He used come once in 2 months only. He couldn’t stay here without u but I know whatever Bhai has done is wrong too but trust me bhabhi he too has suffered more don’t think I’m supporting bhai, I’m just telling this as u should also know.

Saying this uttara left. Now only one question was revolving her head “If he misses her so much then what was the reason he sent her out?”……..yet she composed herself as she will get the answers today. She started to clean the room and arrange their clothes in the cupboard. Laksh came in and sat.

Lak: Swara

SWA: Hmm?

Lak: Come sit here I want to say u something.

Swara sat in front of laksh.

Lak: Swara did u notice those glass pieces?

He asked pointing at the balcony where bottle glass pieces where broken into small pieces. Swara nodded no.

Lak: Swara I guess u have asked him not to drink or something so once I wanted to come to the room and saw sanskar having the bottle in his hands, he tried hard to drink but he couldn’t so threw it out. Hearing this swara remembered something……


Swara and sanskar were talking….

SWA: Sanskar u drink?

SAN: Ah no, but only if my clients insist I used drink but in small quantity.

SWA: Oh!…. U know sanskar I hate drankers.

SAN: k then I will not drink.

SWA: But what if ur clients…..

SAN: This is sanskar ki swara’s promise.

Both hugs each other….

FB ends. Swara knews sanskar could have thought this and could have threw out bottle. Her eyes became moist.

Lak: I don’t know swara, I have not seen him closely yet the pain he was going through is not less than yrs trust me and I will not force you either to speak with sanskar take ur time.

Swara smiled and laksh left………swara cleaned the room and then all was happy even swara was bit happy as she is back yet she wanted to see her sanskar. She was desperately waiting to see sanskar……………


PRECAP: Swasan’s meet, swara’s ignorance, sujata and shekshomi’s apology, some sanskar kiddo movements….

Will swara be able to apologise suju, shekhar and shomi?

Will Swara and sanskar become swasan?

Will sanskar be able to rebuild the trust which he broke in swara?

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