Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna Introduction and character sketch

What if twins get married to twins?
What if the twin sister and twin brother are getting married to each other only for their twin brother/sister?Will their forced marriage affect the happy married life of their twin brother/sister?

This SS is a simple cute sweet love story with no exciting twists.This SS will have only romance.

Special thanks to Sydell for suggesting this title for this story.

Character Sketch

Yamini Raheja:A single mother who is the mother of twin daughters Naina and Shivanya.She just wants her daughters to get settled.

Indumati Mehra:A widow who lives only for her twin grandsons Raghav and Ritik.

Raghav Mehra:Grandson of Indumati .A very jovial person,but at the same he is very serious about relationships.A very responsible guy.He is good at business also.He is a very romantic person.

Ritik Mehra:Grand son of Indumati .He is mischievous and lives only to have a fun life.He is very slack.He is very irresponsible.He was a poor student.But somehow with Raghav’s help he got into the family business.Somehow he is managing it too.Though he is not serious about his life he loves his brother and can do anything for Raghav.He does’nt want to get married as he thinks that it will hinder his free life.

Naina Raheja:Daughter of Yamini.She is a fun loving girl.She is completely feminine and loves dressing up.She is very emotional about relationships.A very romantic girl.

Shivanya:Daughter of Yamini.A very studious and ambitious girl.She does’nt believe in love and marriage as she thinks that it will hinder her studies and career. Very close to her sister Naina.

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  1. Nandana

    WoW DI iT WAS UR FF .. i WAS REALLY SHOCKED TO SEE UR NAME AS NEAD THIS IN CURIOSITY HOW WILL U GO wITH ONE HERO FOR TWO GIRLS… Then after reading I understood It was twins story and usually I won’t comment in other ff’s but its urs and it smells good.. Keep writing ..

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot for supporting this ff.How did u find this ff?

  2. Nice concept! ?

  3. Good concept…
    Waiting fr nxt update ..!!

  4. I luv both pairs. I think u will make a gud story.All the Best.

  5. Jasminerahul

    thank you so much guys

  6. Arni

    Amazing concept i loved it really much

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