Siya ke ram alien adventure episode 10

Guys! I know I’m very late and this is not a much good update but plz bear with me for a few more updates ?? I hope you like it…
Recap-Ram and Sita go in the search for lakshman and Urmila. A fight breaks in between them and the aliens. Aliens are about to attack Ram when Lakshman notices manthra and pushes her in between.
Here we go-The epi starts with Manthra falling down, on getting attacked by the weapon of aliens. Aliens look at each other in total confusion. Boota Zora says,”Kendoa kiiapi jim doran spanarg jip pil bruta. Jvaan bi saran darak mio penda. Lava handu liso ariso 12. Keee ji pi bio lio mayo joi.” “What??” Ram, Sita and Urmila stared him confused at what he said. Lakshman laughed and said,”He’s saying that he’s too afraid of us. He thinks that we are very powerful and Manthra is paralysed for 12 years and so these creatures have decided to leave earth as they’re unsafe here. They think that the bond between us is very strong and unbreakable, and so they’re leaving.” These words of lakshman make Ram Sita and Urmila turn their faces to him, still puzzled. “How do you know?,” these words finally bounced out from Urmila’s mouth who is staring Lakshman in confusion. “Who? Me? I don’t know anything. I was just guessing.. I came to know about their expressions in one night..,” comes the reply from a giggling Lakshman, enough to irritate Urmila. “Yes yes, I understood . I’m not a fool to think that you learnt the entire language in one night.”
The aliens board the spaceship, about to leave. Lakshman says,”See I was right, they’re leaving afraid of us. And I forgot to tell you what the last sentence spoken by Bhutta Zara meant. It meant that Urmila looks like a demoness.”
“That’s true Sumitranandan.”
“You won’t fight?”
“I don’t want to spoil my mood. I’m happy that you are safe and those alenis returned. And manthra is also punished for trying to harm you, Jijashri and jiji.”
“Those were not alenis, they were aleins.”
“Stop fighting both of you, they were aliens,” comes a voice. It is Siya’s. “You two don’t leave any single chance to fight. If you fight again I’ll punish both of you.”
“See you were wrong,”says lakshman chuckling at Urmila.

“No fighting again!,” this time Sita gives Lakshman and Urmila a kind of deadly glare. But she has no idea that they’re not going to take this warning seriously, they’re surely going to fight after some time. Lakshman turns his face away from Urmila to avoid a new fight and sees Ram sitting near Manthra(Who’s lying paralysed, her body frozen and she she seems to be dead). “She met her fate bhaiyya.” Ram stays unmoved. Lakshman looks at Sita who nods and bends to Ram.
“Raghunandan.. Everything must bend to fate. And she got the result of what she did. It isn’t your mistake Raghunandan. She’s alive and she’ll be alright after 12 years.” Her sweet voice moves Ram to look at her.
“And bhaiyya, she got what she deserved. Because of her, you’ve to stay here. She firstly broke Ayodhya then here tried to kill you.,” Lakshman says expressing his extreme anger on Manthra.
“She was like mother for Mata Kaikeyi.. We’ve never considered her less than a mother,” says Ram.
“So she thought only about Bharat bhaiyya, not about us.”
“Lakshman, she’s punished now. There’s no point in accusing her now. We should forgive her,” Sita says holding Ram.
“Can we leave her here?,” Urmila says confused. “Probably not,.. Then what?”
Lakshman says,”Those aliens should’ve taken her with them, she’s not less then them.”
The aliens land again with their spaceship and surround Manthra. Two of them take out a stretcher like thing, stretcher of Mars maybe, and put Manthra in it. They are about to leave when Ram shoots an arrow at them. “Stop right there! Where’re you taking her?”
“Kendoc kiapi?”
“What? translate it..”
“I mean what?”
“That’s what I’m asking, where’re you taking her?”
“Pikty postipal.”
“What’s that?”
“The name of our city hospital.”
“BUT.. But wait!..”

The aliens have left by then.
“Where did they go,” Urmila says glaring the sky for a moment, till the spaceship vanished in the noon sky.
“Party time! Bhabhi I’m hungry!,”declares Lakshman.
Sita nods. “You and Urmi go, and I’ll be back soon.” She turns to look at Ram, who’s still worried. She wraps her arms around him to make him feel better and he holds her. “Raghunandan… I know you’re still unhappy.. But don’t worry she’ll be alright soon and maybe she realises her mistake.”
“You’re right Sitae…”
“Not like this. Say that with a smile.” Sita curves Ram’s lips into a smile.
“I can’t win against you,” Ram says smiling.”
“Maybe you can’t Raghunandan, but I am happy that it’s of some use. Your smile makes me feel more blissful and content.”
“And your smile makes me feel that I’m alive. You complete my life Arya..”
Ram holds Siya’s hand and handovers his bow and arrow to her.
“Because I think you’re a better warrior then me,” Ram says with a wide grin. “The way you fought against the aliens.. I would maybe have die….”
“Shhhh Raghunandan. Don’t say anything like that ever again. My life is incomplete without you, you know that still you say such things?”
“I didn’t say that I’m going to die. I said that I could’ve died if you weren’t fighting against those aliens.”
“If they were in my hands I’ll never let you die.”
“I love you Raghunandan..”
“I love you too Siya.. Ram is incomplete without Siya.”
“And Sita without Ram..”
“But I think we should leave now. Lakshman and Urmila must be waiting. If we got late then maybe they come back searching for us.”
“Then we should go.”
Hand in hand, Siya and Ram walk their way back home, where both Lakshman and Urmila are standing waiting for their welcome? No! Neither Lakshman nor Urmila are there, and no traces of them seem to be anywhere.
Ram and Sita are searching the place all around while suddenly they hear a loud shout. Lakshman comes out playing a drum made from a tree trunk. Urmila comes out with a pot of sizzling hot soup in her hands and places it over a table, which is the cut part of a large tree trunk, still rooted to the ground.
“What’s all this?,”Sita asks quite amazed by the soup and decoration of flowers all around..
“A small surprise for my lovely di.,” replies Urmila hugging Siya.”You’re the best sister of the universe.” Urmila puts a flower crown on Siya’s head and says,”You’re always a queen for me.”
Lakshman hugs Ram and puts a lovely flower garland in his neck. “This is for the world’s best brother.” Ram hugs him back and says,”What you did is a favour I can never return lakshman. You sacrificed royal life for me and came to live in the forest.”
“Bhaiyya! But you’ve admit bhaiyya that you are the best elder brother ever.”
A grand celebration breaks down soon after, everyone devour Urmila’s soup and then Siya’s divine delicacies, and the sun sets to a beautiful evening.

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    Awesome and lovely.. lakshmila’s scene was funny… their fights was hilarious.. and SIRA’s talks, lakshmila’s surprise for SIRA.. everything.. everything.. was just amazing… loved it a lot… ?????

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